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Alachua county animal services

3400 north east 53rd avenue
Gainesville, FL 32609

User Reviews (23)

  • 1. Pretty good for a shelter

    by: wheelig

    Like most shelters, this is not the cleanest or most comfortable place for animals. In the summer the adoptable dogs are affected by the heat; I haven't had a tour of the whole shelter so I don't know if they have access to any A/C but it doesn't seem like it. Staff are fairly nice.\r\n\r\nI worked at a very nice animal shelter once, and I know that kennel cough and upper respiratory infections can be controlled with the right length of quarantine for incoming animals, proper disinfection, staff education, and the use of isolation rooms. For whatever reason, ACAS seems to be unable to prevent spreading these to adoptable animals, and I have heard and witnessed lots of stories of recently adopted animals getting sick. However, they are not usually the most serious of illnesses, so I guess things could be worse. If you adopt from ACAS, as with an other shelter, you should be prepared to treat something like this and it is no excuse to return an animal.\r\n\r\nACAS is located in a really weird, far-out spot but they make up for it by having pretty responsive field agents. I also like that they give pits and pit mixes a chance at adoption just like any other breed; unfortunately, some shelters are not as open-minded and euthanize these poor dogs automatically.


    Cleaner than most


    Odd location, typical shelter problems

  • 2. They are wonderful!

    by: ztT4MP96333474

    I have adopted three wonderful dogs from ACAS. The employees were caring, helpful and genuinely interested in placing these wonderful pets.\r\nThe animals were well fed and well taken care of.


    Knowledgeable, helpful, genuine concern for animals



  • 3. Very Caring staff

    by: Bittsy21

    I have been to Alachua County Animal Services a couple of times, to get spay vouchers, bringing friends to get their new pet, and once to retrieve my Houdini hound. They are very courteous and knowledgable.


    healthy well cared for animals


    building needs updating

  • 4. Great staff

    by: JoKaharl

    The people that work there take wonderful care of all the animals. The dogs and cats are all kept clean, fed, and happy.


    Caring staff


    Hard work

  • 5. Wonderful shelter

    by: Christina32605

    This is a wonderful shelter with caring staff. The animals are healthy and happy and it's great to see such concern for the animals.


    Wonderful staff



  • 6. Great Animal Shelter

    by: amb1028

    Alachua County Animal Shelter is great...for the business they are in. The do the best they can with a tough situation. They are very good about adoptions and work with other animal rescue groups to save as many animals as possible. I know they need more room...but they do the best they can.


    Very clean, nice location


    That it has to exist


    by: stephanielong25

    A nice shelter with great staff. The facility needs updating and all shelters could use more money.





  • 8. The pets last hope

    by: samanthaescue

    I think this shelter is great. Actually I think every shelter is great. I am glad there is some place that animals can go to find a great home.


    Great care


    not enough staff

  • 9. Alachua County Animal Services: Protecting Animals and People

    by: spethes

    The people working at Alachua County Animal Services work hard to provide a safe, clean, and warm environment for all the animals that come into the shelter. Some of the animals that are brought there have never seen a friendly, caring, and loving human in it's entire life. They work hard to reach all of the scared animals and help them come around and become adoptable pets. I personally appreciate everything they do to save as many of the animals as they can. That's the top priority on their list.


    Very friendly and helpful staff


    Old facility

  • 10. ACAS doing a great job!

    by: UserFriendly

    ACAS has always been a great service in the all the I have seen. I have seen them take injured animals they found after hours to the local emergency clinic for care. The officers are honestly concerned about pet welfare. They are friendly and are on the lookout for abuse as well as for the community.\r\n\r\nThey have responded quickly when I called and they treat people with respect.\r\n\r\nThe animals they have for adoption are kept clean and they care for them as best they can. They have such potential to be more but need more resources for that to happen. they truely care about where the animal will be placed and I fell that is very important to the future of these animals.


    Great staff. Great morals. Working hard!


    Small, and needs more resources!

  • 11. A Very Caring And Knowledgeable Staff

    by: gentlegiant

    The Alachua County Animal Services has a very caring and knowledgeable staff that is committed to ht welfare of all animals. They have very dedicated and committed staff members who are passionate about the work they do. One such staff member is Patty Rowe. Patty is very dedicated to her work, and she is very passionate about her work. She is so dedicated that she even takes her work home with her sometimes. She is committed to the well being of the animals. I would recommend this service.


    A very caring and knowlegeable staff who are commited to the welfare of the animals.


    They do not have enough room or resources to do everything they want or need to do.

  • 12. ACAS is the best :)

    by: KatieF352

    The staff at ACAS cares about the animals and it shows! I adopted my cat there and the process I went through to get her showed me that they really put a lot of thought into who they send their animals home with. As a result, I ended up with my loving, beautiful Bettie and she's become a member of the family!


    The staff really cares.



  • 13. Learned so much!

    by: Monicapeeper

    I've dealt with ACAS as an animal rescuer in the area first then as a veterinary student on the shelter medicine rotation. \nBudget cuts has meant that this rotation has changed, which is a terrible, terrible shame. Shame on you Charlie Crist!\nI learned so much from this rotation about shelter medicine, how to document animal cruelty cases for prosecution, and the reality of what's out there. It was because of this rotation that I am pursuing a career in shelter medicine. It wasn't until I moved to another county in FL that I fully realized what a special thing we have in Gainesville in that so man people are united in one cause - reducing euthanasia. It makes for a great community that fully includes ACAS.


    Great job!


    The need for them.

  • 14. Ralph's cousin Sunshine

    by: Monkeyshine

    Ralph's cousin Sunshine was adopted from ACAS in 2001.


    cute kitties


    not enough room

  • 15. ACAS Cares about pets

    by: bethpsmith

    ACAS does everything they can to get pets adopted out into the community, to safe and caring homes. The local news station even has a special Adopt-a-Pet segment on Thursday mornings, where they feature an adoptable cat/kitten and dog/puppy. The ACAS staff member actually brings these pets into the studio, so that everyone can see them up close and personal. She is very knowledgeable about their care and requirements. It's a very good marketing tool, and they seem to have great success with getting these pets and others adopted out. Great job ACAS!!


    Very caring and knowledgeable staff



  • 16. Wonderful caring people

    by: Winnielante

    What a great bunch of people. They really care for the animals and try to fit the right pet with the right owner. I do not know why anyone would consider getting a dog or cat form any other place.


    Caring friendly staff



  • 17. they are nice

    by: dgn

    When my dad lost his dog the officer tried to get his dog back to him but noone was home. so they left a notice on the door so he would now where to find her. We got her back and i am glad she is as old as i am. While sahe was there they took very good care of her. They even gave her a big heavy blanket to sleep on so she would not get sore.


    the make sure pets get back home


    not all get back home

  • 18. Great job by ACAS staff

    by: katate

    ACAS staff does a great job in taking care of the animals at their shelter. It is a hard job for the staff on a daily basis as intakes far outweigh adoptions/rescues by the public and local rescue groups. I foster for a local rescue agency and get to make frequent trips to ACAS to look at dogs and cats to foster. The shelter staff makes an effort to point out the personality traits of each dog I inquire about and have helped me pick out some great dogs to foster. Please support the staff at ACAS and please rescue your next pet!


    ACAS staff gets to know the personalities of each animal at their shelter.


    Hard job on a daily basis for the staff.

  • 19. Working Hard for Animals

    by: samanthamac

    Animal service in Alachua County is always trying to find as many homes for animals as possible. They keep the cages clean and clearly labeled for each animal. Also, the staff is helpful and adoption fees are more than resonable.


    Large selection of animals to bring to your family


    A bit out of the way

  • 20. I'm so thankful for ACAS!

    by: Pixi37

    I adopted both my dogs there and they are my world. The people at ACAS made sure they would be a great fit for me, and helped me when ever I had a question. \n\nI just wish I could bring home more!


    Great staff, great pets, and easy on your wallet.


    I can't bring them all home!

  • 21. great place

    by: tjrowe

    My mom works there and we make it a family project. When animals are to young to be adopted, we foster them until they are old enough to be put up for adoption. That way they get a chance for a home and don't have to be put to sleep. The people who work tehre try so hard to take care of the animals that come in injured and get them to where they can be put up for adoption. Some times it works and sometimes it doesn't but at least they try.


    great people, cool place to work


    not enough room

  • 22. great staff

    by: atenderheart

    great customer service! they take care of the animals as well as they possibly can .. and a big selection of animals just wanting a new happy home!


    always willing to help


    starting to show age

  • 23. Great Place

    by: pattimouse

    Alachua county animal services , serves the animals first. They are dedicated to the wellfare and care of the animal. They have a very hard, but rewarding job. There goal is to return stray animals to there homes before the make it to the shelter. They are very dedicated to returning pets to their families. Keep up the great work. The Animals and citizens of alachua county love you and need you.


    trying to save the homeless animal


    not enough homes for them all