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Reptile Center

Burns in Reptiles




Although reptile owners take care in preventing their pet reptiles from all possible traumas, accidents may happen. A little carelessness can sometimes even cause serious burns to your pet reptiles.




Burns are usually attributed to various kinds of heat sources. As a reptile owner, you know reptiles require supplemental heat sources. But while important, they may sometimes burn the reptile as it tries to get closer to the heating elements. Burns can also occur if the heating elements are placed dangerously close to the reptile.




Burns may be quite serious if proper attention is not given immediately. Therefore, take your reptile to a veterinarian to get supportive care, which includes pain management for the burns and feeding techniques for the the animal.


Begin by cleaning the burnt area and then apply antibiotic ointment. Then place your reptile in a dry and clean place.


If the burns are uninfected, you can put sterile skin protectants that act as the second skin for the reptiles. These skin protectants permit pet reptile to access water and prevent bacterial infections.


However, in cases of severe burns, the reptile may need fluids that can be given by enemas or via injections. This will both prevent and treat any bacterial infections the reptile may already have.




You can protect your reptile from burns by not having certain light bulbs such as halogen lamps, as they tend to stay hot even after they are turned off. Also, do not allow the reptile in rooms where there is an open flame such as from candles, fireplaces, heated potpourri pots or other similar sources.

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