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Starchy Genes Made Dog into Man's Best Friend, Study Says

PARIS - A genetic switch allowed dogs to adapt to a starch-rich diet and evolve from meat-munching wolves into Man's leftover-loving best friend, according to scientists. READ MORE

Feb 08, 2013 / 0 comments


Comfort Dogs Assist in Healing After Tragedy

By Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell     READ MORE

Dec 18, 2012 / 0 comments


Dogs Can Sniff Out Lung Cancer, Pilot Study Shows

Dogs are surprisingly adept at sniffing out lung cancer, results from a pilot project in Austria published on Wednesday suggested, potentially offering hope for earlier, life-saving diagnosis. READ MORE

Dec 05, 2012 / 0 comments


Fujitsu Develops Health Monitor for Dogs

TOKYO - Worried the family dog is too chubby? Japanese information technology giant Fujitsu says it may have the solution with a new health management service that lets owners keep a close eye on their pet's exercise regimen through a pedometer attached to its collar. READ MORE

Nov 28, 2012 / 0 comments


Urban Grasshoppers Lower Their Voices to be Heard Over the Din

PARIS — For city grasshoppers, noise just isn't cricket. Loud traffic drowns out the song the male grasshopper makes by rubbing a toothed file on his hind legs against a protruding vein on his front wings to lure a mate.   READ MORE

Nov 15, 2012 / 0 comments


Birds of a Feather Don't Share a Sick Bed

PARIS - House finches avoid sick members of their own species, scientists said Wednesday in a finding that could be useful for tracking the spread of diseases like bird flu that also affects humans. READ MORE

Nov 07, 2012 / 0 comments


Mamba Venom Holds Promise for Pain Relief, Researchers Say

PARIS - Scientists have used the venom of Africa's lethal black mamba to produce a surprising outcome in mice which they hope to replicate in humans -- effective pain relief without toxic side effects. READ MORE

Oct 04, 2012 / 0 comments


How Sea Lions make Mega-dives

Scientists in California have shed light on a marine mystery: how diving mammals can hunt for food at great depths without getting the "bends," according to a study published on Tuesday. READ MORE

Sep 20, 2012 / 0 comments


U.S. Officials Warn of Swine Flu Outbreak at Fairs

CHICAGO - U.S. health officials on Friday warned the public to be careful around pigs after an outbreak of flu among visitors to county fairs. READ MORE

Aug 06, 2012 / 0 comments


New Bird Flu Virus Killing Baby Seals, Study Says

WASHINGTON - A new kind of bird flu has been causing deadly pneumonia in baby seals off the northeastern U.S. coast and could pose a risk to humans, according to U.S. research released Tuesday. READ MORE

Aug 01, 2012 / 0 comments


Dogs May Protect Babies from Some Infections, Study Says

WASHINGTON - Babies who spend time around pet dogs have fewer ear infections and respiratory ailments than those whose homes are animal-free, said a study released on Monday.   READ MORE

Jul 09, 2012 / 0 comments


Scientists Suspect Link Between Cat Feces, Female Suicide

WASHINGTON - Women infected with a parasite spread by cat feces run a higher risk of attempting suicide, suggests a study of more than 45,000 women in Denmark published in a scientific journal this week. READ MORE

Jul 05, 2012 / 2 comments


Japan's Runaway Penguin Suffering From Pink-Eye

TOKYO - A plucky penguin that was recaptured last week after nearly three months at large in the polluted waters of Tokyo Bay has conjunctivitis, an aquarium official said Monday. READ MORE

May 29, 2012 / 0 comments


Fake Testicles, Facemasks, the New Level of Pet Pampering

NEW YORK - People and their pets often end up resembling each other, but image-obsessed Americans are taking that age-old relationship a step further, treating their four-legged friends to everything from spa facials to testicle implants. READ MORE

May 23, 2012 / 2 comments


U.S. Urges Voluntary Cuts in Farm Antibiotics

WASHINGTON - U.S. regulators on Wednesday urged a series of voluntary measures to limit the use of antibiotics in healthy livestock and farm animals amid concerns of growing drug resistance in humans. READ MORE

Apr 12, 2012 / 0 comments


Dogs on the Job Drive Down Workplace Stress, U.S. Study Says

WASHINGTON - Employers looking to ramp up productivity in these dog-eat-dog times might consider letting their staff bring Fido to the office, a scientific study published last Friday suggests.   READ MORE

Apr 05, 2012 / 1 comments


Meat-eating Animals Lose Taste for Sweets, Study Says

WASHINGTON - European and U.S. scientists said Monday that many meat-eating animals appear to lose their ability to taste sweet flavors over time, a finding that suggests diet plays a key role in evolution. READ MORE

Mar 13, 2012 / 0 comments


Is Sharing the Key to Advanced Society?

WASHINGTON - The ability to share knowledge and learn from each other may be the key difference between people and chimpanzees that helped humans to dominate the modern world, scientists suggested on Thursday. READ MORE

Mar 02, 2012 / 0 comments


Cat-sized Horses Were the Norm in a Hotter Past, Study Says

WASHINGTON - More than 50 million years ago, the Earth was a hotter place than it is today and horses the size of pet cats roamed the forests of North America, U.S. scientists said on Thursday. READ MORE

Feb 23, 2012 / 0 comments


Manitoba Bans Dog Ear Cropping

OTTAWA - A veterinary medical association in Western Canada announced Friday a ban on the cosmetic cropping of dogs' ears, but some breeders warn it could lead to torn floppy ears. READ MORE

Feb 10, 2012 / 0 comments