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FC Department of Animal Sciences Announces Successful Interspecies Breeding of Chinese Pug and Hulstlander Rabbit

By Victoria Heuer    April 01, 2016 / (29) comments

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Pennsylvania’s Department of Animal Sciences at Faber College announced this week that their four year long project to create a hybrid pug/rabbit finally met with success.


“This has been a frustrating but ultimately rewarding project,” said Dr. Dave Jennings, head of the Animal Sciences Department at Faber College.


Since the breeding program began in 2009, Jennings’s team has suffered daily protests outside of their administration buildings by animal rights group, Humans for Ethical and Humane Evolution. The group released a statement in response to the school’s announcement on Monday.


“While we were understandably aghast at the experiments being done to crossbreed cats and dogs, we at least understood the reasoning. Many of us have had dogs that have naturally tried to mate with the family cat. But a dog-rabbit crossbreed is preposterous. What’s next? Crossbreeding of rabbits and chickens? Rabbits laying eggs?”


Dr. Jennings made the announcement on the eve of their subject’s one year birthday, which officially marks the longest a hybrid dog-rabbit has lived. “Babs,” as the subject is named, is a female dog-rabbit, and like many early hybrids, Babs is infertile. Dr. Jennings said that his team will continue to work out the quirks.


Several breeds of dogs and rabbits have been used in the course of this groundbreaking program, and it was the Chinese Pug and Hulstlander Rabbit that finally succeeded. Dr. Jennings said he and his team believe it may have worked in part due to the DNA coding that determines the facial features. Both the Pug and the Hulstlander are brachycephalic breeds. That is, they both have genetically determined short heads and noses. For now, the working name for this new breed is “Pugga-Bunny.”


“Just like the Zorse [zebra-horse] and Ligre [lion-tiger] were once vilified by natural evolutionists but are now celebrated as miracles of modern science, we hope to one day be able to mate a pair of fertile Pugga-Bunnys so that we can then see the birth of natural offspring.”


Humans for Ethical and Humane Evolution has vowed to continue protests against the school.



Image courtesy of Department of Animal Sciences at Faber College

Happy April 1st.


Comments  29

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  • Eh?
    04/01/2013 08:04pm

    Ok, I'm not at all convinced this isn't a silly April Fools Day joke/hoax. This is just insane, just like the Ligre and "Zorse" as you call it. I don't think that animals of different species should be bred like this. What're we gonna have next, humans and horses mating to make "centaurs"? This Pandora Box wasn't meant to be opened people. Sheesh.

  • 04/02/2013 03:25am

    Read the last line of the article....April Fools... Farber Coller was the college in The Animal House movie

  • 04/14/2013 10:46pm

    More clues, folks:

    1) Faber College - ANIMAL HOUSE
    2) H.E.H.E. protesting?

  • 04/10/2013 03:55pm

    what if cross breeding unlock the slow ageing process from turtles?the ability to grow back limbs like starfish?what bout all the possible benifits this could yeild for mankind? but instead of arguing bout this how bout we focus on the rapidly deteriorating situation in N.Korea!
    (PS) nukes fuse animals /people together...with radiation...an if u still alive then the copay will kill you lol

  • April Fool's
    04/01/2013 09:30pm

    Surely this is an April Fool's joke.

  • Pug Bunny
    04/01/2013 09:43pm

    Please tell me this is an April fools joke? You are not for real are you?

  • Faber College
    04/01/2013 09:56pm

    Was in Animal House...the movie!! This is a April fools joke!!!

  • Pug/Rabbit cross
    04/01/2013 10:37pm

    April fools or not, this is sick. I have used your site on many occasions for what I thought was useful and legitimate information. NO MORE!
    No wonder our government is broke. Funding insane reseach projects like this. You have certainly lost my trust and respect.

  • 04/02/2013 04:45am

    omg. get hold of yourself. it's obviously an april fool's joke. relax and get a grip. not using the site ever again because they posted an OBVIOUS gag? jeeze. perhaps you ought to take some medication for that condition of yours...it's called a chill pill.

  • 04/10/2013 04:25pm

    1.your dumb for opening your mouth with what u said so your opinion is now invalid
    2.go strangle as many mutts/puggles/labordoodle/mixed cats/dogs you can find then say crossbreeding is bad because thats the only way anyone here would be able to argue against cross breeding .im mean sure its easy to what is an is not right when you dont have to do the drity work...your a fool cross breeding is a scientific process
    3.this is why separation of church an state needs to be enforced more
    4.if any benifits come from it you cant have it
    5.people like this mostly belive its unholy...well since thats the case then give up your cellphones,ipods,basically everything that runs on electricity because those would be classified as evil too this cannot be veiwed or done any other way because deep down u know u cant because if you think about it you'd be Amish (disclaimer: i happen to find Amish people very interesting an admire how they work hard pray hard stick to their beliefs

    hopefully this has opened your eyes if not then i suggest you reply id be more then happen to show u your error

  • 04/10/2013 05:06pm

    remeber religion claimed technology an science is the devils work back in the day funny how people tend to forget that because of religion ex:(dark ages)is a fine reason of religions bashing science it held us back for 100+ years who knows maybe we couldve cured cancer already i mean im not bashing religion in total but it has no place in science if anything religion has no place stopping advancement of mankind we all know it

  • 04/14/2013 04:04pm

    ahem... **you're** dumb, not your dumb. YOU'RE!!!!

  • 04/03/2016 11:27pm

    The Amish are notorious for their puppy mill operations and their practice of handling dogs like property or livestock with little regard to their inherent value as companion animals. As far as the Amish are concerned, dogs are simply moneymakers.

  • Joke?
    04/01/2013 11:51pm

    Will someone please clarify this for me? Is this a sick joke?

  • 04/02/2013 03:27am

    Read the last line in the article....April Fools

  • Not Cool
    04/02/2013 02:12am

    If this is true Pet MD should not be posting things like this without a disclaimer of their disapproval. I think Pet MD may not be a site I want to 'like' anymore.

  • April Fools
    04/02/2013 03:22am

    Read the very LAST line of the article people....April Fools!

  • Sense of humor, buy one.
    04/02/2013 04:48am

    People, stop freaking out over an obvious April fool's gag. Google "Faber College" and find out what the rest of us with an active sense of humor already knew.

    Omg. Some people really need to beg, borrow, or buy a sense of humor for themselves.


  • 04/02/2013 01:02pm

    Thanks! After my posting, I looked into it online and it was obviously a gag. I still think it would have ben smart to mark the article a an April fools day entry. Unfortunately, lot of people were unnecessarily offended.(Like me :-)

  • 04/02/2013 03:03pm

    so you mean this:

    Also, happy April 1st.

    as the last line of the 'article' didn't give you a clue?

  • distatsefull joke
    04/02/2013 10:03pm

    finds this so not funny..........

  • Arprils Fools
    04/03/2013 02:12am

    You mean adults actually play children's April fools games?

  • 04/10/2013 05:20pm

    did u spell april in title wrong just to spell it right in comment lol an yes we do play jokes on the 1st if u dont then your a fool because its about having fun but if your saying april fools day is dumb then easter,halloween,christmas,thanksgiving,etc. is dumb an u dont celebrate them as well

    this is the problem with people(not you others)they are selective on what should an shouldnt be when really u have to go 100%with your belief otherwise its invalid an u forfeit your right to comment

  • wtf why is it bad to do?
    04/10/2013 03:38pm

    please explain to me why anyone didnt find this to be exciting even though it was fake?
    evolution is a constant process to improve life but at the same time that takes to long on its own but then again people who would say something bout cross breeding need to really defined their limits in this issue because whats good for the goose is good for the gander an this means that any mixture of any animal(cross breed or mutli breed)ex:puggles labordoodles etc. should be terminated based off of your veiws if u got offended then you might just have a severe case of stupidity because i was really hoping for this to be true because its like stem cell research (both are being looked upon with disdain an like they wouldnt be doing no harm we are overcrowded with homeless pets abused animals long story short:LEAVE THE SMART PEOPLE ALONE SO THEY CAN HELP ADVANCE MANKIND'S LIFE
    (PS)An btw dont like what i say? well im right an your wrong you just dont wanna admit it

    (PSS)this is an issue of science morals/values should have no effect on those who wish to progress from where we are I MEAN WHAT HAPPEN TO SEPARATION CHURCH AN STATE???

  • Hey guess what?
    04/10/2013 04:54pm

    1.cross-breeding is a Great idea
    2.anyone who says otherwise enter argument here(points to the trashcan marked:idiot opinions)
    3.possible benifits
    -regrowth of limbs/skin/organs = starfish
    -slowed ageing process/live very very long =turtles
    -ability to breathe underwater = fish
    -flying = birds
    -immunity to vemon = snake
    -increased muscle/body mass = apes/bears
    -major bone density = deer
    and the most important fact below

    Its not really possible calmdown i mean we getting there but not there yet give it time

  • Relax People!
    04/13/2013 12:10am

    For crying out loud! Everyone is freaking out here. It's an April Fools joke. CLEARLY. If you can't catch onto the end of the article in regards to that then just google it to dummy it down for you. Jeeze!!

  • So there's hope!
    04/17/2013 06:57pm

    There's hope in bringing back the jackalope. During my last visit to New Mexico, I only saw one jackalope sprinting away behind our Motel 6. The plains used to be filled with them. Now you hardly see them at all to the point where many people think they're a myth. At least science can breed them back if they should go extinct.

  • 04/21/2013 09:28am

    Why, by gum dagnamit, the next thing they're gonna want to cross these thangs with housecats!! Or maybe we'll have a cat/pug/rabbit marriage and zebra babies!!

    Nosiree, I see one of these things and I'm-a-gonna take out my NRA assault rifle and put about 35 rounds in the thing. And God hisself will thank me too!

  • Pugga Bunny
    04/26/2013 05:49pm

    Lots of weird stories get published that aren't true, but this one appears to have some credibility. With the Liger and the Zorse, at least they are somewhat closely related. I have to say that with this possible cross-breeding, science has gone too far. On the one hand, I don't see any benefit to mankind, but only the probably suffering of an abomination, but most importantly an animal who may never have anyone else like it, will be shunned in either circles of its heritage and this is JUST PLAIN WRONG. There is no purpose for this conquest. Just because mankind can do this soesn't mean they SHOULD.