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Cat Miraculously Survives Euthanasia - Twice

By Kimberly Porter    October 20, 2011 / (6) comments

A cat in Utah is now down to seven of its nine lives after surviving not one, but two failed attempts to euthanize it.

The female cat, a former stray now named Andrea, was picked up by animal control and placed at the West Valley City animal shelter, where she was held for 30 days. She was then placed into a carbon monoxide gas chamber with several other cats. Amazingly enough, when the chamber was opened afterwards, Andrea was found alive inside.

The staff at the shelter attempted to euthanize her again shortly after, in the same gas chamber. The procedure initially appeared to have worked. Her vitals were checked and she was declared deceased, put into a plastic bag, and then placed into a cooler – common procedure post-euthanasia. About 45 minutes later, "meows" were heard coming from inside the cooler.

"They opened the bag and there she was — a little bit confused and frightened, and still alive," said Aaron Crim, spokesman for the city. "She’s definitely an amazing little cat. She’s not going to be put down; she’s kind of a mascot for cats."

Clearly, there will be no third attempt to take the life of this resilient kitty. Janita Coombs, a volunteer with Community Animal Welfare Society (CAWS), has taken Andrea in for the time being. An official announcement on the CAWS website states that while Andrea does appear to have suffered some neurological damage, it seems minimal, and she is eating, drinking, and using her box fine.



Image: Djamila Grossman / via People

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  • FYI, everyone ...
    09/03/2013 07:31pm

    Veterinarians tend not to categorize what happened to poor Andrea as euthanasia. "Euthanasia" is a word derived from the Greek that means "good death." This is most certainly NOT what happens in shelters. These animals are *killed* because they are inconvenient to society. They are not *euthanized* in an effort to alleviate their suffering.

    As a veterinarian, I feel compelled to make this distinction plain. Whether it's the needle or a gas chamber, it's still killing in this context.

  • Horrific
    09/01/2015 09:18am

    I am in the U.K. and am disgusted that animal "shelters" in the US kill cats on mass in a gas chamber. This is abhorrent and cruel. Animal shelters should be places where animals who fall on hard times are taken to be cared for, their problems addressed and then re-homed to new caring owners. Animal shelters in the UK look after and re-home. The word "shelter" means a place of safety where you can rest, find peace and be cared for. I am horrified that in the US it can mean a place that strays are scooped up and murdered on mass. Poor, poor little Andrea. Whatever did she do to deserve such evil treatment along with several other poor cats that obviously perished in that murder chamber. I utterly agree with the sentiments of Dr. Patty Khuly. What a sad and terrible way for these little defenceless animals to be treated. Cats, just like dogs, are sentient beings, who have the capacity for love and feel suffering just like a human. I am truly dismayed by the treatment of this little cat and the ones that were murdered in that chamber of horrors. The people that work at these places are not animal lovers- how could any loving person do such terrible things to defenceless beings. And these places are not "shelters", they a places of mass execution.

  • 09/24/2015 04:25pm

    Welcome to the real world. You may be able to adopt or adequately shelter every animal on your tiny perfect island. But here in the states it is just not possible. We have to make some hard choices, and while we wish every dog and cat had a loving home, life just does not work out that way. Would you rather they starve to death, or die riddled with parasites and disease out in the streets? Because that is the alternative, worldwide there are over 500 million feral dogs killing livestock, attacking people, and in some cases even killing children. The number of cats is probably higher, decimating endangered bird and small species, killing domestic pets etc. are You going to adopt a feral animal that could attack or possibly kill your child? It has happened here. So don't you dare judge us, we do care, and we do the best we can.

  • 09/25/2015 03:47am

    I have every right to judgement on what I feel is cruelty and I am entitled to my feelings and views. If you have to put an animal down why can't you use the humane method of injection. A gas chamber is horrific. In the UK animal shelters have to put some animals to sleep but they are the ones that have incurable illness or have dangerous behavioural problems. The others are shared between shelters and larger organisations like the RSPCA, Dogs Trust and the Cats Protection League, where they go to be re-homed. Feral cats are humanely trapped and neutered then re-released on farm land to keep down the rodent pest numbers. The UK even take in some animals from other countries, as well as our own to re-home. Instead of criticising me for my opinions, which I am entitled to, you would be best using your time to study better systems like that of our animal welfare societies in the UK.

  • 09/25/2015 01:29pm

    Ah, you must be the notoriously psychotic "Nature Advocate". We all know about you. Don't deny it.

    You don't see anything hypocritical about killing animals, because they are killing animals?

    YOU are doing the very thing that you despise- how is that ok for you, and not for them?

    That makes you just as "bad" as them.

    However, you are actually much, much worse, because you have a choice in your actions, and they don't.

    Should we kill humans, because HUMANS are - in your words- decimating small animals? Actually humans are decimating ALL animals, we even decimate each other.

    And don't get hysterical about feral animals killing kids. It's are enough not to make a big extermination plan about.

    Get some perspective of who YOU are, and where YOU fit into the equation. And get some God-given humility, for once.

    Welcome to the REAL world.

  • 09/25/2015 01:31pm

    The above comment was to you, "The Adversary".

    Thank you ness1 for your reasonable thinking.