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Dog Saves Owner from Choking to Death

By Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell    March 19, 2014 at 05:29PM / (7) comments

Springer Spaniel named Mollypops is enjoying a new squeaky chicken and some treats of her own for saving her human mom’s life in a most unusual way.


Rachel Hayes had just eaten a piece of hard candy, which lodged in her throat. She was choking, coughing, and not able to talk, when Mollypops came up from behind Hayes and hit her in the back so hard that it dislodged the treat.


According to the U.K.’s Mirror, Hayes sat down at her kitchen table and popped a strawberry candy into her mouth. The candy stuck, and as she gasped for breath, she said her dog kept coming up to her but she kept pushing Mollypops away.


"I was having difficulty breathing but Mollypops' sixth sense kicked in and she knew I was in trouble,” Hayes said.


After the rescue, Hayes said she was crying and shaking because she thought she was going to die.


"I just burst out crying and said, 'I love you.' She came over for a cuddle and I cuddled her. I told her she was a hero,” Hayes said. "I think she's glad to have me alive, otherwise she would have been left all on her own. But I don't think she knows quite what she has done.”


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It’s very possible Mollypops knew what was happening. There have been studies conducted in which dogs sense a human is in distress and rush up to put paws on the person’s shoulder.


In a study conducted at the University of London, 18 dogs were filmed with their owners. In 15 instances, the dogs reacted to their humans' crying.


One of the dogs, an 8-month-old Labrador retriever, went up to his human when he heard her pretend to cry and put his paw on her shoulder.


The dogs approached the humans in a submissive way, suggesting they were offering comfort and empathy, researchers said.


Editor’s Note: Photo above is not of Mollypops. Image Credit: otsphoto via Shutterstock


Do you believe the dog knew what she was doing when she saved her owner's life?



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Comments  7

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  • God bless you Mollypops!
    03/21/2014 08:36am

    Yes, I believe that if we have a close relationship with our pets, they DO know when we're in trouble. Once when I was sick, I was sitting on the edge of the bed crying. My Russian Blue puss, Gershwin, came up beside me and had a worried look on his face. I believe he was trying to comfort me. I patted him and told him "It's okay honey, I'm all right!" That was many years ago. Gershwin and I had a VERY close bond. He is now in Heaven.

    We're so very fortunate to have these beautiful and AMAZING creatures in our lives. They enrich our lives so much that we couldn't EVER hope to repay what they do for us. Their friendship is PRICELESS!

    God bless you Mollypops - and your mom! My prayers that you continue to enjoy a long, healthy, happy and safe friendship. xo xo xo xo xo xo

  • 03/21/2014 11:57pm

    Same here. My Hootie, a 25 lb Maine Coon, can sense when I'm not my best, and comfort me. Nothing like a giant cat head-butting you into laughter :)

  • Thank Goodness ...
    03/22/2014 12:03am

    for our loving fur family members. For a little food and a lap, they bring us so much in return. They are priceless.

    Whether Mollypops knew what she was doing or not, she saved Rachel Hayes life for sure.
    Good job, Mollypops! You are a true hero. Enjoy your squeaky chicken - you've earned it!

  • Good sense, some luck
    03/25/2014 06:02pm

    Yes, cats and dogs can sense you are in distress, and that certainly is the case here. I love them for that. As to whether Mollypops (I have to smile at this great name) actually knew what she was doing when she hit Rachael hard in the back, or whether it was just fat dumb luck, is anybody's guess.

    My own experience is more humorous. I have a four-year-old black/brown medium hair cat named Zelli who comes up to me and puts her paws on my knee to see if I am okay every time I practice my singing for church choir or German chorus. I have to practice in a separate room with the door closed. And I swear my voice is pretty good!

  • They truly know
    03/25/2014 07:52pm

    I would like to confirm that dogs do know what is happening when we are in distress. When my father died about 10 years ago, my then German Shepherd, Teddy, reacted in a most unusual way. As soon as my mother and I got out of the car coming back from the hospital and funeral home, my mother suddenly burst out crying. Being near her, my husband went and took her in his arms (by the front) and Teddy (sweet Teddy) came immediately by the back, stood on his hind legs, bad knee notwithstanding, and hugged her by the back. My mother was sandwiched between a human and a dog, both trying to ease her pain. I will always remember that moment. I miss you both Dad and Teddy.

  • 05/03/2014 01:23am

    My Tuxedo cat Snuggles is very empathetic. My Dad died a year ago April 2, the last week of his life he was unable to move after suffering 2 strokes. My cat Snuggles would jump up on the bed by him and lay touching his hand. I have nerve pain and wake up at night crying out, Snuggles jumps up on my chest and licks my tears, or comes and curls up by my head. I know she knows what is happening as is doing her best to console me as she did for my Dad.

  • Animals Show Empathy
    04/27/2014 04:03am

    I was on my bed weeping due to many issues. My 22 yr. old cat came across the bed and put his paw on mine and looked up at me. He stayed like that until I moved. I've had multiple surgeries & during my recuperation, he NEVER left my side. He died last year @ 24yrs old. I miss him every day.
    LOVE YOUR PETS THEY WILL RETURN IT TEN FOLD...ESPECIALLY SHELTER ANIMALS !! ... Imagine the joy that an older cat or dog would bring to a nursing home...it's a win-win situation for everyone !!
    Thanks for listening