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22-Pound Cat Attacks! Family Forced to Barricade Themselves in Bedroom

By Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell    March 12, 2014 / (3) comments

A 911 dispatcher in Portland, Oregon, had to ask a supervisor if they should send police out on a most unusual call. A man was reporting that his family had barricaded themselves in their bedroom to hide from the family cat, which had gone berserk and was attacking the family, he said.


The cat can be heard on the 911 tape howling and hissing.


The ruckus began when the Himalayan cat named Lux scratched the 7-month-old baby of the family.


Lee Palmer, the baby’s father, told The Oregonian, “I kicked the cat in the rear, and it has gone over the edge. He's trying to attack us — he's very hostile. He's at our door; he's charging us."


When police arrived, Lux ran into the kitchen and jumped on top of the refrigerator. Police captured the 4-year-old, 22-pound kitty with a dog snare and placed him in a crate.


“The cat remained behind bars in the custody of the family and officers cleared the scene and continued to fight crime elsewhere in the city," Portland police told CBS News in a release.


"We are debating what to do," Palmer said. "We definitely want to keep (the cat) away from the baby and keep an eye on his behavior."


Dr. Stephen Zawistowski, science advisor for the ASPCA, said that there are various reasons a cat might become aggressive.


"Where a cat came from and how well socialized it was as a kitten are factors that often influence a cat's behavior. Sometimes cats will show redirected aggression. This is especially true if there are other cats outside in the neighborhood. The indoor cat gets very anxious and aroused and may attack anyone, anything in the vicinity. This might also happen if other activities have aroused the cat, such as rough play or some type of commotion in the house. For some cats, this might be a baby screaming and crying, and the parent's reaction to the baby.”


Yelling, screaming and kicking the cat might escalate the situation, Zawistowski explained. “If a cat becomes aggressive or hostile, one option is to throw a blanket or towel over the cat. You can bundle up the cat and hold it until it calms, while staying safe from claws and teeth."


Zawistowski said cats shouldn’t be left alone with babies, especially if the cat has shown aggression in the past.


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Post Script: The family has conffirmed that they will be keeping the cat. They have visits scheduled with both his veterinarian and with a behavioral veterinarian.


Editor's Note: Image shown is a stock image from Thinkstock - it is not of Lux the cat.


Comments  3

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    03/19/2014 06:48pm

    "Yelling, screaming and kicking the cat may escalate the situation" It is really necessary to sugar coat the obvious? But we understand that some people are ignorant to these issues and why things like this happen. It is not in the best interest of ANYONE & ALL PETS to refrain from placing responsibility on the criminal who kicked a tiny animal & buy into this bogus attention seeking "story".

    These people appear to be on drugs and if they aren't, they should still be required to surrender the cat for animal abuse. Kicking an animal is a crime! It was obviously to us that the Father/ Husband is no stranger to violence...Check out the black eye & a second facial bruise that he was trying to hide while being interviewed. HELLO!! RED FLAGS!!! ARREST THESE PEOPLE & LET A LOVING PERSON ADOPT THE CAT. I WILL ADOPT THE CAT.

    The 2 adults in this family will continue to abuse this animal and the kid will learn the behavior. Take the cat away before he is killed by this family. The cat is always going to be provoked and when an adult believes it is ok to kick an animal, I is not going to get better. They do not know how to care for the cat & definitely do not know to teach the kid how to treat the family pet. Now PLEASE, DO SOMETHING!

  • 05/05/2016 07:21pm

    Simple solution.. Kill the cat!

  • 05/30/2016 05:50am

    I think here the cat was in the right and the abusive person should be euthanized in this case as he would only pass on the abusive characteristics to the children! If the cat was being aggressive the result to the baby would have been a BITE not just a scratch. Babies, small children, and stupid adults (insert your real name here) usually grab a cat the wrong way or pull its tail which will elicit a scratch in self defense. The police report even stated how dangerous and aggressive the cat was as it was reported to have run into the kitchen and gotten on top of the refrigerator. Its too bad you probably had a bad experience with a cat in our past but then cats do have the ability to sense good or bad people and if that was the case I'll bet that cat had wished that it had done the WORLD a favor and killed you! And by all means please reply as the Keyboard commando you are cant possibly resist to be anonymously tough!