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Man Abandons Dog in Frigid Cold Weather

By Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell    February 13, 2014 / (11) comments

Was he praying for his own soul or praying for the dog?


If it was the latter, a man who inexplicably left a senior dog tied to a fence in the freezing cold near an Upper West Side animal hospital in New York City, and caught on surveillance making the sign of the cross, may have had his prayers answered. All thanks to caring animal hospital workers and a compassionate public.  


Without a microchip or tags, the man could not be located, but the Chow Chow received local news coverage on New York’s CBS affiliate, Channel 2, after workers from nearby Riverside Animal Hospital on West 108th took the dog in and began treatment.


“This dog was very seriously dehydrated and emaciated and needed some serious hospitalization,” MaryAnn Loren, patient care manager for Riverside, told Pet360. “Donations started pouring in and thanks to some very generous people, he will continue to receive the care he needs and eventually we will find him a home.”


The dog was found Sunday in the freezing cold temperatures. When he was first brought in, Loren said, they feared the dog would not make it.


The dog’s fur was also so matted that he had to be completely shaved. Given he is a “very senior dog,” veterinarians at the animal hospital also performed extensive tests.


Loren explained that she doesn’t know how much in donations the hospital has received. However, she said that the bill for any other patient, which includes hospital workers' overtime, tests, medication, and other treatments, would be running close to $20,000.


“We will start looking for a home eventually, but right now we need to get him through the toughest part of his medical needs,” Loren shared. “He is the friendliest Chow I’ve ever met and he has fallen in love with our house cat.”


Loren said part of the dog’s recovery will be helping him emotionally as well. “He is so depressed after his human did that to him, that will be part of his recovery as well,” said Loren.


Animal hospital workers have not named him. They want the public who has taken such an interest in him to help them pick a name.


If you have ideas for a name for this dog or would like to get updates on his condition, you can like Riverside’s Facebook page.


Editor’s Note: Photo of the Chow Chow, along with Georgia Weber, a veterinarian at Riverside Animal Hospital from the hospital’s Facebook page.


Article originally appeared on Pet360.com

Comments  11

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  • Sorrowful update...
    04/03/2014 05:03pm

    Sadly, this precious passed away in his sleep, just days after being so heartlessly abandoned...


  • 12/30/2015 07:58pm

    Based on the article information provided to readers. I disagree with you. This chow chow was NOT heartlessly dropped off. The main reason I say this is not just because the giy said a prayer, but because the guy left him tied to a fence of an ANIMAL Hospital! I notice the artical doesn't mention the Hours the Hospital is open, but it does mention a surveilance camera - which leads me to speculate that the GUY hoped that someone saw the dog being dropped off, and PRAYED that some goood hearted person would find him before long to take the Chow Chow in. Considering the condition of the Chow Chow when the staff brought him in from the cold, I can gather that the dog passed in his sleep because he knew he was in a safe caring place, and not because he was in the situation that caused him to be left there instead of an animal control facility which would have killed him on the spot no questions asked. Since you posted the sad news of the Chow Chows passing, I can speculate that you either work at the facility or volunteer time for them - you should be a little less judgemental of how an animal gets to the facility, and more forgiving for the person / people who have to leave their beloved friends behind for whatever reason.

  • 12/30/2015 08:57pm

    Actually, no - I do NOT work for the facility nor am I a volunteer there...

    I'm glad you're so optimistic about the abandoner's intentions but it simply cannot excuse the fact that he ABANDONED this poor soul in extremely inclement weather conditions, and COULD have walked him into their open door at an appropriate time.

    There is no foundation whatsoever to believe he was aware of any surveillance system nor that anyone monitored it and would respond with urgency in an expedient manner.

    I work tirelessly with thousands of shelters, rescues, and independent companion animals advocates across this country to alleviate and mitigate the abuses inflicted upon these precious companions by "man-kind" (the quintessential oxymoron, if ever there was!), and haven't the countenance to "pardon" those who would abandon them under such circumstances.

    Had his owner EVER truly loved him, he would have seen to it that he was PROPERLY and safely surrendered to someone who could provide for his care and comfort.

    He did not.

    End of story.

    And - tragically - end of this precious soul's life, in a manner and under circumstances that he most certainly did NOT merit!

  • 04/07/2016 07:25pm

    If a person must leave a pet for whatever reason, they should put themselves in that pet's situation. Would they like to be abandoned as a frail senior citizen in inclement weather? Wondering where his beloved master went? Is he ok? Is he coming back? Scared, cold, sickly, hungry, frail, insecure & leaving it to chance as to whether or not he'll be rescued.

    I will make no excuse for a man as such! Man is the superior being here & should make the responsible & kind decision. He was a coward & a criminal abandoning his dog that way! I like the way everyone makes up some story for this poor excuse of a human being that would do this to a beloved & loyal pet who would die for him & never abandon him!

    For all of you who want to make excuses & make this story better than what it is by making up stories that make us feel better but in fact have no validity as they can't be proved or disproved...Let's play the devil's advocate and say this man was too cheap to pay to have his faithful companion euthanized or treated if he was old and sick.
    What if he decided he was moving & now chose a place that doesn't accept pets! We can paint a dozen scenarios for this, but no matter what, the sad reality is that he left his frail, old, sick dog, in inclement weather, scared and insecure to fend for itself with no certainty that he'd be rescued!

    This poor dog probably died because he wasn't strong enough to withstand being left out in the cold during such bad weather, his old age, whatever else was ailing him and worst of all died of heartache!

    God was kind and spared him having to get used to living with another human, who didn't know him, would have changed his name, didn't understand him & prolonging the misery of missing the poor excuse of a human being who did this to him in the first place!

    No excuses for this POS!

    09/21/2015 09:18pm


  • 10/22/2015 06:28am

    My heart goes out to this poor man and his dog. It would seem that he could no longer take care of the poor dog and did his best to get help. This may well have been his last friend and companion. It does seem that he may have had his prayers answered. I wonder if the man survived the cold? Taking care of the dog may have been his last act in this life. Remember as you judge so shall you be judged also. Cast little stones.

  • 12/30/2015 07:46pm

    I read the article just a few moments ago, and the comments. Yours is the most compassionate reply, and probably the truest of them all (aside from the poor old dogs passing). No one knows exactly what was going through that mans mind when he left the poor old dog behind, and a prayer was answered when someone saw the dog get dropped off. And I understand how some folks can assume the worst in people who do drop animals off at animal centers/facilities /shelters and hope for the best for the animal.

  • 01/02/2016 03:17pm

    I agree with you in your compassion for the owner AND the dog. This man may have been homeless, a veteran with PTSD, etc., without the means to get the care his dog needed. He may have reasoned that if he took his dog inside the hospital, he would have to pay for care that he did not have the funds to pay for. We will never know, but as someone once told me, "it never hurts to be nice". I would err on the side of giving the owner the benefit of the doubt, as he did make the effort to place his dog in a location where hopefully, it would be found quickly and receive the care it needed. It is so easy to judge others when we have no idea what they are going through. It is also good to remember: "there but for the Grace of God go I".

  • 04/07/2016 06:55pm

    If it was this man's last act with this beloved animal, it could have been an act of kindness & not one of cruelty/nor abandonment! There is no excuse.

  • 04/10/2016 09:21pm

    While I agree with you the dog was in terrible shape. He was matted and boney. What shape was the man in and why would he do that to a beloved friend. He waited too long and actually could have prevented the dogs death and possibly his own.

  • 12/30/2015 07:50pm

    I understand your reasoning... however, the guy left the sad dog at a center, he didn't leave him in the streets to fend for himself, or to an animal control center that would kill without trying to save him. The guy, probably said a prayer for the Chow Chow wihich was answered, the dog was found, and someone tried to help him, where the guy could not.

    Karma has a way of catching up with people... think about that as you wish means things to happen to some guy who brought a dog to a place he prayed would be sheltered