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Dachshund Adopts Paralyzed Cat

By Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell    January 07, 2014 / (6) comments

You know a friendship is close between two animals when their rescuers name them Idgie and Ruth after the two main characters in the movie, “Fried Green Tomatoes.”


What makes this animal friendship really special is the fact that Idgie is a Dachshund and Ruth is a paraplegic cat.


The pair were found outside a gated home in Geneva, Fla. in October. Idgie is thought to be around 2-years-old and Ruth is about 7-months-old.


However, when animal control arrived at the scene, picking them up wasn’t an easy task. Idgie was fiercely protective of her feline pal and barked anytime someone came near.


Seminole County Animal Services finally did remove the pair from the streets and they soon learned that when they separated them at the shelter the protective Dachshund was constantly looking for her feline friend. As a result, they put the pair together in a special pen.


It’s unknown what caused Ruth’s condition, but it doesn’t appear to be an injury. The cat can only get around by dragging herself around with her two front legs.


The non-profit TEARS, Every Animal Receives Support, paid for experimental therapy and acupuncture. Unfortunately, the procedures proved ineffective. 


Although the pair appeared to be well-cared for when they were found, no one ever came to claim the duo.


Jacqueline Borum, a local resident who owns Hollywood Houndz Boutique & Spa and runs a non-profit called Project Paws, which raises money for animal rescues in emergencies, gave the pair a home in her shop.


Staff moves, feeds and bathes Ruth daily and Idgie gets plenty of walks and treats. When they aren’t getting attention from staff and customers alike, you can find Idgie curled up around Ruth, keeping her safe and warm.


Borum told the Orlando Sentinel that Idgie is sweet as can be, except when another dog comes anywhere near Ruth.


Since veterinarians do not know what’s causing Ruth’s paralysis, it is unknown if her condition will continue to worsen, or how long she has, but Borum says she will make sure the pair isn’t separated, for no matter how long that may be.


Editor’s Note: Photo from the Orlando Sentinel Facebook page.


Dachshund Adopts Paralyzed Cat was originally published on Pet360.com


What do you think of this special pair? Tell us in the comments section below.

Comments  6

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  • Awe. :)
    01/09/2014 01:58pm

    That is so sweet. Bless their hearts.

  • This kitty is a miracle!
    01/09/2014 04:49pm

    I have a paraplegic cat and the cause was a saddle thrombosis/embolism. It takes out the back leg function--but, they can use the litter box and walk around on two front legs. My kitty has had a full and wonderful life--has lived normally otherwise for 14 years since -- He is 16 now. He's a force of nature--we love him so much. The thing is--this kitty (and ours) is rare. Most kitties can't survive an embolism--this is a special kitty and has a special friend. A miracle.

  • How about a wheelchair
    01/09/2014 05:09pm

    It would be nice if an organization could raise funds for a wheelchair for the cat so she could be mobile.

  • 01/09/2014 11:59pm

    We fitted our cat for a wheel chair when we had him evaluated at the vet school at Texas A&M. We found that he couldn't move around well enough--it makes them faster, but they still have a lot of pulling to do if they want to climb...and he preferred to climb. The wheel chair keeps them floor bound. But, now that our cat is old he can't climb much he's got arthritis--so we have to lift him up a lot. We don't mind. Bottom line--with or without a wheel chair--they do great! Guess it also depends on whether he is using a litter box or not?

  • good story
    02/01/2014 09:05pm

    I sure is great to here that this awed couple will be kept together it really is the only way, and to see that some careing person saw the importance of keeping them together,BROVO to you for careing in this way,we must protected the innocent ...thank you for doing just that.....

  • Heart warming!
    02/13/2014 12:00am

    This story is so precious! It would make a really good inspirational movie. There are so many humans that could learn about compassion and love from these two animals and the wonderful woman who has taken them in. God bless you Jacqueline Borum and the TEARS organization. You are angels on earth!