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Puppy Shot 18 Times With BB Gun Makes Incredible Recovery

By Aly Semigran    February 24, 2016 / (5) comments

To call Brody the puppy resilient would be something of an understatement. The 6-week-old Lab mix was struck with 18 BB gun pellets by a group of teens in Rock Hill, S.C. When a nearby maintenance worker saw what was going on, he notified the authorities, who rescued the injured dog and brought him to the Ebenezer Animal Hospital, LLC. (Since the incident of abuse, two of the alleged assailants have been arrested.)


While this shocking—and sadly, not terribly uncommon—instance of animal abuse could have had a much worse conclusion, this brave pup and the dedicated staff at Ebenezer have, wonderfully, turned this into a story of triumph. 


April Splawn, the owner and hospital administrator at Ebenezer, informs petMD that when Brody was brought into their facility he was "bleeding, but stable." Under the care of Dr. Jay Hreiz, the puppy was given fluid therapy and pain medication. Dr. Hreiz and the staff at Ebenezer waited until the next day to follow up on Brody's condition, which was still good. 


Splawn explains that because none of the BB pellets pierced anything vital, surgery—for the time being—was unnecessary. She also notes that for a puppy this young, undergoing anesthesia would be a major health risk. 


Because the BBs can move over time and may cause problems down the line (for instance, if one of the pellets shifts and gets too close to Brody's spine it will have to be removed), the pup will have regular check-ups at Ebenezer as he grows. Splawn says that the procedure, if necessary, would be making small incisions into the skin to remove the BBs.


She also notes that the pellets shouldn't have any impact on his bloodstream, it's just a matter of keeping an eye on where they are in his body and whether they pose any threat by shifting and being too close to vital organs, tissue, or the spine. 


Despite this early trauma, things seem to be looking bright for Brody's future. In addition to getting a visit from the very maintenance worker who came to his rescue, the pup has been placed in a forever home thanks to the efforts of Project Safe Pet in Lake Wylie, S.C.


Chris Rizzo, the President of Project Safe Pet tells petMD, "We have found him an excellent home with a wonderful family. In particular, a 9-year-old girl who lost her therapy dog about two months ago. She came in to see Brody and the bond was immediate. She is a wonderful, insightful young lady and Brody will be well loved." 



Image courtesy of the Ebenezer Animal Hospital Facebook  page.


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  • Terrible
    08/04/2016 03:23pm

    This is just terrible, I hope these kids were caught, this is why we need stricter laws. How can anyone in their right mind do this to an animal. The laws should be the same as if it were a human.

    I'm glad this pup found a good loving home, he certainly deserves it for what he went through.

    When ever you are shopping for a dog, please do a rescue, so many of them have been through something horrible lives. Or their owners have passed away, Its so sad. I got my dog she was around 10 wks old, I know with my dog she afraid of anything & everything know matter what we do, we cannot break the fright. She was found on the streets of KY w/ a nursing mother & 6 other pups & brought to TN. I don't know what she went through but it has caused her horrible fright. She is now a yr & a half & we still are dealing with this, we still have no control of her frights, no matter what we do for her. Its sad she is living like this.

  • 09/04/2016 01:53am

    These perpetrators need the same pain inflicted on them as they've done to an innocent animal. Since any animal abusers are idiot losers about as sharp as bowling balls, I wish we could let them develop a sense of what they did while sitting in the hot sun with a chain around THEIR necks, left in the elements with no water, etc., or experience the agonizing pain of BB's in THEIR face and head, as it were. Maybe then it would penetrate into their sparse grey matter, if they have any at all. Any animal abuse is disgusting & should be dealt with severely, but a helpless, loving puppy - it's beyond sickening. They should be locked up (in the heat without water preferably). It makes me sick; we need zero tolerance for these crimes.

  • 12/30/2016 11:11pm

    I really really like the way you think! If I could round up all thes scumbags, I'd gladly help you out with you perfect punishment! And maybe we could think of some other things to make them even more miserable. I'd be there with wlth bells on!

  • SCUM
    10/25/2016 11:17pm

    The monsters responsible for this need to be found and treated the exact same way. Children or no, and normally 'children' in these stories are actually teenagers, they need to be shot with BB pellets, too, so they'll know how it feels.

  • shoot the kids
    02/09/2017 01:23am

    I think its great those kids that shot the puppy 18 times with a bb gun got caught. honestly they need to be shot that many times!! or just use a real gun on them.....I know I wouldn't miss them!