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Dog Eating Carnival Banned in China

By AFP News    September 21, 2011 at 10:22AM / (2) comments

Beijing - A dog eating carnival in China dating back more than 600 years has been banned after public outrage at the cruel way the animals are slaughtered, state media said Wednesday.

The dogs are killed and skinned in the streets of Qianxi township in the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang during the festival, which is usually held in October, the official Xinhua news agency said.

The gruesome festival celebrates a local military victory during the Ming dynasty in which dogs were slaughtered to ensure they did not bark and alert the enemy, the report said.

"The ancient fair was replaced by a modern commodity fair in the 1980s, but dog eating has been kept as a tradition," the report said.

"However, vendors began to butcher dogs in public a few years ago to show their dog meat is fresh and safe, as a way to ease buyers' worry that the meat may be refrigerator-preserved or even contaminated."

Thousands of web users swamped social networking sites to criticize the carnival and call on the local government to intervene, the report said.

"The government's quick response should be encouraged. I hope eating dogs will not be a custom there anymore. It's not a carnival, but a massacre," said Junchangzai on a micro-blogging site.


Image: Miran Rijavec / via Flickr

Source: AFP

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  • Killing/Eating Dogs
    09/24/2011 12:21am

    I think it is savage and inhumane to kill and eat a helpless dog. Only a monster would do such a thing. These beautiiful creatures were created by God and should be loved and cared for by the poeple around them, not killed and eaten like wild animals would. They are not out to do us harm. It is beyod belief that a human being could be so cold-hearted as to slaughter one and then turn around and eat it, not even thinking about the beauty and innocene it once had. If they would kill an innocent dog, would they kill a baby or child?


  • 10/05/2011 07:20pm

    While I'm opposed to unnecessarily cruel methods of slaughter for any animal destined for consumption, I don't see the difference (apart from cultural norms) between eating dog and eating beef, pork, chicken, venison, or lamb.

    If people can consume bacon or attend a barbecue or pig roast without feeling the urge to murder babies, why should dog be any different? It's a cultural thing. Meat is meat. There are other cultures that would be appalled at some of the animals we have no qualms about eating in this country.