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Tumors And Cancers in Fish




Most cancers and tumors found in fishes have no cure or treatment. Internal tumors or cancers are also not diagnosed until the advanced stages of the disease. And when it is identified early, the position and placement of the tumor often makes it inoperable. This is the main reason most fishes with tumors and cancers are terminated (euthanized).


However, there are some tumors which are treatable. For instance, gill tumor, which is caused by a thyroid problem, can be treated by placing the fish in water medicated with iodine.

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  • Sharks and cancer
    06/02/2012 09:30am

    It's not true that sharks don't get cancer. That was a story made up by some guy so he could sell make money by selling shark cartilage as a cancer cure. :(

  • 05/17/2014 09:41am

    No doubt a Japanese guy. They seem to hold many insane beliefs with no scientific proof. And they're not concerned in the least that those irrational beliefs are leading to the extinction of many animals; whales, rhinos, and sharks, just to name a few.

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