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Top Ten Reasons Dogs are Better than Boyfriends

Image: Daniel Rajszczak / via Shutterstock
Image: Grygorii Lykhatskyi / via Shutterstock
Image: Maksim Shmeljov / via Shutterstock
Image: Daria Filimonova / via Shutterstock
Image: Shout It Out Design / via Shutterstock
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Image: senai aksoy / via Shutterstock
Image: J C Fedele / via Shutterstock
Image: AVAVA / via Shutterstock
Image: MANDY GODBEHEAR / via Shutterstock

My Furry Valentine

Every year at this time a little holiday called Valentine’s Day sneaks up on us. This holiday is often coupled with panic over the lack of a significant other, or even just a date for the big day. This year, instead of fretting over not having a boyfriend to celebrate with, make a date with your loyal pooch instead. Dogs are better than boyfriends anyways – and here are ten reasons why!

#10 Dogs Never Cheat

They don’t call dogs (wo)man’s best friend for nothing. You’ll always come home to find them waiting patiently for your return, tail wagging; not canoodling with somebody else.

#9 Dogs Don’t Care if You Put on a Few Pounds

Hey, the more you weigh, the more of you there is to cuddle with. Bringing us to our next point …

#8 They Love to Cuddle

When was the last time a boyfriend just wanted to spend the evening cuddling?  Plus, dogs are cool with public displays of affection. That’s right, your dog is always happy to publicly show your bond off to others.

#7 The Later You Are, The MORE Excited Your Dog is to See You

Dogs are seriously always happy to see you. But even better, the later you are, the MORE happy they are to see you. Have you ever come home to a boyfriend saying, “You were supposed to be home hours ago - gosh I am happy to see you!” Nope, didn’t think so.

#6 Dogs Never Come Home Drunk

Dogs don’t go out boozing with the guys until all hours of the night. And they don’t get mad when you come home a little tipsy after drinks with the girls. In fact, they probably find you entertaining.

#5 Dogs Aren’t Threatened If You Earn More

In fact, they kind of expect you to. How else are you going to afford all their kibble?

#4 They Feel Guilty When They Do Something Wrong

Everyone with a dog has come home at some time or another to an expression of guilt on their pup’s face. Boyfriends are much more adept at covering their tracks when they do something wrong.

#3 They Love When Your Friends Come Over

Want to have your friends over for a reality television marathon and gossip session? Most boyfriends would complain, but your dog will see it as an opportunity to mooch for more attention.

#2 They Never Complain About Your Cooking

Your dog will happily chow down on whatever food it is you decide to give him. Whether it be dry, wet, store-bought or home-cooked – your dog will inhale it like it’s the best meal ever created.

#1 You Can Train a Dog

Boyfriends come already ingrained with their own habits, like leaving the toilet seat up or peeing on the seat. And when you complain, they tell you you’re just supposed to love them for who they are – the good and the bad. But with dogs, you can train them where and when to use the bathroom, you can train them to stay off the couch, you can even train them not to whine … give them some treats and they’ll just be happy they’re pleasing you!

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  • 02/18/2013 02:19pm

    Looks like my Zoe only she has blue eyes

  • 02/23/2013 02:07pm

    Dogs cannot fix the car or mow the lawn but they are a great comfort and a joy. When it comes down to it, which would you really prefer?

  • Offensive
    03/19/2013 02:40pm

    This is a sexist and I find it offensive!

  • Dogs better than Boy Frie
    03/20/2013 12:18am

    Dogs are better than Men Period!!!

  • @ Patricia Picano
    03/22/2013 07:49pm

    Why don't you marry one then?

  • dog better than boyfriend
    03/25/2013 07:22pm


  • ni uno ni el otro
    04/30/2013 03:30am


  • Sexist
    05/16/2013 10:28pm

    Better than a boyfriend? Better than a girlfriend too. Better than my last wife.

  • Mate vs. Pet
    05/22/2013 02:55am

    I had a good husband, and he was so good he had a girlfriend also, no loyalty there. But my dog has been there thru all the rollercoasters in my life. Never complain, always by my side even helped keep me warm when the ex left with the his new love and I had no electric to keep me warm. They only hurt you when it is time for them to go to the rainbow bridge.

    I vowed to myself that the last friend I had would be my last, because they were cruel to my animals.
    So count me in, I vote my four legged babies over any man.

  • Dog over Guy
    06/03/2013 09:41pm

    I have seen what it is like to have husbands, and animals. By far, the dogs are more loyal, loving and not that much work. Yes, we have to feed them, clean up after them, and give them baths. But they don't stay up late, out late, or tell us that there is someone else. God granted me the blessing of having the ability to take care of myself, and I have my yorkie friends with me, five of them. And I wouldn't have it any other way. They don't leave messes all over the house that I have to clean up, and they are not difficult to live with.

  • "This is sexist" Really?
    06/10/2013 04:46pm

    Fun story with some pet-loving wisdom from the hearts of commentators. But "This is sexist" gets 51 likes. Lighten up, people.

  • On the other hand
    06/13/2013 04:36pm

    You can always choose to have a boyfriend you deem a dog, and have kids with him. With a dog you deem your "boyfriend substitute, " no kids! Small detail there, ladies! In earnest, this top 10 list is pretty good ... I will link from my SF DOg Walker blog.

  • Get real, soccer moms.
    06/13/2013 06:35pm

    Now, may we start listing things that smell better than our "hygienically challenged" little soccer moms! You just have to love her rational, her feminine mal-odor is not "Her problem," it's "Our Problem."

  • 06/14/2013 07:29pm

    this just sounds like someone who's given up too soon on men. I find this a little harsh, there are some really good men out there. Everyone has their own flaws, but we all try.

  • Dogs are better
    06/15/2013 03:38am

    And dogs are also better than women. They are the best. Put your girl and your dog in your car trunk for 2 hours and see who's happy to see you when you let them out. Yes!!!!! Dogs are the best. And cats??? Well they're OK.

  • My dog, my best friend
    06/22/2013 08:18pm

    I have a similar situation as #9 (Linda). the only difference about my boyfriend is he moved another woman into our bed! He doesn't see anything wrong with this either. So I got myself a dog! He finally brought a smile to my face, makes me laugh every day and loves me unconditionally. And I bet he never replaces me either. Funny thing, he growls and barks at him every time he sees him! And yes he still lives here, but not for long. It's a long story and this isn't what this is about and he ain't worth wasting time on him. F*** him!

  • Terrific writing!
    02/11/2014 05:00pm

    I was so entertained by the witty writing! How come I can't find who the writer is? Am I just overlooking the name? Kudos to whoever did the article.

  • Terrific writing!
    02/11/2014 05:03pm

    I was so entertained by the witty writing! Am I overlooking the name of the writer, because I can't find who wrote the article ... but whoever did, kudos!

  • Since I'm a pig
    02/11/2014 09:36pm

    I go with 2 dogs AND a girlfriend. :-D

  • Scary
    03/14/2015 04:45pm

    It's tough to write a tongue in cheek piece.

    A lot of it sounds really like inaccurate cultural stereotypes.

    And the comments are indicative as to just how hostile the relations between the sexes are in Western Culture.

    The one common denominator is that both sexes prefer canines to their own kind. Something scary to think about.