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Top Ten Most Lovable Dogs in the World

Image: Alena Ozerova / via Shutterstock
Image: WilleeCole / via Shutterstock
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Image: WilleeCole / via Shutterstock
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Love is in the Air

A top 10 list of the most lovable dogs in the world? Well, not exactly. Alas, the geniuses at MIT have yet to partner with the AKC to develop a device that measures a pooch’s "lovability." So until such a device is invented, we here at petMD have done the next best thing: compiled a list of our most lovable dog breeds. Of course this does not mean that your dog is not lovable. In fact, we encourage you to submit your own list in the comment section below. So, without further ado, petMD’s Top 10 Most Lovable Dogs …

#10 Bulldog

Unfairly labeled a "sourmug," the Bulldog is actually one of the most comical, jovial, and charming dogs you can find. Sure, he can usually stand to lose a few pounds, but how many of us could say any different? Devoted and affectionate, the Bulldog is best for the, shall we say, on-the-couch Cupid.

#9 Irish Wolfhound

We like to call this guy the gentle giant. One of the world's largest breeds, he is strong and sturdy. But the Irish Wolfhound is also one of the most gentle, noble, and lovable dogs you'll ever meet. So after that long walk on the moon-lit beach, you can cuddle close next to the fireplace. Just remember, no chocolates!

#8 Bichon Frisé

A wonderful addition to the family, the Bichon Frisé will play with and, more importantly, tire out your kids — all the while with a happy-go-lucky attitude. And when he's not doing acrobatic jumps off your furniture, he loves getting under the covers and licking sweet nothings in your ear.

#7 American Eskimo Dog

If you're with the "in" crowd, you'll probably call this powder puff an "Eskie." Compact and always ready for a game, the American Eskimo dog is perfect for those unusually cold days of winter. Just don't expect the Eskie to want to share you with other pets or kids. She prefers to have you all to herself.

#6 Old English Sheepdog

You know the strong, silent type that you just stare at in amazement? Well, old Bobtail — as he's called by his adoring fans — isn't one of them. The Old English Sheepdog prefers sauntering about and letting out his trademark bark, which sounds somewhat like two pots clanging together. Still, we love this guy and he loves us back.

#5 Miniature Schnauzer

With his small beard, bushy eyebrows and sometimes perked up ears, the Miniature Schnauzer is just about the cutest little Valentine anyone could ask for. Just don't you be calling him little. He wouldn't like it and would probably dump you faster than Kim Kardashian divorced Kris Humphries.

#4 Irish Setter

Long and flowing red hair that just makes you want to pull her close and rub underneath her chin and on her belly ... what more can we say? We're a sucker for gingers. The Irish Setter is also enthusiastic, energetic, and athletic. Basically, there's no good reason this gal (or guy) should be dateless on Valentine's Day.

#3 Dachshund

Short legs? Check. Elongated body? Check. More personality than you can sometimes handle? Triple-check. The Dachshund is playful and yet still enjoys her independence, so it's no wonder she's become one of the most popular breeds in the U.S. Just don't be surprised if she hides away when strangers come a'knocking. She prefers to shower you — and only you — with kisses.

#2 Collie

Okay, so she had us at Lassie. But really, the Collie is so much more than that. She's intelligent, sensitive, gentle, and occasionally stubborn. Sound like anyone you know? The Collie is great for the Valentines out there who are looking for an outdoors-y partner, and who also have a family to share her with. Just don't let her get caught up in her old re-runs of that kid Timmy. She's got somebody better to come home to now. Right?

#1 Labrador Retriever

Was there ever a question she wouldn't make the list? Oh, lovable Lab, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach, when feeling out of sight … oh wait, these are Elizabeth Barret Browning's words. Well, you get the picture. The Labrador Retriever makes for a great Valentine.

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  • Papillon love
    02/18/2012 02:39pm

    These two loves give snuggling and whole new definition
    Tonto & Sasha

  • 10/06/2012 07:32pm

    In my opinion, great danes should be number 1. they are the gentle giants of the canine world.

  • Wolfies (IWH)
    02/05/2013 04:41pm

    Our family is blessed with 9 Wolfhounds! We had a litter Nov 2011, and were unable to let go of any of them. I have been around multiple breeds throught my life, raising Weimaraners, German Shepards and Labradors and I say without hesitation; Irish Wolfhounds are by far the most gentle, loving, human oriented and stubborn I've encountered!Because of their size, stature and Bark/Growl we never have issues with unwanted/univited guest's speaking largely (no pun intended)of solicitors etc... . Freinds and family can an do walk right in the house but they know their going to be wolfied when they do. Our hounds are sure, any one who comes over is there to see them not us.

  • 02/07/2013 08:37am

    I don't understand how Basset Hounds didn't make the cut.

  • Beagle
    02/07/2013 10:02am

    No way a beagle is not in this list. Their loving and trusting demeanor is the reason they are used in lab testing.

  • 10 Most lovable dogs.
    02/08/2013 03:46pm

    The Basset Hound is one of the sweetest dogs in the world. This list isn't accurate without the Basset.

  • 05/13/2015 07:53pm

    Totally agree-how can you not see this lovable dog with the long long ears. My Basset is 6yrs old and I got him when he was 3 months old. I tell everyone he is my 4 legged son and he is so lovable-thinks he is a lap dog and weight 90lbs but I still let him sit in my lap till I cannot feel my legs any longer.

  • Golden Retriever, Surely!
    02/08/2013 06:31pm

    Shocked and Amazed not to see the classic family-loving soft-mouthed people-pleasing Golden Retriever anywhere in the list! They are not Labrador Retrievers, which they may have seen fit to lump them in with, I am not sure. I guess everyone has their opinions, but there is breeding over many centuries for certain traits, and many of the breeds on the list are meant to hunt and kill. Goldens (and Labradors as well) were bred to retrieve game without eating or damaging it, which takes a lot of discipline and placing people's demands above the dogs own basic instincts. True Love right there!

  • nice choices overall but
    02/09/2013 06:22pm

    Nice choices overall but my valentine is a corgi. Besides being ever so cute and cuddly, corgis are incredibly clever. (Yes, I like alliteration) They are super affectionate and keep their people entertained. They like to be the boss, it's true, but they are also natural court jesters. I've adopted the motto, "Listen to the corgi; he's usually right." He alerts me to visitors and anything out of the ordinary and keeps me on my toes. And he is very protective of me too. Corgis are big dogs in little packages. :)

    But I also love collies, and I'm glad to see they came in at number two. I've known plenty of dachshunds and always found them to be great little dogs as well--very, very smart. I likewise knew a wonderful Irish setter, you seldom see them mentioned these days, and the sweetest miniature schnauzer back in my childhood days. And my buddy from next door is a Lab so I simply have to agree with them coming in first place. He is the friendliest dog I have ever known. LOL So I have to wholeheartedly agree with your top five. My cousin loves his English bulldogs-- so nice to see them on your list too. Still, I think corgis belong up there too somewhere. We just need a longer list :)

  • Pugs are number one.
    02/11/2013 04:35pm

    The pug is the funniest, friendliest, lovable dog. Always at your side, loves to cuddle and friendly with everyone. After treats our pugs like to lick our faces in thanks. These two pugs, I never have to worry about them biting anyone.

  • 09/19/2014 01:36am

    I agree, I have 2 pugs, I wish I could have 10 more they are so lovable caring, trustworthy I could go on and on,

  • My opinion
    02/12/2013 03:37pm

    Well I like chihuahuas. Always have, always will. They are so little and adorable, and they LOVE their people.

  • 09/01/2014 03:11pm

    They are the 2nd most likely dog to be killed in a shelter. Shelters and rescues are filled with sweet chihuahuas. We just rescued one and she is the sweetest, most loyal, thankful little dog I've ever had.

  • missed dogs
    02/12/2013 06:21pm

    What about Golden Retrievers? What about the Australian Shepherd? This article left my Bichon bragging and my Goldie and Aussie feeling dejected!

  • Boxers??
    02/13/2013 12:13am

    Seriously, how are Boxers not on this list? They are the sweetest, most lovable dogs I've ever known. They are so gentle, and so full of love for their people. No matter how big they get, they still think they are lap dogs.

  • 05/21/2016 02:29pm

    We had a Boxer when I was a kid. They are just like soldiers. Very loving and friendly yet very protective. A great family guard dog. He would always stand guard by my bed while I took a nap.

  • My List
    02/13/2013 05:24pm

    Chihuahuas, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Border Collies, Boxers, Cocker Spaniels, Catahoula Leopards, Huskies, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and German Shepard/Foxhound mixes

  • 09/03/2014 09:57pm

    [i][/i]My exact same thought, was going to post these same dogs but you did it for me.

  • collie
    02/16/2013 03:32pm

    as a life long collie lover
    i know they are high maintenance but there is no better dog around children. not to mention how majestic looking they are

  • collie
    02/16/2013 03:32pm

    as a life long collie lover
    i know they are high maintenance but there is no better dog around children. not to mention how majestic looking they are

  • Golden Retriever
    02/17/2013 02:24pm

    How could you have a list of the most lovable dogs without listing Golden Retrievers? They, along with Labs, are so social and adoring of not just their families but other people and pets as well. Mine have stayed by the sides of wandering children, protected our cats from stray dogs, alerted us to snakes in the woods, let our cats eat from their dog bowls before they do, brought us our newspapers and slippers, and slept at our feet and sneaked into our beds (yes, even a 95 lb Golden can successfully do this). Sweet, gentle, loving and lovable - what more could you want?

  • shy dachshunds?
    02/18/2013 09:06pm

    We have 3 dachshunds currently, not a shy one in the bunch! Luna is a little crazy and gets very upset if guests try to leave without telling her goodbye... she needs each person to come to her (on the couch pillows) and hug/pet her. Wolf and Heidi don't care if you come and go, but surely are not shy about coming out to get some hugs and treats! I have to agree that Eskies are the lovebirds of my dog world. Dobermans, dachshunds, many mutts... nothing can match the look of love you get from an American Eskimo!

  • Dachshunds ...shy?
    02/19/2013 05:17pm

    We have had doxies all my life. They are GREAT doorbells! Shy around strangers? NOT! But they prefer a stranger not pet them without permission. I would consider them one family dogs overall, and might nip at a stranger's heels when he turns around. They were bred to hunt badgers. Not shy. They are loving towards us, and my one doxie gives me body hugs, putting her short little legs around my neck and pressing close. Strangers might be able to bribe them with select biscuits. My one piebald loves EVERYONE!

  • Carol's Dachshunds
    02/19/2013 09:58pm

    So right about them being family dogs... we can never figure out which of us is loved best by which dog! The Eskie is MINE. The doxies circle the house, looking for love.. a comfortable chair... a dropped piece of food, a cat to bedevil. Clowns, all 3 of them. Are you on facebook? I would love to see pics of yours, and mine are all over my pages!

  • 02/20/2013 05:09pm

    No one ever thinks of Airedale Terriers, but they are one of the best, loveable dogs! They are not the digging fools that alot of terriers are, and are super smart and friendly. Good protectors but just big fools! 3yrs ago I got my very first Airedale and I'm hooked! Mine is even good with our 3 cats!

  • 12/20/2014 02:56am

    Same as wheatens!

  • Siberian Husky's
    02/21/2013 02:16pm

    We have an Awesome Siberian Husky! He is so Loveable! And Gorgeous! I also have a sweet little Shih Tzu (had 2 but lost my 7 year old baby girl last year) But they are so sweet and loving and Very Loyal and protective! I Love all dogs ! I think the list is great ! Of course I think mine are the best ! :)

    02/22/2013 06:13pm


  • 08/30/2014 05:15pm

    That is what I am saying but then again they are a bully breed so as usual they are left off :/ But they are the sweetest things ever and so love to snuggle lol

  • Siberian Husky
    02/24/2013 03:21pm

    I was disappointed not seeing the ever lovable Siberian or Samoyed make the top 10.
    As a owner of a 1 yr old Siberian Husky I can tell you I have never had a dog who loves to be held, hugged, and played with as much as he has.
    The sheer beauty of him running in the snow or standing magestically out on our front lawn -chest out and proud is awesome to behold. I have never owned a more beautiful dog with such exquisite lines or one so outgoing and friendly. Just don't take his stuffed animals away from him or his chew bones :)

  • Greyhounds, wonderful dog
    02/25/2013 06:00am

    Greyhounds are affectionate, clean and obedient. They are a wonderful to play with and ours gets along with cats, small dogs and children. They can be adopted very easily and without great cost. in a word they are beautiful.

  • 02/25/2013 07:45pm

    Too many good dogs to list here. I am laughing at the post for pitbull. Seriously? LOL I am thinking of getting a papillon after meeting one that a friend has, but then after reading here about that cute little bichon, now I am torn. Thanks for the article.

  • 12/20/2014 02:59am

    Have something against pit bulls?

  • Border Collies!
    02/25/2013 11:43pm

    Border collies are amazing!!! They are argued as the #1/#2 smartest dogs in the world, and are super loyal, fun, and are very good with kids. They sense any type of mood you are in, if you're bummed, they stay at your side to comfort you, if it's playful, they are right there to play fetch with you. Also great to cuddle with. Definitely will always have border collies in my family. I would say I'm bummed they didn't make top 5.

  • Lovable Dogs
    02/26/2013 12:58pm

    Let's face it--the lovability of dogs is in the beholder! We all believe our breed is the best and sweetest. Right now I'm owned by a dachshund, and he sure is pretty darn lovable! It's hard to imagine my home ever being without one again. However, in your description of the Irish Setter you neglected to mention one of their most apparent personality traits--have you ever met a setter that wasn't just plain goofy? I've known a few, and they each have had a very broad streak of silliness running through them. What a joy to be around!

  • Lovable Dogs
    02/26/2013 10:04pm

    Shelter Mutts! They KNOW they've been rescued and always show their gratitude. Wouldn't trade my two for any purebred.

  • Goldens Not Here
    02/26/2013 10:46pm

    Golden retrievers have to be #1 - huge error on your list. Loyal, smart, courteous, fun-loving. I have had spaniels, shepherds, heelers, and a variety of mutts. My family has terriers, pitt mixes, dobermans, Jack Russells and more. Goldens beat all except for mutts, but I do not think you feel mutts are a breed of their own!

  • cavalier king charles
    02/27/2013 01:24pm

    my king charles spaniel simon is the sweetest little guy. he snuggles with me every nite and likes to be on my lap constantly. they are such sweet and happy little dogs with alot of love to give. they should be on the list

  • Saint's are SAINTS!!!!
    02/27/2013 08:16pm

    I realize that they aren't the most popular to own, but where the heck are Saint Bernards?!?!!?! It really doesn't get much more loveable than that!!!!

    Comparing my Saint to my husky/Aussie mix, I would say my Saint wins hands down. My Husky/Aussie is great for companionship and taking on adventures, my my Saint is just so empathetic. Loving is the BEST word to describe her. And with zero history of aggression... Saints win. They just do!!!

  • Top 10 Most Lovable Dogs?
    02/28/2013 06:51pm

    You forgot the Great Dane! He should be NUMBER ONE on your list! This is, by far, the best dog that I have ever owned! Gets along well with strangers, children, and other pets everyone! A VERY GENTLE GIANT! Very well-behaved, very trainable and has never had an accident in the home. He even trains the other pets! Love MY DANE!!!

  • The Shetland Sheepdog
    03/02/2013 09:46pm

    I don't understand why no on has mentioned the Sheltie. I was first introduced to a Sheltie when I was in my 20s. I camped next to a family who had one and I could not get over how friendly this dog was. It came over to visit me and played to nicely with the kids. As a cat person, I just always kept that in my mind. Seven years ago I lost my beloved cat Andy and I knew, for the guys in the family, we needed a dog. I would stand for nothing but a Sheltie (we ended up getting another cat too about 8 months later too). Although Willy is bigger than normal, he weighs in about 60 pounds, it just adds to his majesty. Although I am not that familiar with Collies, I know our Sheltie and others and they are the most lovable and loyal dogs. And he's [i]always [/i]on top of everything that goes on in this house.

  • Bad press
    03/03/2013 06:58pm

    Pitbulls are in fact amazing family dogs. They are referred to as nanny dogs because they are so good with children. They get a lot of bad press from the media and there are a lot of misconceptions about this breed. ANY dog that is mistreated, ignored, not properly trained, possibly inbred because of wanted traits, and TRAINED BY HUMANS to fight will be bad dogs. Pitbulls are commonly used as therapy dogs and are not human aggressive as the media makes them sound. Unfortunately there are too many ignorant people who own pitbulls and train them to be aggressive or simply throw them in a backyard and ignore them.

  • Jack Russell Terrier
    03/06/2013 04:45pm

    Look no further than your PetMed University dog below. They are the smartest dogs in the world and they understand you better than any other dog.
    Go ahead for the dumb love of a Golden. Give me my Jack Russell for love and interaction. A big dog mentality that fits in your lap.

    03/07/2013 01:22pm

    We are a family of Pug owners. Funny little clown dogs. They love babies, other dogs and people. Best lovers out there!

    I've been bit many times by Dachsunds. Many family members have as well.... Nippers.

    PITBULLS! the jerk who said he laughs at that comment? I rescued a boxer pit mix, he's a love bug. A big, mushey, powerhouse of love.

    And any rescue dog. You've never known love until you rescue. They know you saved them, it's in their eyes.

    Never EVER buy a dog. Having a snotty breed isn't in fashion anymore.... You wanna be hip? ADOPT, DON'T SHOP.

    Buying dogs is old school, you don't wanna look old do you? :-)

  • Jacks!
    03/07/2013 02:24pm

    Nothing but Jack Russells from here on! Loyal, smart and a ton of fun. Most athletic and fun dogs on the planet. Been exposed to plenty of Goldens and boreder collies, but Shorty has changed all that.

  • Corgis and Bassets :)
    03/07/2013 03:23pm

    I guess I have a soft spot for short legs and long bodies.

    I grew up with an amazing Basset Hound, and now have an equally amazing Corgi.
    Bassets don't have a mean bone in their little bodies, and a Corgi is loyal with hilarious personalities.

    I think all dogs are amazing in their own ways, so it seems impossible to narrow it down to only 10

    - Kristen

  • Aye Chihuahua !
    03/10/2013 04:35pm

    To the world,
    my Chihuahua is just a dog.
    But to me,
    my Chihuahua is the world.

  • 03/11/2013 05:42pm

    What a load of crap. I certainly don't agree with all of this. Anyway, everyone knows that your own personal dog, who is there for you through thick and thin, IS THE FAVORITE, and truly is YOUR OWN most lovable!!

  • What, no newfs?
    03/18/2013 12:58am

    the quintessential lovable dog and cousin to the Labrador. for shame!

    03/18/2013 02:52am



  • 03/21/2013 08:50pm

    English Setters are not only gorgeous but certainly should be considered the most loveable. They are loving and playful and very good with children. They are a little less demanding than the Irish Setters.

  • American Eskimo "Eskies"
    03/24/2013 03:58am

    I have to agree about the American Eskimo "Eskie" dogs. I have adopted these dogs as rescues since college days and they are sweethearts. My last Eskie passed away at the age of 17 in 2011. In 2012, I found two rescues and adopted them. They are the sweetest dogs you could imagine and they love each other. Eskies are great pets!

  • Mini Schnauzer Love...
    03/28/2013 09:29pm

    I got my mini by accident. The Westie I wanted was sold. Best accident that ever happened to me. LOVES the human touch like no other dog I've had. A real friend indeed. Get one you won't be sorry - not a crazy barker either ~ thank God!

  • Not a collie
    04/02/2013 05:57pm

    Although you say #2 is a collie, you have actually used a picture of a Shetland Sheepdog. The dog is too small to be a Collie and the forward is sloped like that of a Sheltie. Needless to say I am glad that a Sheltie is the #2 choice!

  • 06/29/2014 03:37am

    Yup, Sheltie is awesome...

  • No German Shepherds?
    04/03/2013 08:51pm

    Come on - Irish Setters - the most stupidest, vapid, clueless dogs in the world make the list but not the most loyal, intelligent, trustworthy, hardworking and lovable dog breed EVER?

    I've seen Irish Setters so stupid they'd run smack into a fence because they were so stupid! My German Shepherd pup of 8 months knew - without having to be trained - how to walk perimeter and check for holes in the fence! WITHOUT EVER BEING TAUGHT!

    This list is crap - pure and simple.

  • Herding Dogs
    04/04/2013 07:17pm

    I have a rescue Collie and a rescue Border Collie. I think Border Collies get a bad name for being too hyper, need a lot of activity. My Border Collie plays frisbee, ball, has about 50 "babies" stuffed and plastic animals. She can entertain herself all day outside with or without me or her brother collie. She comes in exhausted and is gentle and sweet and not at all hyper inside. Crosby is her Rough Collie brother and although he doesn't love to catch a frisbee, he is regal and kind and will patrol the yard all day with her herding birds, squirrels, whatever is available. My Last Sheltie died at 15 a couple of years ago and we always had Shelties growing up. All of these breeds are smart, loving, loyal, easy to train and want nothing more than to please you. I can leave the house for an hour and when I come home I feel like the most loved and missed person on earth. I won't even get started on all the ways these dogs beat having a spouse.......because there is too many to count.

  • lovable dogs
    04/07/2013 01:59am

    I think everyone has a dog they love and it's the love we have for them no matter what kind of a dog they are. We had a dalmatian from a rescue had him for about 6/7 years. Had a heart attack took to the vet and had him put down, my wife,son and I all are crying. Next week here comes my son with a 6 week old chocolate lab/retriever.The rest is history with some training,love and affection all I can say "what a dog". He's now four years old and a integral part of the family that's for sure.

  • Horse Pucky (Dog Dookey)
    04/07/2013 06:46pm

    There is no such thing as a [i]"Top Ten Most Lovable Dogs in the World" [/i]list.

    All dogs are loveable. I know my Shi Tzu is!!

    04/11/2013 01:55am

    [b][/b]SHETLIES hands down, the most loving, and loyal. I don't even need a leash for my Sheltie, she stays right by my side. I can leave her by the front door and she stays put until I let her in. She never leaves, and is a very smart dog. FULL of kisses.

  • Most Loveable Dogs
    04/24/2013 02:35pm

    Without a doubt Wire Hair Fox Terriers deserve to be #1 on the list...with apologies to other breeds.

    05/09/2013 11:16am

    I have rescued two Italian Greyhounds, one Chihuahua, and one Schipperke. Without a doubt, all of them are lovable and love unconditionally. Whichever dog is yours, it is definitely #1. No top ten list can ever reflect a true dog lover's feelings. But the info on the different breeds was interesting to read.

  • Steve Teets
    05/30/2013 05:24am

    The only thing dumb in this thread is your post. I dont consider the Golden's unconditional love and loyalty, dumb. I'll keep my Golden and you can keep your dumbarse opinion to yourself!

  • Newfies
    06/04/2013 07:15pm

    Grossly conspicuous by its absence is the Newfoundland. My 170-lb. Newf is the gentlest, most loving and trustworthy dog I have ever known.

  • Pitbull
    06/06/2013 09:38pm

    Please,lets call them American Staffordshire Terriers.Do most people know that they were bred to be docile with humans?Mine,Floyd, was the best dog I've ever had.He loved to play and if no one was around he'd play by himself.Loved children. Why? Because they like to play.He would dive to the bottom of the creek and bring up rocks.Once he was walking on a oak limb and I told him "be careful. You might fall." Which he did. So he attacked the limb.One thing though. They were bred to be aggressive toward other animals. I was at work and a black bear came sniffing around. I found Floyd's body 9 days later.He'd have gone out that door if it had been Godzilla. Well,he's in dog Valhalla at least. If you gotta go....

  • Papillons
    06/10/2013 03:45am

    Papillons are extremely loving;) so are chihuahuas! I only have a long haired chihuahua and do sense they are calmer than the smooths, I find yorkies. Snauzers and daschunds to be less loving. But that's just the ones I know,.

  • 07/24/2013 02:25pm

    What about the Saint Bernard? I have two and both are the most lovable, huggable dogs!!!

  • Kerry Blues & Bouviers
    07/28/2013 09:33pm

    The Kerry Blue Terrier and the Bouvier des Flandres really ought to gain more recognition here. So many people opt for the same breeds. Why not try something a little different? Kerries are very loving and fantastic with all people, love to play, are bright and easily trained, and do not shed AT ALL. They are also a reasonable size for most people -- in the 40 lb. range. Their only downside is that they are not always easy with other dogs.
    As for Bouviers, they are truly brilliant -- so much so that we had to be very careful what we said in front of ours. They are incredibly bonded and loyal to their owners, as well as great with kids and other dogs. They shed very little, and what they do lose tends to look like dust balls, rather than the kind of shedding that is so obnoxious on clothing and furniture. The only downside is size, which is an issue for some people, understandably.

  • 08/05/2013 07:36pm

    I completely agree that all dogs are special and loving in their unique way. Case in point, I am an owner of two Dachsunds. Even though they are very stubborn they are also very different in a lot of ways. They are certainly not shy in the least, on the contrary they both LOVE people, children and strangers alike. My longhair Samson is extremely loving and loves to be loved on, loyal, playful and very silly. Bruno the shorthair is more independent, extremely smart but still loves attention. As a matter of fact he demands it. He is especially demanding when it comes to feeding time. As some people say "Dachsunds own you". But what I find ironic is there have been studies saying that doxies are the most aggressive breed, which I find it very hard to believe since they are still one of the most popular breeds today. So what I am saying is no matter what the breed not every "dog" in that breed is the same.

  • Good Variety
    01/11/2014 01:33pm

    I like that you've stated this is your list. There are so many lovable dogs out there its impossible to narrow it down to breed. But I'm also happy you listed collies. They are consistently lovable and are often overlooked on these kinds of public lists because they aren't "popular". I've never owned a bulldog or an irish wolfhound but they also seem to be a consistently lovable breed that gets left in the shadows.

  • My 3 Sons
    03/03/2014 02:43am

    All pets are gifts from God. I personally started with a Jack Russell Terrier that will forever be the love of my life. Rikki Boy lived 14 wonderful years and I miss him every day. Although I know he is in a better place waiting to reunite with me his passing has left a hole in my heart.
    I now have a Rat Terrier named Diko who just turned 14 and another Jack Russell named Sangko who turned 4 in August.
    Everyone's pets are special to them. These three are my sons. I come from a fractured family and wasn't the best Father or Daddy I could have been and my children prefer not to interact with me now. I accept 100% of the blame and now I suffer the consequences rightly so.
    In 2010 I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and my life has incredibly improved. I still don't have my human children but I have two sons who love their Daddy with all of their heart. They are rescues and that's appropriate because Christ has rescued me as well.
    God bless all that read this. I pray that the Good Lord watches over all of you and your pets for all of your days. Thank you.

  • 03/04/2014 04:49pm

    Your story moved me to reply and tell you I will pray for your family and ask God to heal all the broken places. "I was wrong and I'm so sorry," are powerful words and even in the most hopeless situations, they prove to provide comfort, healing, and restoration.

    Dogs are so easy to love and I think they are God's gift to us and a reminder of how He loves -- unconditionally. Happy they have graced your life.

  • Our favorites loves
    03/04/2014 05:22pm

    I wholeheartedly agree with the #1 choice as Labrador Retriever. We've had three in our lives and all have been loving, gentle, playful, and easy to train dogs. Our current lab was abandoned in a dog park last August. We brought her home to "foster" her, but after learning her owner no longer wanted her (too hard to understand), we hesitated not one second to make this sweet gentle giant ours. Our vet estimates her age at about 12 years old - some days she can't get enough of chasing tennis balls and other days she struggles just to get up (arthritis), but every day she lavishes us with friendship through her gentle ways and soulful eyes.

    We also have a 12-year-old Maltese we've had since puppyhood. I would definitely add this breed to the list of happy, playful, very easy to train dogs - and they don't shed!! They are also quite prissy and adorable.

    Finally, we have a Morkie (Maltese Yorkie mix). We were on a Maltese rescue waiting list and got a call about someone wanting to surrender their too-hyper-too-problematic Morkie (humans always blame the dogs). We had to hire a behaviorist to help us through some of her early fears and quirks - but oh how we love this little dog!! Everyone loves Gracie - because Gracie loves everyone. She still has some of the oddest quirks and I swear she only demonstrates them to keep us curious and entertained.

    I love love love animals - especially dogs - and I'm so glad God graced our lives with these wonderful creatures!

  • Top 10 Most Lovable Dogs
    03/06/2014 11:02pm

    Who ever made this list has never known the love of a Boxer. They are the one of the most affectionate, loyal and smart breed I have known. They are very protective of their family. My boxer will let me know if anyone puts a foot on our property, unless they are family then it is all sideways wiggles. Who could not love a 3 year old that never grows up??

  • My List ♡
    05/04/2014 04:58pm

    10. Golden Retriever
    9. Great Dane
    8. Cocker Spaniel
    7. Miniature Poodle
    6. Chihuahua
    5. Pitbull
    6. Dachshund
    5. Collie
    4. Boston Terrier
    3. Bulldog
    2. Jack Russell Terrier
    1. Pug

  • Big Mixed Rescues Rock!
    05/07/2014 08:46pm

    In addition to "Eskies," I'd add Huskies, Akitas and Pitts as the most lovable dogs ever. Yes, Pitts! I've raised a number of rescue dogs, and the Pitt mixes are by far the most loving, loyal and interesting dogs I've ever been privileged to meet. In fact, big, mixed-breed rescue dogs are my dog of choice over any purebred dog. In my dog biz, I cared for many "papered" dogs who had every ounce of personality and charm bred right out of them: most acted like "snobs." Large, mixed rescues with Akita or Pitt in them are the most amazing, friendly, personable, fun and yes, protective dogs... and they are the ones I adopt.

  • collie lover
    06/06/2014 12:04am

    We have 3 collies and they are loving kind and awesome. Number 2 is good but they are number one with us! My brother has labs and I prefer collies!

    09/01/2014 03:08pm

    RESCUED OR SHELTER DOGS ARE THE MOST LOVABLE! THEY KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN SAVED AND MINE SAVE ME EVERYDAY! We have a beagle/bird dog mix and a chihuahua/terrier mix. Shelter mutts are often healthier than pure breed dogs. Dogs of any breed have their own personality. If you truly love dogs, of any breed, RESCUE, ADOPT, SPAY & NEUTER. SWEET DOGS of all breeds are KILLED EVERY DAY BECAUSE THERE AREN'T ENOUGH HOMES FOR THEM ALL. PETFINDER.COM to RESCUE a dog of any breed. The rescue or foster can tell you about their personality. Our last rescue came from a kill shelter. We have had her for 4 mos. She is 10 years old and the SWEETEST dog you would ever meet. Her owners relinquished her with three (3) puppies. They commented that. "She just wouldn't quit having puppies". Most ALL DOGS are WONDERFUL! It's PEOPLE that suck!

  • The Pomeranian
    09/24/2014 12:17am

    What about the Pomeranian? I have an oversize one (16 lbs, and [b]NO FAT ON HIM, BTW[/b]!!) who is my absolute all-time best friend.

  • Not great have issues!!!!
    12/30/2014 02:09pm

    I know many Doxi's can be wonderful.
    Our family knows one that will only own them.
    They had one that required expensive extensive back surgery.
    They had some that refused to be housebroken and this family were expert crate trainers.

    I was given one by an unscrupulous breeders who lied about the last puppy I bought from them of a different breed. I was very young and did not know what I do now or would never have bought from them ever!
    They gave a money back guarantee for 1 month it took less than a week to return it due to lies by these unscrupulous breeders and crooks!
    Just before leaving town with the police already alerted to them and after them for robbing too many people.
    These evil people on their way out of town owing people a lot of money dumped a what turned out to be not full sized puppy worth less than all the money they skipped town owing me but really a breeding Mini Doxi at our home. Then peeled away before we could stop them or get the plate number for the police!
    "Dark Crystal" they named her.
    We ended up calling her Hitler's Revenge!!!!!
    She would look right at you and pee on the expensive carpet!!!!
    She destroyed expensive home furnishings when we made sure she had lots of toys!
    She would get some of her many toys stuck under furniture especially balls and would bark until a human gave it to her!
    It is supposed to be the other way around the dog fetches the ball for the human.
    She would bark for hours driving neighbors insane!
    Finally after Hitler's Revenge destroyed a brand new Ralph Lauren totally new bed skirt of velvet,that matched a beautiful comforter,pillow shams,the works that cost Mom thousands even on sale and we were gone only gone 2 hours!
    We made sure the door was shut too she was ingenious for evil like her namesake and figured out how to jump and make it open unlocked finally! We came home to find the entire thousands of dollars just 3 days old torn all over the house!
    That was the end that, and our neighbors begging us to get rid of that yapping hell some even threatened suing it was that bad!
    We searched and found a Doxi breeder who would adopt a seriously bad dog!
    We would never take Hitler's Revenge to a kill shelter as suggested.
    We tried our best for 2 years but some are really born nuts and had bad humans when young too. Just like people they turn out bad too.
    I took her to her new owner the breeder who we checked well had excellent references first learning my lesson.
    Hitler's Revenge walked away tail wagging and never even looked back at all not once!!!!
    After all the love and expensive care, we always feed our dogs organic dog food,bottled water we drink too,regular health care,teeth cleaning and grooming for 2 years training sessions we tried everything we never gave up on a dog until Hitler's Revenge.
    This Hitlers Revenge did not even care or look back!!!!!!
    Now I hate them.
    Our vet loves them he makes a lot of money doing surgery on their backs many are not told about the special care they require like we were to protect them jumping on and off furniture etc.
    Many break them ending up euthanized owners cant pay thousands for the surgery that leaves many with them partially paralyzed sometimes or with wheels on their back end if a was a rare good loving one.
    I would never ever recommend a Dachshund of any size to anyone ever even the most experienced owners!

  • Grow up already.
    01/02/2015 07:32pm

    Why so butt-hurt? If you think your dog is the most lovable, then your dog is the most lovable to YOU. Why do you feel the need of having your dog's lovability validated by a website? Grow up, people.

  • top ten pics don't work
    02/17/2015 02:13pm

    please fix

  • Pit Bull
    05/05/2015 12:40am

    Why are pit bulls not on here? Just because people make them mean, doesn't mean all of them are. If you treat them right, they can be the sweetest dogs ever.