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7 Things You Should NEVER Do to Your Dog

Image: Jaromir Chalabala / via Shutterstock
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Don't Ever Do These Things to Your Dog

By Carol Bryant

Dedicated dog parents are some of the most incredible people in the world. But even the most caring dog moms and dog dads sometimes do things that just aren’t in the best interests of their four-legged companions. Do you do any of these things? Read on and share in the comments which mistakes you have made and add your own cautionary advice.

Leave a Dog Alone in the Car


Even when the weather is relatively cool, a car can quickly become a greenhouse of sorts and cause your dog to become overheated and sick. If left alone for too long, a dog can even die. No matter the weather or season, a dog alone in a car is a target for thieves. Dogs should never be left alone in an unattended vehicle.

Make a Dog Live on a Chain


Yes, all dogs should have access to the outdoors. Yes, if you don’t have access to a fenced yard it is sometimes perfectly fine to tether a dog outside for a period of time as long as the weather is good and the dog is supervised. But dogs should never be forced to live their lives on a chain. Dogs need human interaction and stimulation, to be part of a family, and a measure of freedom. Being left out on a chain while the rest of your family is together indoors is simply cruel.

Neglect Your Dog's Teeth


The American Veterinary Medical Association's (AVMA) president, Dr. Ted Cohn, has stated that although daily tooth brushing is advised for dogs and cats, only 2 percent of dog owners follow through. In addition, 65 percent of dogs with stage one periodontal disease often go untreated. Always have a veterinarian check your dog’s teeth at least once a year and prior to starting any home-based dental regimen. Get into the habit of regular dental care. A child’s toothbrush is best for newcomers and dogs with smaller mouths. A fingertip toothbrush is also acceptable for starters. Never use human toothpaste on a dog. Why? They can’t spit, and there are ingredients in many human toothpastes that can make a dog sick.

Hit a Dog


Putting your hand(s) on a dog as a form of punishment is wrong. It will harm your relationship with your dog and prevent proper training.


In her book, It’s Me or the Dog, Victoria Stilwell, famed positive reinforcement trainer and star of her own dog behavior show on Animal Planet, writes, “When you hit a dog, you teach him to fear you, break his trust, and you weaken his confidence. Insecure dogs are the ones who are more likely to lash out in an aggressive display.”

Assume Your Dog Doesn't Have Feelings


Dogs feel—they have emotions and they understand emotions. Recent scientific studies have shown that dogs experience love like humans and can read human emotions based on facial expressions. Dogs have the capacity to love, feel, become depressed, and get excited. Berating a dog or purposely upsetting him harms the dog and your relationship with him. 

Skip Veterinary Visits


This may sound like a “no brainer” but there are some people who believe they can self-diagnose their dog’s health problems online and not seek veterinary care. There is a time and a place for online research or to look up additional medical information for a beloved pet. But if a dog acts out of the ordinary or there are any symptoms of poor health, seeking veterinary care is of utmost importance. Never take medical matters into your own hands.

Use a Crate for the Wrong Reasons


Unlike children, time outs don’t work for dogs. If a dog is misbehaving, putting him in a kennel is the wrong response. When you use the crate as a form of punishment, you are teaching your dog that the kennel is a bad place instead of a safe haven. You want being crated to be a positive experience for your dog, so never use it to scold or punish him. 

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  • Stop Lecturing Dog Owners
    10/26/2015 04:45am

    I have three German Shepherds. Lord help ANYONE who approaches my car while they're in there. BYW, leave a window down on each side of the car just a few inches and guess what?!? NO GREENHOUSE effect!

  • 12/20/2015 06:40am

    Cracking a window -- even two -- may not be enough to keep the inside of your vehicle cool for your dog(s). And it certainly will not deter a dog thief -- encourage one more likely. I don't take chances with my dog's life or happiness.

  • 12/20/2015 07:08am

    Don't talk down to me. I don't "crack" the windows. They are far enough down that the dog's heads fit outside. And I have three German Shepherds and a Pit Bull mix. They most certainly DO deter a dog thief! I've seen how they react to people just walking by when I'm coming out of a store -- the entire SUV rocks while they're barking. And the comments I get from people? "Your dogs look SOOO happy!" I don't take chances with my dog's life or happiness. They LOVE rides, they LOVE sticking their heads out the windows of the car, and they LOVE ME!!!

  • 12/20/2015 09:30am

    Sorry, Clane, I tried to respond to your comment so that we could be eye-to-eye at your low level of understanding but it was just too far for me to travel. Just can't help but talk down to some people. I hope you understand that I did try, though. You know some things about dogs, Clane, but not enough. In fact you are inadvertently training your dogs to be reactionary and violent; that may be okay, depending on where you live, but you are not conditioning them to be so on command only. To be proud of creating four loose cannons is unconscionable. You are very stupid and I suspect that you are also very young. But, I have found that dogs are quite often smarter than their humans and that fact may keep you out of court. Fortunately, most dogs must be given permission to attack humans and then must be trained how to fight humans and you do not have what it takes. However, most disconcerting in your case is the fact that you have chosen Shepherds and a Pit Bill mix. Those breeds, while I have met many who have been sweet, require an experienced owner who has the time and skill and is committed to socializing, training, and raising them to be responsible canine citizens; you, sir, are not that owner and your dogs may get their own ideas.

  • 12/23/2015 08:51am

    Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha! Oh my god, you couldn't be more of an idiot. I happen to be a woman, not a sir, I'm almost 60 years old, I have owned German Shepherd Dogs my entire life (mu first one when I was six years old), my cousin (also a woman) trains GSDs for the Del Norte County, California, Sheriff's Department, so you don't have a f*cking clue what you're talking about! I was a Veterinary Technician in the 1980's as well, I worked for a small animal clinic in Sacramento County, California, for two years before moving up to working for the Government, and have a degree in Biological Science not that I have to justify my experience and education to a complete and utter dolt. I am more experienced that you will EVER be. And guess what? My four dogs and I are going for a ride again tomorrow and I'm going to leave them in the car while I run into the store. Then we're going to the post office to drop of the last of the Christmas cards and, you guessed it, they'll stay in the car while I do that too!!!

  • 12/26/2015 03:43pm

    Well, Clane, it sure is a pleasure to meet a female such as yourself who is in touch with her masculine side. That should make it easier for us to communicate. Once again, I apologize if you perceive that I am "talking down" to you; believe me when I say that I am trying very hard not to. I have just one comment: The facts that 1) You are a woman, 2) You are almost sixty years old, 3) You have owned GSDs since you were six years old, 4) You know a relative who trains GSDs, 5) You were a Vet Tech thirty years ago and worked for a small animal clinic for two years, and finally, 6) You have a degree (four-year was it?) in Biological Science certainly make for a cute story, but in no way does that ragtag experience and education qualify you as a knowledgeable dog owner. Do you understand? And, in fact, the behaviors and attitudes that you revealed in your postings here are enough to tell a professional trainer the opposite.

  • 01/01/2016 07:20pm

    No need to insult people like that. It's rude.

    Clane comes from a time when people didn't think animals needed to be treated like delicate, sick children. I come from an area where we believe the same.

    My mother takes about fifteen minutes per store when grocery shopping. Do you know how long Clane takes in the store? Do you really need to call her a blithering idiot when you know don't even know what temperature her local weather gets up to be? And as for her dogs being vicious and reactionary--I have a Labrador/border collie mix who constantly barks at people and runs around them waving his tail. He's never bitten anyone (unless you count play bites when he was a puppy- and he learned not to do that). But if strangers come to the house, they assume he's absolutely vicious and stay in the car. He's a strong deterrent to any thieves.

  • 04/08/2016 11:10am

    well it says it all when she said she is from del norte county. nothing but a bunch of white trash like yourself sherry skank.
    cane is nothing but meth mouth trash, and I suspect the same of you.

  • 12/03/2016 08:30am

    Yeah and that was also a time when people thought cigarettes were good for you and look at how well THAT turned out. Huh?

    Clane jumped to conclusions about isthisthingworking. He wasn't talking down to her until she decided to cop an attitude with him for no reason at all.

    He has a point, even cracking down windows may not be enough to keep the dogs cool and just because she has done that, doesn't mean it isn't harming the dogs. Also, he has a point with how she is training them.

    I, for one, love GSD and pit bulls and do not want to see their reputation tarnished even more so than they already are because of despicable people treating them terribly and/or not training them right. Clane isn't doing a good job and her story isn't believable.

  • 12/03/2016 08:35am

    Oh, like the time when people thought cigarettes were good for you...Yeah okay! LOL

  • 12/03/2016 08:51am

    Sherry4, Clane copped an attitude with isthisthingworking first. She was rude first, his response is understandable as she was being rude to him...

  • 12/05/2016 05:51am

    Didn't mean to spam, sorry. I thought these weren't going through. lol

  • 02/10/2017 07:54pm

    She was telling the truth my dogs all have wolf in them but they are so easy to handle.

  • 02/01/2017 07:40pm

    I came from that same era sherry4 but I have always treated my dogs with love and care and am very careful about their health, including not taking them in the car when it is hot out. That's just plain common sense and clane there is no reason for being so rude unless that is your regular personality poking it's ugly head up.

  • 02/25/2016 07:15pm

    You sir are a master debater! I enjoyed reading your posts.

  • 04/08/2016 11:16am

    wow white trash much? nothing good comes out of del norte county. just a bunch of meth mouths like yours clane. and oh you mean the seriously corrupt del norte county sherrifs? what a bunch of upstanding leo's they are. sad your so blinded by your pride that I am sure you have killed or maimed canines in your care in the past. you are the poster child for animal mistreatment and abuse.

  • 12/12/2016 08:36am

    you're a moron. this was a conversation about dogs. try keeping with the topic at hand. not regional prejudice or horoscopes.

  • 09/03/2016 02:37am

    I'm sorry--- I realize this post is old. But I have to say that it has made me laugh at a time when I really needed to laugh. Thank you for that. Now I have a question: When you went to the post office to mail your Christmas cards, did you send one to "isthisthingworking"???
    P.S. I bet your dogs are wonderful.

  • 01/03/2017 09:32pm

    Wow, you seem like a complete piece of trash. God help your animals. Ignorance is not a virtue.

  • 01/16/2017 05:18pm

    I'll be looking for you. AB797 says I can break your car windows to let out dogs locked in cars when in distress. Barking to me sounds like distress. Don't worry I'll not be bitten as I'll do it from the comfort of my air conditioned truck.

  • 01/08/2017 05:15am

    Isthisthingworking, your ignorance is to such depths, It actually inspired me to sign up just to leave this comment. You have no clue when it comes to what's right for someone else's dogs. People who love their dogs aren't going to put them in situations that are dangerous. Have I left my dog alone in the car before? Yes. Am I able to make assessments on when it is safe to do so, and when it's not? Yes. Have I always been a perfect parent to my dog? No, but you can bet I've done everything I possible to keep my dog safe and happy and provide a life that most human children would envy.

  • 12/22/2015 11:02pm

    I'm sure you love your dogs and want them to be safe. Even with the window as you say, open "just a few inches"
    the temperature in your vehicle can rise to more than 40 degrees higher than the outside temperature. This level of heat can cause organ damage, brain damage, and possibly death. Is the risk worth it?

  • 12/23/2015 08:43am

    Please stop lecturing me about the temperature. I'm almost 60 years old, I used to be a Veterinary Technician, and the "few inches" I stated is always enough for my dogs to stick their entire heads outside the window -- which is exactly what is necessary to keep them from getting brain damage. I have a thermometer in the arm cavity of the front seat passenger side, I know exactly what the temperature is inside my car, (my $30,000 car, by the way, also tells me on it's own what the temperature is inside and it's within one degree of the thermometer). For people to take such an ignorant one-sided stand and say "Never" leave your dog in the car, is magnanimously stupid. Measures can be taken for their safety and I always make sure my dogs are safe because you're absolutely right, I do love them.

  • 12/29/2015 05:05pm

    I'm sure as a vet tech you know this (as your posts seem to indicate you know everything) but on even a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can soar to between 100 and 120 degrees in a few minutes. I'd like to say that for someone who supposedly has veterinary experience, owns 4 dogs and a $30,000 car (why you felt it relevant to include that I don't understand, but I kept it in to satisfy your ego) you are remarkably angry and defensive. People are trying to point out the flaws in your logic to help your dogs. Have you ever sat in a parked car on a hot day? You can have all 4 windows down all the way and it's STILL alarmingly hot, alarmingly fast. Not having the car moving takes it from comfortable to potentially dangerous. You should know this.Just being a vet tech should give you the basic knowledge that hot cars are bad. You should also be asking yourself is it worth the risks to the health and well being of your fur babies to have the ego boost of them barking at strangers??? My dogs love going in the car, they love sticking their big heads out the windows too. I may make them sad sometimes by leaving them home when I run errands, but I'd rather have them sad for 2 minutes than roasted.

  • 12/29/2015 07:15pm

    I have serious doubts that your were an actual "vet tech", a trained helper, perhaps, but certainly not a registered/certified technician. IF you were, then you would NEVER leave your animals unattended in car nor let them hang their heads out when you are moving. Otherwise, and I say this as an ACTUAL VET TECH (hence, schooled), you would be educated on the liability dangers of allowing your dogs heads out while alone (bites or worse, someone inflicting harm onto them) and you'd be able to intelligently speak about surgeries to remove road debris from eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Discussing the cost of your car has nothing to do with the safety of your animals but it definitely shows the rest of that regardless of your age (which you also mentioned a few times) you are juvenile and uneducated.

  • 07/23/2016 02:56am

    Whether you have serious doubts about my being an actual Veterinary Technician, which I was, doesn't affect me one way or the other. That just shows your arrogance. In the two years I worked for the small animal clinic that I did, we did not see a single incident of road debris in a dog's eyes, ears, nose or mouth. Perhaps where you live people are more ignorant and careless with their pets. When I'm driving and I reach a certain speed I don't allow my dogs to continue to keep their heads outside -- that previous statement of mine was in response to whether they were being left inside a hot car when they weren't. When there is enough space for a dog to put their entire head outside the window of a PARKED car (dumb ass), they cannot possibly overheat if the car is in the shade and the dog has water inside. Once again you prove your ignorance, or your lack of reading skills, since I also stated no one in their right mind can approach our vehicle without seeing and hearing the wrath of the dogs. So, there is zero chance that someone could inflict harm on them either when they are not even able to get within six feet of the vehicle. See, I take every precaution, use window locks for safety, only travel during cool times of the day, have a thermometer in the arm of the passenger door, and always water inside the car. Most people don't do even half of that. As far as your insults go, it's clear YOU are the juvenile one and the uneducated since you have "serious doubts that I was an actual Vet Tech." Is that juvenile comment supposed to make you feel superior? Is it supposed to make me feel bad that some random person somewhere doesn't believe that I graduated from the Cosumnes River College Animal Health Technology Program when I did? Maybe I should have offered my credentials earlier on but I truly didn't think an arrogant ass such as yourself would question my being a "real" Vet Tech. After that two year degree in Animal Health Technology I continued on to a four year University and then to Cornell University where I earned a law degree. So I can assure you I am not uneducated, either academically or when it comes to being a dog parent. Perhaps you should try educating yourself a little more (not one of those fly by night 9 month Vocational schools) and maybe you would eventually become more than just a Vet Tech yourself.

  • 07/29/2016 10:32pm

    Wow everyone is so angry. I am going to step aside all the emotional stuff that is in the posts.

    Here is my truth:
    It doesn't matter where you live or the kind of job, house or degree you have I would not leave my dog in my car with the windows open for their head to stick out. Even if its five minutes.

    First for the heat - stop debating this point. Cars get hot with all windows open so I never left my dog like that.
    Animals can be agitated by this and could bite some if they are unaware that there is an animal in the next car. First because they are protecting and secondly they may be agitated. I am speaking of my own experience.

    The risk is greater if left in the car, so I just don't do it.

    I also believe that everyone who has posted is a nice person and want the best for their animals.

  • 12/05/2016 09:13pm

    No matter how many dogs you have in your car and how much they raise awarness to them being in there ate you not aware there are people out there who are crazy and would shoot a dog just for barking! It dont matter it they can get close to your car or not ! Abullit travels far and wide, Do remember that!

  • 08/26/2016 09:22pm

    Clane, I don’t think people are lecturing you, probably only trying to inform or enlighten you to the fact that regardless of whether you have water in your vehicle, or leave windows cracked open, or whether your dogs can get their heads out the window to breath and/or bark, like many have said, the temperature outside, and how rapidly it rises within the confines of a car can get to seriously harmful or lethal temperatures for the dogs. That is just fact, it’s not opinion. The car basically becomes a closed “oven” in warm to hot weather and the temps rise rapidly. Couple that with excited agitated dogs barking at people passing by and “rocking” your vehicle to defend your vehicle is also highly stressing on the dogs, raises heart rate, and overheats them even more. A dogs core temperature within their body raises significantly, and all the panting and head out a window or drinking water will not be able to cool the dogs temperature down in the enclosed vehicle. And a dog and human can definitely overheat in a car even in the shade, especially if it’s hot outside. Again the temperature can be 80 degrees in the shade and will rise in the car regardless of shade cover so am surprised you would think that shade is a saving factor. You may enjoy 90-100 degree , but I would venture to say your dogs can die in that when left alone with no way to control their environment when you are gone in the store. This is not rocket science. There are many more studies nowadays that have been done and incidents that have been documented to prove that leaving babies or animals in vehicles in heat can be deadly and is harmful. Is there a reason that doesn’t bother you?
    Also stating your age is not relevant to the knowledge you may or may not have, and does not indicate you are or are not experienced with a breed. And the same would be for the cost of your car which is irrelevant.
    Stating you have a thermometer in your car that tells you the temperature may be fine when you are in there at the time, but are you able to read that when you are in the store? What is your safety net when you are unable to control the inside temperature when you are gone
    And all the schooling in the world is for nothing if what you’ve learned is not utilized and put into practice regardless of who you are. I do understand people who love their pets and consider them “family” would never put them in a situation that could be harmful, dangerous or deadly to them, just to have them for “company” when running errands, disregarding what may be best for their pet at the time over their own wants.
    P.S. Also you stated that there is zero chance that someone could inflict harm on them. Nowadays, with the warped world we live in where there are some people who have little to no regard for life, and love to torment and torture animals, they can harass a dog a six feet away, and yes they can shoot them so you should be concerned. It’s a different world and you should want to keep safe that which you love.

  • 09/12/2016 05:40pm

    FINALLY LOGIC Thank You!! not to mention Clane IF your dog bites someone they will take it & put it down. That will be ON you. The comment about having a #30K Car is left over from a Generation that taught people more $$ means better People I'm sorry but having more $$ does NOT make you a better person It just means you have more money.

  • 12/05/2016 10:02pm

    just because she has a $30,000.00 car dosent mean it is new! it could have been that price when it was new almost 60 years ago!!! lol

  • 12/06/2016 12:54pm

    =D You made my year! In that case, I drive a $47k vehicle. That doesn't make me feel richer or smarter. Just makes me want to cover it with bubble wrap! aaaah ha ha ha ha

  • 11/12/2016 02:20am

    Clane how long has this conversation been going on? For about a year now? If you truly know about dogs, you would just drop the whole thing and stop being a hothead. This comes from someone who owns eight dogs and other numerous pets. I myself have received many insults about the way that I take care of my animals but I just brush it off and move on. I believe that it's time you did the same instead of dragging this on, boasting, and making yourself and others around you angry.

  • 12/02/2016 01:33pm

    You just made me mad talking about fly by night vocational schools ! You may have an education , that remains to be seen, you may have gone to some excellent schools, how do we know you are telling the truth ? To cut down vocational schools because you feel they are beneath you is pure garbage ! I went to vocational schools to learn my trade in Appliance repair, heat, and air conditioning and refrigeration in 1983 , oh by the way I'm a 62 year old lady, since that seems to matter so much to you :) I guarantee you I can fix any appliance you need fixed. I also guarantee you that all your education ( or lack thereof ) doesn't make you an expert nor does it make you any better than anyone else posting here. If I ever needed a sitter for one of my Chihuahuas or my Pitbulls... you would definitely NOT be it ! The one thing I can honestly say for you is " If ignorance was truly bliss, you should be the happiest person on earth !" so don't be so hateful !

  • 12/05/2016 06:20am

    Clane, now to respond to you...and not just to Sherry4. You are in NO position to accuse someone of being arrogant. YOU are arrogant. Do you think you are better than someone who only went to a vocational school? Let me tell you, you aren't. You even claimed that someone was talking down to you when they weren't. That shows me that you have some issues that you need to work on.

    Oh, and just because this is the Internet and apparently everything you hear on the Internet is true...I'm the CEO of Pepsi Cola, not that it matters in this discussion.

    Hint: I lied, I'm not the CEO of Pepsi Cola...

  • 12/21/2016 03:10pm

    HA HA HA !!! That was truly funny CEO (or not)!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!

  • 12/05/2016 09:11pm

    WOW!!! The resume keeps getting longer! lol And someone is a bitter person!
    I have seen dogs get and have eyes injuries when they were allowed to stick their heads out of a moving car/truck. If you have the cet experience you say you do then you would have come across an injury such as this.I dont see how you had time to all you say you have done w/ being in college for as long as you were. Is there really a need to be so nasty,and to brag how much you paid for your car? Really someone does need to grow up. I have raised boxer dogs for over 25 yrs. and have fostered and still do. If you cant be nice and not brag to make yourself look smarter than you are not dont post!

  • 01/03/2017 09:35pm

    Do you need a hug? Such anger in you. I hope you don't take it out on your animals. We already know you leave them in hot cars and brag about it so..........

  • 01/07/2017 04:46am

    Hello Clane. I was just scrolling through all these comments and noticed some small errors that make your story and cridentials questionable. Some of which are that you said you leave your window open a couple inches which (which im faily sure you said) is enough for your dogs heads to stick out. If this is the case, then your German Shepherds must all be dwarves because the average German Shepherd is 24 inches in height. If you look at pictures of German Shepherds on the internet, you will see that the head is not 1/12 of the height of the dog. Also, if you went to law school, you would know better than to swear at people for these main two reasons:
    1) Someone might take it as a threat and contact local authorities
    2) For such an educated person in law, you must have completley ignored/blew off the fact that cussing at someone is verbal abuse
    Obviously, I know nothing about your lifestyle, or even if my speculations are correct, but if they are, you could be in trouble with your bosses (if you still work considering you are in your 60s) and possibly the authorities. Honestly, just give up on this whole window thing. It's not worth anyone's time. Thank you, and to anyone reading this, these are the tables of how long you should leave a pet in the car along with temperatures

    Estimated Vehicle Interior Air Temperature v. Elapsed Time
    Elapsed time Outside Air Temperature (F)
    70 75 80 85 90 95
    0 minutes 70 75 80 85 90 95
    10 minutes 89 94 99 104 109 114
    20 minutes 99 104 109 114 119 124
    30 minutes 104 109 114 119 124 129
    40 minutes 108 113 118 123 128 133
    50 minutes 111 116 121 126 131 136
    60 minutes 113 118 123 128 133 138
    > 1 hour 115 120 125 130 135 140
    Note: All credit for this table is purley with AVMA
    Direct link for this page with table is below


  • 02/10/2017 07:58pm

    Threat? For swearing on the internet don't make me laugh!

  • 01/03/2017 09:34pm

    $30,000 car? Ooooh big spender. Too bad money can't buy you manners or common sense. Unfortunately, it can buy you a new dog when your ignorance regrettably leads to their death or injury.

  • 02/01/2017 07:44pm

    You are a petty, aggressive person clane and you don't know everything.

  • 12/21/2016 02:56pm

    They may have their heads breathing cooler air but their bodies are still baking in the hot car! Some people just cant get the concept of science and you cant fix stupid!!!

  • 02/10/2017 07:59pm

    If the dogs weren't fussing then they were fine.

  • 09/12/2016 05:25pm

    I'm sorry but I didn't see isthisthingworking's comment as talking down to ANY one He/she was Just trying to be helpful & prevent a possible tragedy= I also didn't realize this post was so old! Lol But Geez people .we all need to try to be more tolerant of each other. NO ONE is perfect

  • 11/11/2016 06:52am

    It would seem that someone has left Claire in her car with the windows cracked.. thus the apparent brain damage.

  • 01/05/2017 01:40am

    I am absolutely horrified with the way isthisthingworking spoke to you. It was an arrogant, vitriolic, exchange. I don't understand why these people are permitted to be so condescending and arrogant. It would seem that there is no-one at this website reviewing comments. When I was an Operating Room Manager, I dealt with that kind of exchange quickly. What happened to respect? I believe social media has killed it. When these people (isthisthingworking and MagMar) write their comments, it occurs to me that a lot of these remarks would not happen if the 'conversation' were made in public or private, face to face.
    I began to read your back-and-forth when I saw the Stop Lecturing Dog Owners comment. I saw the comment from 12/10/15, (if I got that date right). I was stunned by the disrespect, the sarcasm, the condescending attitude, and, the complete lack of accountability. I was so p'o'd, I clicked on 'report abuse'. It seems that these 2 have far too much time on their hands. I suspect they are living small lives, with friends who spend their free time gossiping and tearing other people down. Social media has given people the ability to act like impetuous 5 year olds.
    I hope you and your dogs are enjoying a happy and healthy New Year. I know I will be getting my pet advice elsewhere.

  • 11/30/2016 01:25pm

    This comment has been flagged as inappropriate.

  • 12/03/2016 04:42pm


  • 02/10/2017 08:00pm

    They're just dogs....

  • 07/22/2016 09:03pm

    Clane, you are on target ! where I go he goes and he is always kept safe. Dog thieves encouraged???? Reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw on a beautiful expensive Hummer back when they were new." Feel free to take my truck, keys in ignition, right beside my Rottweiler." The windows were down half way and the air conditioner was on. Dogs naturally protect their owner and their posessions, including their car or truck. The responder below is beneath wasting any breathe on LOL. My dog would really enjoy a piece of that, he smells stupid and evil a mile away :)

  • 07/23/2016 03:05am

    Thanks BBBb. There are WAY too many judgmental people in the world who really don't have a clue what they're talking about when it comes to dogs. They hear some so-called expert making up rules for their 15 minutes of fame and believe everything they say, especially if it's a Kardashian (sp?). I don't even want to get into the current Presidential election. O...M...G... are there millions of morons out there. I was hoping to educate a few here but was quickly ganged up on. You know what they say though, "We need to rise up against the ignorant masses." And it's true that there seems to be many more idiots than intelligent people in the world. Keep up the good work with your dog, think of his needs before your own as I do with mine, and rally on!

  • 08/08/2016 03:28pm

    Sorry, clane. You are NOT on target; no matter what BBBb may tell you.

    As a Vet (not vet tech....DVM from Cornell University), you should NEVER leave your pet in a vehicle. Not only is the temperature an issue, but there are others risks to consider. But first, let's discuss temperature. The interior heat of any vehicle ($30,000, $3,000 or $300..I'm not quite sure why you feel that the cost of the vehicle is important... perhaps you can explain) can rise 20 degrees in 10 minutes; 30 degrees in 20 minutes. Cracking/opening the windows makes very little difference. Even on a day that doesn't seem hot to you, your vehicle can quickly reach a temperature that puts your dog at risk of serious illness and even death.

    The risks associated with leaving your pet in the vehicle do not end with heat. More often than not, pets are not restrained while in the vehicle. A loose, small pet could crawl down in the footwell, interfering with the use of your pedals; perhaps creating collision. A large pet leaning across your lap can also be the cause of interference with your ability to drive properly. An airbag can kill a pet.

    Most of us love to see a dog hanging his head out of the window. This is a very risky situation for your pet. He is at high risk of eye, ear, face and mouth injury, even if going very slowly, e.g., let's say you're going 20 mph, a fly can reach speeds up to 15 mph..this means a fly that hits your pet is hitting him at a speed of 35 mph. Imagine a rock hitting your dog's eye at that speed.

    Before taking your pets for a ride, ask yourself, "do I NEED to take my pet with me?" If not, then leave them home. They'll be safe and happily waiting for your return!

  • 08/18/2016 05:44pm

    nsgaruder, I agree with everything you say except one thing. It has to do with Physics. An object traveling at 20 mph striking an object traveling 15 mph in the opposite direction does not equal to an object striking at 35 mph. It still hurts because 20 mph would still be bad. Stick to veterinarian science and it's all good.

  • 08/23/2016 08:51pm

    Perhaps you should read up on Newton's Laws of Motion. As an example, let's say there are two vehicles, both traveling in opposite direction toward each other at 40 mph. Let's assume they collide head on. The closing velocity of the two vehicles at impact is 80 mph. I didn't see the need to provide the algebraical equation as this is a pet discussion, not physics.

  • 09/09/2016 06:30am

    I have to disagree with your statement of NEVER leaving a pet in a vehicle because the interior temperature of the vehicle can quickly become too hot.

    Please explain to me how it can quickly become too hot when the outside ambient temperature is below zero degrees fahrenheit? (for example)

    You do realize that there are seasons, and with the seasons come changes in temperatures, and not everyone lives in the same climate, right?

    My point being, you cannot base your NEVER comment on high temperatures alone, and there certainly are days when temperatures are not a factor as far as the dog's well being goes.

  • 09/12/2016 05:51pm

    You Obviously didn't read the rest OF the very Logical VETERNARIAN'S comment about all the Other reasons not to leave a dog in the car. Why do people continue to argue against simple logic? SMH

  • 12/04/2016 01:24am

    If your vehicle is parked where the "outside ambient temperature is below zero degrees fahrenheit" and you are arguing about proper temperature to leave your dog in the vehicle unattended, then you too, are a part of the problem. (per YOUR example)

    If you cannot respect your pet enough to take it EVERYWHERE you go, then love them enough to leave them in the comfort of their home while you are away. Can you imagine being parked and left in the vehicle in a strange situation (doesn't matter if you've been there before) and your loved one closes the door and walks away, leaving you in a place where you can't do anything about your surroundings? And then strangers randomly walk by? So very frightening. Leave them in the comfort of their home. So they can nap and then gleefully greet you when you come home. Of course they want to go when you go. But they expect to be with you the ENTIRE time. Then you walk away, tormenting their emotions until you return.

  • 11/15/2016 02:22pm

    No nsgaruder, you are wrong on the physics question. Want proof? Should be able to google "myth busters" where they examine the effects of 2 vehicles traveling 30 mph hitting each other head on vs a vehicle running 60 mph into a brick wall. It is NOT the same thing...

    They busted that myth.

  • 11/15/2016 05:59pm

    Seriously? Mythbusters??? You ARE kidding, right? They know more than Newton??? Why don't you just ask Sheldon and Leonard?????? Better yet....turn the TV off and take a class at the local community college; perhaps you'll learn something.

  • 11/15/2016 06:09pm

    Perhaps you should actually read what I wrote. You state that Mythbusters (wow!) debunked that two moving objects colliding is different than one moving object colliding with a stationery object....and it is. However the velocity of the collision of two moving objects is equal to the combined speed of both objects. Again, I'll refer you to Newton's Law. Or perhaps you could ask Sheldon and Leonard as it appears you received your degree from television....a PhD, perhaps?

  • 12/04/2016 01:00am

    Not to worry about the backup. It's obvious Clane created another account to back herself. Just another clue to the juvenile mindset we're wasting time on. Though I must say, when I happened upon this post I couldn't stop reading and then comment. So I guess it was worth the entertainment. If only the world were as intelligent as our dogs......

  • 12/21/2016 03:24pm

    Thank You for your much needed advice! I do not have but a GED and have known what you stated almost all of my 56 years.
    I envy your degree in being a vet! I have wanted to be as you are but don't think I could ever get over putting an animal down even tho it would be a last resort. I watch all the vet shows on tv specially the one from Cornell U!
    I raised Boxers for most of my life, now I have adopted and still foster senior dogs as no one seem to want them near as much as a cute lil pup!
    Anyway Thank You much for stating the reality of just because the pets head is out the window their bodies still rise in the heat and also letting a pet ride w/its head out the window of a moving car is 1 of the worst possible actions any pet owner can do!!!

  • 02/10/2017 08:03pm

    If the air conditioning is on high then the dogs will be fine.

  • 09/26/2016 04:55pm

    I'm not sure anyone is "ganging up" on you. The vast majority of people can correlate vehicles with heat and heat with death. Hence the news stories, laws nation wide allowing people to bust into a vehicle to get pets and kids out...You know. Common sense. I sense that your tirades are less about whats best for your dogs at this point and more about how you cant possible be wrong. Looking over the posts you've made one cant help notice how many times your story changes. Along with how angry, bitter and oblivious to common sense you truly are. I feel bad for you that you deem comments on your dogs welfare as personal attacks. I feel bad that something has made you the person that would spew such vile things at people who are truly concerned. You seem to be a hateful arrogant human being and thats too bad. Its always sad to see.

  • 10/07/2016 01:28am

    Clans u r the biggest idiot n should not have dogs nor discuss caring for them! Everyone who has told u that is 100% right!!!

  • 09/16/2016 05:41pm

    If you think that putting the windows down a inch all round will solve the problem of the car getting too hot you are so "STUPID" it can get just as hot. Why don't you sit in car by yourself they way you would leave your pets to find out. I have called the police on people who have done this.

  • 11/11/2016 11:49pm

    When the outside temperature is 80 degrees and sunny, the inside of a car, even with the windows cracked open, can reach 135 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of minutes. If you really love your dogs, leave them at home.

  • 12/13/2016 04:44pm

    Clane, there are many anti-American views out there that would happily take away your rights, and the rights of your dogs by telling you not to take your dog with you. Fact is that there is NO LAW against taking your dog with you, and as long as you provide safety measures for it, YOU ARE WELL WITHIN YOUR RIGHTS as a dog owner. Most Happy Dogs Love to Ride With Their Owners. My ancestors DIED to keep the rights of Americans protected. Don't let these idiots bother you. Why even reply. You are well within your rights, and they are not. These people are HATERS over anything good for others & their dogs - and would take away the RIGHTS OF THE DOG to happily go with its owner, not only yours & mine too. There is NOTHING wrong with, and NOTHING ILLEGAL about taking your dog with you as long as you practice safety measures as the law provides, which you obviously do. Over & Out.

  • Clean teeth
    10/28/2015 05:26pm

    No need to brush your dog's teeth if you feed them right. Our vet always comments on how clean and white our dogs teeth are. They get more dry kibble than soft food, they get fresh bones, (beef), almost daily, and always have at least one leftover bone available to gnaw on if they don't get a fresh bone on any given day, they get pig ears or cow trachea, (both are dried crispy, crunchy treats that are high in glucosamine to help joint health), at least 3 times a week and have chew toys and "tug of war" ropes always available.

  • Who are these experts?
    11/16/2015 11:12pm

    Most are obvious, vet checks, leaving a dog in a car, or on a chain, but come on. Spanking a dog works when you spank them immediately after the wrong doing, such as peeing in the house. They understand stimulus, if they pee in the house a spank follows. Therefore, they stop peeing in the house. There is a line that can be crossed that simply becomes abuse. And who came up with dogs have feelings? You have to have the ability to reason to have a feeling. They respond to stimuli. They remember how you smell and associate positive moments that follow. That's not love. That just means they like being petted. Dogs don't taste food and like it, they eat everything! I knew a dog that ate under clothes! A dog doesn't have the ability to understand love, hence, it dosen't love. I love my dogs, but I understand they don't love me and it's ok. They like getting petted, I like feeling like I provide them with a good home. They don't need shrinks, adhd pills, or clothes. They used to be wild animals and would be today had we not domesticated them. Com'on folks, don't think too hard about silly stuff.

  • 11/17/2015 01:06am

    I have to disagree with you John. Dogs do show love and loyalty, they don't respond exclusively to memory of positive ane negative experiences. (That would also lead to thinking that they have reasoning power). They respond to stimuli and that is expected, (even in creatures of higher being, such as human children). They show their loyalty to the ones they are closest to and grow closer through interaction. If you don't believe that you've never spent the night on your belly on the living room floor comforting a sick dog while waiting for the veterinarian's office to open. After one such night my dog got so incredibly close and attached to me that I couldn't believe it. It was the beginning of the end for her but she knew that I knew something was wrong and did what I could to comfort and help her. Our relationship got so much closer that night, she responded like I couldn't believe. Dogs respond and understand feelings like love better than most people do. That night enlightened me to the feelings of my dog and helped me immensely with the 2 dogs I've rescued since she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I have a whole new understanding and respect for the connection between pets and the people they own. A one on one relationship with your dog is the most rewarding feeling you'll ever feel. They give back so much more than you give to them. They understand feelings and emotion. If you haven't experienced it you haven't been paying attention to your dog.

  • 12/29/2015 05:17pm

    Jim Dandy, I just found out that my Chi, Lil Bit, absolutely loves me and is bonded with me. My grandson lives here and has been with her all her life and they love each other but recently I fell, broke ankle in 3 places, have severe osteo, so repair to ankle left me in hospital 6 days. She was totally well cared for by Matty but stopped eating all but her fav treats. When I got home, she actually whimpered, kissed me all over and has not left my side except to potty since. I will be bedridden for 8 wks. and can put no weight on ankle. She has made the pillows behind me her new bed. Also when I cry, she always kisses me...so I know you and I are right about our pets. Thanks for stating what millions of us feel. 72 yr. old mamaw

  • 12/29/2015 10:25pm

    Some people connect with their pets and some don't. I've known several people who always talked about how "stupid" their dog was. I also noticed how these people interacted with other people, and that most of the people they knew were idiots, a$$h0les or some other substandard type of person. I always felt sorry for their pets, (usually dogs), as well as them as individuals. I also noticed that they were usually unmarried and/or generally unhappy. I actually feel sorry for people who don't like animals and don't have at least one dog or cat. No, I'm not an extremist or PETA crazy fool, but I do believe in humane treatment of all animals, humans included. People who don't connect with a pet seem to have a disadvantage as far as personality and personal relationships are concerned. Dogs can do a lot to teach you how to love and care for someone else. Of course there will be an occasional meeting that doesn't go well, some people don't get along with other people right from the start, some people and some dogs just don't hit it off, (at least right away, and some dogs just don't get along with certain other dogs. The more mature dog that we have now, (4 years old, we've had him for about 3 years), didn't want anything to do with my wife or me when we went to pick him up. We wewe told that he was abused by the man who had him before the girl who rescued him took him away from that hellish situation. He just stood across the room and barked & growled at both of us. I wasn't about to leave without him though, we drove 4+ hours to get there and had just as long to drive to get home, with or without him. The girl who was fostering him was able to put his leash on him and my wife took him for a short walk around the neighborhood, then she was able to het him into the back seat of the car. For the 4 hour trip home he was lying on the seat with head on my wifes lap, being petted constantly. By the time we got home he wsa comfortable with her and within 2 days he was pretty comfortable with me. Now I couldn't ask for a more devoted or loyal friend. When I first saw pictures of him I could see that he was a calm, lovable mutt with a very good personality and demeanor, he hasn't let me down. We picked up with him where we left off with the previous dog, (who died of old age after we had her for 13 years). We started to spoil him with affection and attention right away and he responded very well. When I saw how well the previous dog responded when she was sick and I spent hours with her waiting for the vet to open I knew exactly where I had to start with our "new dog", and the rewards are incredible. He seems to know when I'm not feeling well or when I'm angry and he can always make me smile almost instantly. I'm so glad I took the chance and made the drive to pick him up. He doesn't leave my side if he can help it. If I take him to the bank with me he'll lie on the floor at my feet while I'm doing whatever business I have to do. The branch manager complimented me multiple times on how well behaved he is. I told him that "It's because he likes me and wants to go places with me so he's aleays on his best behavior. I take him with me to club meetings and there are people there who are admittedly "not animal people", but last week one of the guys said. I'm not an animal person, but if I would ever get a dog I'd want that one". I told him that if that's the case he'd never have a dog because this one is staying with me. The best part is that we were going to "foster" a dog for a weekend in May while my daughter would find him a good home. (he was abandoned in an apartment when his "owner" was arrested. The two dogs got along so well instantly that we decided to keep the abandoned dog ourselves and dog 1 seems to be teaching dog 2 good behavior. I couldn't be happier with two rescued dogs. (Dog 2 is sleeping at my feet right now while dog 1 is sleeping about 2 feet away). Neither one goes to bed when my wife or son go to bed, but when they see that I'm getting ready for bed they both high tail it to the bedroom and sometimes I have to fight for my position in the bed, but when they do make room for me they like to sleep next to me and I wake up every morning face to face with two dogs. Their diets and health are good so "doggie breath" isn't a problem. I love my dogs and as far as anyone else can see, they love me.

  • 06/23/2016 10:24pm

    My sister's dog, "Sammie," has bonded with my elderly mother. They have been staying with my mother for over 2 years since she has problems getting around. She uses a walker and I've noticed that when she gets up, "Sammie" will follow at her side and make sure she reaches her destination safely. Usually, he is rambunctious and energetic, tugging on his leash when he goes for a walk but recently my mother took him for a walk and he walked slowly at her side. Also, my mother had remodeling done inside her home recently and the workmen took to "Sammie" and he took to them when they were out to do the estimate. But, while they were there working, "Sammie" followed them around and barked, so my mother had to put him in his crate. When my sister came home from work, though, "Sammie" was fine around the men again. So, he was being protective of his "Mamaw" but felt she was safe as long as my sister was there. "Sammie" has never been trained as a service dog, so it's amazing how he has appointed himself his Mamaw's protector.

  • 09/06/2016 08:49pm

    My dog was abused, you can't hug him or get near his face without him growing and showing his teeth. You can pet him. When we got him from the pound he had full blown heart worm they were willing to take him back and put him down, we capt him anyway. It cost a lot of money but he was worth it. He is now 11 and very active. We do have to watch him around the grand kids, and other people, but he just loves our daughter in law, he will lick her and let her hug him. Don't know why.

  • 12/11/2015 07:33am

    I'm sure glad i'm not your pet. when my dogs run to the door happy and excited to see me home I call that love. I have one right now that is dying she looks at me for reassurance when she gets scared , I rock her alot and it calms her fear I not only call that trust I call that love. they stay right by me all day I rescued all three of my dogs they were a scared crazy mess when I got them, now they play they are calm and they just don't eat anything and everything they are very happy to get fed. it clearly proved to me that dogs do know how to love after seeing them with their previous owners and seeing them and how they act with ,me there is no doubt in my mind a dog knows love. do you feel that way about babies to.

  • 12/17/2015 03:43pm

    John you are wrong on so many levels. It has been proven that dogs have feelings and can show love. That is not even debatable. I'm sorry but it really annoys me when people are so clueless about animals and just come up with a hypothesis of their own or based on what their friends think.

  • 12/20/2015 06:20am

    You are a little behind the times, John, and the latest research, as well. You are missing so much in your relationship with your dogs. And they are missing much of what a relationship with you could be. It is sad, but you are not alone. You might want to pick up some recent books that document research into the minds of canines. A lot has happened since the 70s, when the ideas that you promote were popular. In fact, dogs are fully capable of love, of reasoning, and of experiencing feelings such as emotional hurt, trust, loyalty, contentment, joy, empathy and many others. But most notably, your ideas concerning "spanking" are so off the mark that if they were not hurting your dogs and and your relationship with them they would be hysterically funny. I think that your dogs understand love well enough; it is you who is having trouble with it.

  • 12/20/2015 07:15am

    You are one of the stupidest people I've come across in a very long time. Either that or you're purposely saying idiotic things just for attention. But if you actually think dogs don't have feelings, you don't deserve to have them. They DO have feelings, they whine, they pout, and they DO reason. My former Australian Shepherd who died of old age used to "PLAN" how to get me off the couch when it was full and she had no place to sit. She'd walk over to the French doors and ask if she could go outside, I'd get up off the couch and walk over to open the door, and she'd run behind me and jump on the couch where I was just sitting! You must have THE dumbest dogs on the planet if they can't reason, they don't have feelings, and they only respond to spankings. I feel very very... very... sorry for your dogs. It's so sad that anyone is allowed to adopt. It won't do you any good to reply either. I've uncheck the boxes that would notify me via email, so...

  • 12/23/2015 09:10am

    Your comment has to be one of the most IGNORANT things I've ever read, and I don't mean lately, I mean EVER. Dogs DO have feelings, it's a fact, and the fact that you have never been hugged or consoled by a dog is not just sad, it's pathetic. Happiness is a feeling and dogs feel happy when they wag, when they jump up and spin around if you throw a ball for them, and they bark with glee when they're happy. They also cry if they're hurt, they hang their heads if they're yelled at, and when you spank your dog, for a split second... he hates you. All of those are FEELINGS. So for you to say dogs don't have feelings, you're either just trying to invoke angry replies to see how riled up you can get people, or you're the most stupid person alive. As far as reasoning goes, my former Australian Shepherd used to plot to get my seat on the couch. The first time she did it I didn't realize what she was doing but the second time I did. The couch was full when she came into the living room, she wanted to sit somewhere besides the floor, so she went over to the French doors and looked back at me asking to go out, or so I thought. I got up from the couch and walked over to the door and she promptly stood up, walked behind me and jumped in my spot on the couch. I thought she just changed her mind... until she did it again a couple of nights later. That's when I realized what she was doing. She figured out how to get me to move so she could have a spot to sit in. And by the way, dogs DO taste food (they smell it first to decide if they want to eat it or not), they do NOT eat everything, and the dog you knew who ate clothing was probably acting out because he wasn't being treated well. So, I'm going to assume once again that you're either the most stupid person alive or... you were drunk when you wrote that post. I've unchecked the "Please notify me..." box but I just can't take any more of your total and utter drivel.

  • 12/30/2015 04:15am

    I'm just curious... Are you going out of your way to be hateful, or are you really representing your true self? While I actually like and relate to your story of the dog plotting to get you off of the couch (mostly because two of my dogs has been known to do the same type of thing), I find myself appalled by your responses and reactions to others on this forum. If the person I see here is the real you, I can see why you have pets. Dogs love everybody, regardless of their personality, or lack thereof.

  • 11/11/2016 07:09am

    Clane, seemingly insane. Unwilling to accept blame. Her anger,much like Cain. (Refrain) Clane, undoubtedly insane.

  • 11/16/2016 12:44am

    Clane, you need to correspond with people more of a like mind. These people here are engrossed by the importance of the "knowledge" they think they have accumulated by reading books or watching videos on dog rearing. They are now assuming 1) that they "know", and 2) that they are infallible in their knowing. They lack the power of observation. This is apparent when they deny that dogs (and most mammals) are capable of emotions. All a person need do is open their eyes. This allows the pupil within to observe and understand. Once a person can do this the ugly quest for rectitude gives way to quiet recognition of what is. Not only are our pets able to love but there are often examples of gratitude that are observable to a person who has the comprehension and compassion to recognize what they are seeing.

    Lacking a quiet mind and an observant eye robs a person of the capacity for comprehension and compassion which are the two components of understanding. Believe it or don't, understanding is far more useful, rewarding and gratifying than any combination of opinions, assumptions and/or being right. As the posters here prove with their pompous condescension and self important blather.

    Keep on keeping on, Clane. And leave these non-knowers to their own feeble devices.

  • 01/15/2016 09:30pm

    [i]I don't have dogs any more, but I have been mother to 15 of them over the years & I can verify that most are very loving companions. I had a little dog about 50 years ago who tried to comfort me when I cried because I thought I had lost about $300 that I couldn't afford to lose[/i]

  • dogs in cars oh no!
    11/29/2015 04:16pm

    I agree totally about leaving a dog in car. I never take my dog with me if I know I am going into a place where I can't take my pooch. I have called police on people who leave dogs in cars (once someone had dogs in cars while they were in doctors office??) just wrong they don't have to go everywhere with you!

  • 12/20/2015 07:21am

    Dogs in cars... YES! Mine LOVE rides, they LOVE sticking their heads out the windows (they can do that while we're parked too), and they also LOVE protecting the car. As I've come out of stores I've seen the entire SUV literally rocking while they bark at people passing by. It's their favorite hobby. Of course with three big German Shepherd Dogs and a Pit Bull mix, NO ONE even goes NEAR our car.

  • 12/21/2015 06:26am

    Sounds like your dogs are not trained or socialized in the slightest and you sound proud of it. I cannot stand being anywhere near a car that has aggressive sounding, barking dog hanging out the window.

    I was at the grocery story one day and I do not know how this dog wasn't jumping out of the car. The window was definitely down way too low and he was aggressively barking at everyone that passed by. You can have dogs that will protect you and themselves without scaring the crap out of everyone nearby. Why should my young daughter have to be terrified of someone that leaves their dogs in the car, being a menace to everyone around them?

  • 11/28/2016 08:40pm

    I dont understand why you feel the need to use dogs to protect your car. For someone having a $30,000 dollar car (again ridiculous that you would even feel the need to point that out) your car should have an alarm. If someone wanted to they could easily shoot your dogs and drive off with your car. That doesnt really sound like its worth a dogs life at all. Also your dogs sitting there barking at everyone passing by is annoying and obnoxious. I have a pitbull and I would never want her to bark at other people. Also if your dogs enjoy car rides there isnt any reason why you shouldnt take them on one but seriously they do not need to come with you on your errands. Its unnecessary and Im sure they would prefer being at home.

  • 01/31/2017 08:30am

    Clane. I've been reading (though I will no more) your trigger happy, bitter, self-righteous responses. It appears that you enjoy causing trouble, debating viciously and being the center of attention, albeit grossly negative.
    The debate on temperatures will not be my focus, as I see people believe whatever they want. What alarms me about some things you said:
    If your Pittie and Sheps enjoy putting their heads out the couple inches you leave open in your car window (as many dogs like to do) when you are parked, a.) their heads are very large and while you are gone and oblivious, they could get stuck or break the window with their excitement. You don't KNOW it won't happen. b.) You have four excited/anxious/large dogs barking so loud and roughing around so much that they rock the car back and forth when people even come within six feet of them WITH the windows OPEN...where do you PARK in public parking lots?! Cars are much closer to six feet when parked. Does that not make people unable to get to their own car doors because your dogs heads are out the window, barking madly want out, to escape, hurt people? In the minds of people who do not know the safety/dangers of even being near your raucous dogs, they may call the police in fear of the pack (I wouldor fear that the dogs need immediate medical attention. In any of these cases smashed windows are almost certain. Nobody wants that. But what MOST alarms me about you is your sadistic pleasure that your dogs are so obnoxious in the car that the car rocks, you're actually PROUD of that! Scary. You've boasted about how great they are at scaring people away. Egotistical, anti-social, bitter, angry, and some criminals feel this way about their dogs. Ooh, cool guard dogs, wow. I'm not saying this is the case, but you've painted your own picture here and it feels BADDD. A poster earlier in this thread said he'd [break the window from the inside of his own car], tell ya something?
    Most dog lovers just LOVE their dogs, not using them to fill the voids in their personality.
    I KNOW you love your dogs, how about loving yourself and working on your blatantly obvious hatred for anyone but your dogs. No one ganged up on you, as you stated, they are trying to get through to you. The large number of people responding to your angry post's is directly commensurate with the closed minded issue at hand. I hope your babies live long, happy, healthy lives with you. Good luck.

  • Cracking windows...
    03/27/2016 02:51pm

    Hey Clane... not sure where you live and nor do I care. Leaving dogs in the car is wrong. In fact, I had a friend leave his dog in the car with the windows cracked enough(?) and his dog died from the heat. Thats right DEAD. Don't do it... it is not worth the risk.

  • Dogs in the car?
    05/17/2016 03:34pm

    I see from the comments section that this article has been kicking around for about a year or so...but better late than never I guess.

    I too am guilty of taking my dogs in the car on short grocery store runs; never if the temperature is over 65 or under 30. One is a lab mix, the other a pit bull. I don't do late night shopping or park in isolated areas or parking decks. I guess I'm taking a risk, given the level of cruelty that people are capable of these days.

    But I'm surprised that the practice of leaving your dog tethered to a bike rack, bench, stop sign, etc. while you jump into a Starbucks for a second or wasn't on the list. I see this frequently and I find it much more dangerous than leaving a dog secured in a car. It takes nanoseconds to cut a leash and make off with the dog and the theft can be accomplished much more discretely than the time it takes to break into a car.

  • dogs are the best!!!!!!!!
    05/18/2016 09:47pm

    I got my 1st dog at age 2. i love dogs, and they love me too. i am a owner of 3 dogs. 2 puppies and a 13 year old dog. Puppies are cute but a lot of work, they need love, and someone to love and a lot of chew toys

  • time out OK for kids?
    07/09/2016 11:59am

    Are you kidding me? Regarding the 'time out' comment - the expert advise that putting a dog in time our UNLIKE WHEN USED FOR KIDS is illogical. Of course time out is not good for dogs, but is is also not good for children. Why would there be a difference if each have feelings, are social, and hurt by punishment?

    Please change this comparison and language in the ad. All you are promoting with this is that time out is OK for kids, but not dogs. We could use a equal playing field here as pets take rising status of children.

  • I love my 4 legged Babies
    08/23/2016 12:08pm

    All I can say is be glad I do not live where you are at . I use a baseball bat for a cane and I carry a small ice chest with water bottles .. You guessed it. If I see any dog or cat or kid left in a locked car .. You guessed it. I will call the cops as I'm busting in a window and let them know I'm doing so . In the mean time my spy camera has been taking pictures..So be very glad sweetie I do not live in your home town..

  • 08/23/2016 08:09pm

    Excalibur.... After we go to the dog park I stop in the gas station for a drink. By that time it is dusk and quite cool outside and the sun is more or less set. You still going to break out a window to 'free' them? I have wondered that many times. It would be unjustified as the car can no longer get any hotter than it is. (yes, the windows are cracked enough to get a snout out)

  • Truck Bed
    08/23/2016 12:38pm

    Do not even leave a dog chained up in the back of a truck . My sister and I had went to the mall , as we where pulling in we saw a dog (a pit bull ) hanging from the truck .. We ran over there not knowing how long he had been hanging there and he looked dead.Not knowing if we helped him if he would bite us. So we looked at each other and she grabbed one end and I the other . He was so big and heavy and the truck bed was so hot . My sis ran to get a blanket to put on the truck bed , then we lifted him in .. We both ran and got the water bottles , one kept wiping his face and the other wiped his body .. We thought he was a gone..But he was not he came threw . We stayed there until the dog pound and the cops came . One hour later the owners came out of the mall. No they did not get him back.. He had no way to get off that hot metal , plus no water. Even though he was out in full air ,( Metal gets Hot). So your babies are crying for help , because they are hot hot hot and you think it is cute . They are not trying to protect your dam car , they want out of that dam hot box you put them in ....

  • Animal in hot car
    08/30/2016 12:26pm

    This is some good advice. It get very hot quickly if a car is parked in a sunny spot even with the windows cracked. In Ohio we are permitted to break the windows of a vehicle if we see a pet or child distressed in a hot vehicle. We first call 911. This law just went into effect.

  • 09/14/2016 05:38am

    BRAVO OHIO!! I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I don't think I need to stress the unbearable temperature here in the summer. It's about 115-120 degrees outside. When the sun goes down, it is still 100 degrees out. Wind blowing, in the shade, windows all the way down in the car.......hell, you can be in a swimming pool and guess what? It's still mind blowing hot out!! And you guessed it.....WE STILL HAVE AMAZINGLY STUPID PEOPLE THAT LEAVE THEIR DOGS, AND CHILDREN FOR THAT MATTER, IN THE CAR! I don't make it a habit to refer to people as "stupid" but there is no other word for it. Imagine 120 degrees outside. Now imagine the temperature inside the car. In Las Vegas, it's a matter of minutes before the heat will take the life of an animal or person. I haven't actually looked into the law here regarding this but if there is one in place, I don't think it allows us to break windows for rescue. It is taken very serious here and some people are prosecuted for their actions when the result is fatal. Personally, I don't hesitate to call animal control or the local police dept when I see an animal left in a car and a majority of the time I'm told to mind my own business if approached by the owner of the dog. That comment alone leads me to believe that we DO NOT have a law in place for such a horrific act. My hats off to Ohio for protecting our pets! Perhaps Vegas should follow suit. You would think a city that can fry and egg on the sidewalk would be the first for such a law. THANK YOU OHIO AND THANK YOU ARNIEC for using such a cane!

  • Things Pet parents...
    08/31/2016 03:15am

    If you assume that animals don't have feeling you don't need a dog, cat, fish or anything that breathes . I sell pet rocks on my Facebook page they start at $100 and go to $1000 becuase stupid ppl shouldn't have money either!

  • 09/14/2016 05:13am

    [i]I have to tell you Green89891, that has got to be the FUNNIEST comment I think I have ever heard! Although the subject of conversation is a serious one, thanks for the laugh and for your dedication to keeping our furry friends safe by supplying stupid people with an alternative to pet ownership[/i]!!

  • My Beautiful Furbabies
    09/16/2016 05:34pm

    I'm so very proud to say that I don't do any of these at all, I have three dogs a shih shu, beagle and a toy chihuahua and they all have their vet appointments yearly and if anything is wrong between appointments they are taken in, all my animals are up to date with their shots as well. I have a dog run but am with them when they are in it or they will cry if they are left alone, I tried using a dog run for them to go out for the bathroom but they have never used it before and just sit there and look at me to say now what, when I know that someone will be in the vehicle with them then will take them otherwise I leave them home and when they are left alone at home I kennel them and do so when bedtime comes other than that, that is the only time the kennel is used. I never ever hit my animals, if they do anything wrong it would be my fault for not training them properly. I also have three cats. Last if not least will add that all my animals are rescues. I love all my furbabies.

  • 09/27/2016 11:41am

    Why are we all arguing we all have different points of view on what to do with are dogs and we are all right it doesn't matter how a person train there dog or loves there dog if person wants to leave there dog in the car that's there decision not yours and you shouldn't be debating these thing all people have been raised differently and maybe some of those people were in a time period where that's was a go to thing you can't tell people how to take and or raise there dogs. some people were raise in the Cold War time were it was a little different then now where the were constantly worried if they we're all going to died or not and our generation is Lucky enough to have to live thought that and maybe back when clane was a vet tech it was different type of teaching then we have now that didn't have that much technology like we do now everyone has to understand that's there no reason to fight debate or get mad everyone is different and should judge people by the way the comment maybe there just hurting and your making it a lot worse everyone loves there dog so why don't you talk that instead of how he handle her dogs you all have something in common find it out and talk about that

  • Ridiculous
    10/10/2016 03:54am

    I agree you never leave a dog in the car when it is even slightly warm but when it is cool or raining outside it is no issue! I always took my dog with me running errands in the winter, he loved it and when it is 50 - 60 degrees outside or raining it is no problem. Wouldn't leave him for long but he was comfortable inside and coo, windows down with water left for him always. No one would dare want to take him, he wasn't pure bred or puppy and would bark whenever anyone came near.

  • Knock it Off.
    10/12/2016 05:31pm

    I have a shepherd mix that goes everywhere with me. She has a perfect little pen that is the cargo area in a 2006 4Runner. She's perfectly content there while I run errands, but I've been stopped several times by well-intentioned people telling me I shouldn't leave her in the car. Always the same thing, the dog can overheat so easily. Thing is, all the windows are open including the 2 foot by 3 foot rear window that is all the way down! You know, the one she has her head and shoulders out of? Sun shade is up, I park the car in the shade whenever possible, and the dog has fresh cold water every day in a secured travel bowl. It's cooler in there than in my house, with more fresh air to boot!
    My point is, every situation is different. Perhaps the article should note that. All of the other advice is sound, if not overly obvious. But it's articles like this one that encourage people to make suggestions regarding situations they are willfully ignorant of.

  • 10/13/2016 01:20am

    You know I had a similar issue with some fat busybody cat lady two weeks ago in a small town outside of Las Vegas concerning my German shepherd and "endangering his life by leaving him in the car".

    We decided to take Klaus up to the mountains so he could run around that day, and it was a day that was all just for him and his happiness, and we all had fun.

    It wasnt even 80 degrees out the whole time and not once did we even use the air conditioner for ourselves... WE ROLLED THE WINDOWS DOWN AND OPENED THE SUN ROOF.

    My father is a 74 year old man and when needs to eat we have to stop or it will harm his health.

    So we stopped for food.

    I left every window completely down, the sunroof completely open, and parked the car right where he was hanging out the car staring at me because thats what he does, he hangs out the car. My eyes were on him the entire time.

    Hes socialized so he doesnt try to harm anyone unless they make the big mistake of trying to get inside the car's cabin so that wasnt an issue.

    Sure as hell here comes some heavyset butch animal control officer with an attitude acting like im harming the dog.

    I ask what her problem was and she states "Its 99 degrees inside your car.

    Bullcrap lady.

    Its not even 80 out and theres a moderate breeze going through the car so how can it be 99 inside the car with all four windows open and a sunroof open.

    Heres the point of the story.

    These "OH MY GOD YOUR HURTING THAT POOR DOG BY LEAVING HIM IN THAT CAR ALL BY HIMSELF!" melodramatic people are never wrong and are always right.

    Know what that animal control officer did?

    First she took a temperature reading 3 feet from the window of the car.

    I brought it to her attention that she was basically taking an outside temperature. She looks at the temp on the gun and reset it.

    So know what she did next?

    She pointed the gun at the sheet metal on the door of the car and took a temperature from there and goes "See, 99 degrees."

    I realize that you cant win with people that have the cat lady mentality.

    So I sit in the damn car with the dog and she yells at me "WELL ARENT YOU GOING TO ROLL UP THE WINDOWS AND TURN THE AIR ON FULL BLAST?!!?!"

    If im sitting in a car with a double knit tshirt and a button up shirt over that and feel cool theres nothing the damn wrong and the dog is fine.

    He wasnt even panting.

    The dog goes outside when its 115 degrees out and 125 on the pavement, by his own will, and is fine and we live in the hottest area in the country.

    So explain to me how a dog is going to bake to death with four windows rolled down, a sunroof rolled up, moderate cool breezes, and with the outside temp not even being 80 degrees?

  • 12/17/2016 11:32pm

    Not sure about officials in NV but here we all carry thermometers that measure the temp inside a vehicle an animal is in. In the case you are talking about here due to the temp noted of 99 degrees in the vehicle, by Ohio law your dog would have been seized. It would not have been returned to you under any circumstances and you would be prohibited from ever owning another one. All Ohioans can call 911 when they see any animal alone in a vehicle, that starts a clock and basically the owner is in a race to get to the vehicle before we do and get the animal out before we get there. If we get there and take the temp and the animal is in a vehicle that is to hot we take the animal no questions ask.

  • Not over-protective, safe
    10/22/2016 12:25pm

    The only time I ever left my little girl (pug) alone in the car was when we couldn't go home and I had to run into a gas station. I parked at the door so I could see her, left the car running so she could have the air conditioner and radio, and locked the doors (I had an extra key). I was in and out in less than three minutes, but it was a nerve-wracking three minutes. A few years later, a relative I was visiting out of town wanted me to leave her in the car long enough for a meal at a restaurant. I politely refused, and our relationship was a little tense for a while (better now). I tried to explain that it was about my dog's safety, not that I didn't want to spend time with the family. It's hard to make non-dog people understand.

    10/24/2016 06:32am

    This comment has been flagged as inappropriate.

  • 11/11/2016 07:15am

    I would suggest a self-neutering option, as you have no business owning dogs, and treating them in such a manner.

  • 11/28/2016 08:44pm

    Your a disgusting human being.

  • emergency preparedness
    11/25/2016 05:27pm

    Hey everyone, I love dogs .Just wondering if anyone has been stockpiling dog food for emergencies? If there is a fire in your residence have you thought of ways to get you and your dogs out safely? Does anyone give their dogs tap water or bottled water. Thanks

  • emergency preparedness
    11/25/2016 05:32pm

    Does anyone keep extra dog food for emergency situations ? Do you give your dogs bottled or tap water? Have you thought of a way to evacuate yourself and your dog in case of a fire? Just curious

  • 12/05/2016 04:53am

    We keep a "doggie diaper bag" in each of our vehicles with any supplies we may need in the event of having to leave suddenly for some reason. We live in KS so we make sure about every 3 months to go through the bags and swap out and freshen things up. Never know if a tornado will come whizzing in, or snow will get crazy, in addition to the many other things that can happen. Fortunately, the couple times we've had to go somewhere to take shelter from a storm, our fur kids have been well accepted, and loved by all who are there, which is usually the church nearby. I think it's a very good idea to be prepared, and for us, when we change seasons, change the clocks, we change the bags.

  • 12/05/2016 04:55am

    I did forget to mention that when we added our first dog, then second, and now third, we did revise our evacuation plan. There are 4 adults that live here, and each has a job in case of an emergency. We have also ordered window stickers for the front and back doors that alert emergency workers that there are 3 dogs that live in this house.

  • Another NO NO
    11/30/2016 01:34am

    Another thing you should NEVER do in the comments: NEVER feed the trolls.

  • 12/02/2016 07:50pm

    All the trolls in this thread are fat and glossy, with bright eyes and ever wagging tails. No neglect here.

  • Keep Lecturing Dog Owners
    12/03/2016 08:39am

    Cracking down your windows may not be enough. If you are going to go to the store, leave the dog at home, bring another human to stay with the dog while the car is ON, or well...just don't bring the dog? Done. Easy.

    And to say "well, we came from a time where our dogs weren't treated like delicate, sick children!!!!" Well, that's also from a time where they thought cigarettes were good for you. LOL

  • 12/05/2016 04:49am

    I absolutely agree with you 100% There have been a couple times where I was out with my dog and something came up where I needed to run in to a store for something or get fuel. I have a valet key to my car, so IF and when I have to leave her, the windows are up, emergency brake is on, car is running with heat/ac and I make it as quick as possible. It's nice to be able to lock the car while it's running so she is safe. I've been criticized before even with all the precautions I take, but as I said, this rarely happens. I will never understand why people have pets if they're not going to care for them properly. I realize many pet lovers now days (guilty here) can be neurotic about their pets, and sometimes I go overboard, however, there aren't enough pet owners who even remotely come close to really putting all they have into their pets care, comfort, and safety. All those can be done without making them delicate, fragile wimps.

  • 12/05/2016 05:53am

    If I saw that the car was on, I wouldn't care as much as they most likely would be in AC. I don't have that luxury with the cars that I've owned. lol So I left my dog at home whenever I needed to get something from the store.

  • 12/21/2016 07:23am

    i do the same thing...my little buddy loves to go..i am entitled to a handicap placard so do park right n front of the stores. in warm weather i leave it running with the a/c, locked with the alarm on and remember "the club" the thing fr the 80's that clamps on the wheel for theft protection, found one at auto parts store so don't even feel stupid anymore from a theft perspective. he loves to watch the people, he has a wonderfull booster seat and enjoys people watching....and it's really just the grocery stores and drug stores he can't get in...he's a 9 lb long hair chihauhau so everone loves him and he loves people, crazy for a chi but he's gone everywhere since he was 9 wks old. i wish some of these people would get as worked up about about non-neutered dogs as they do about dogs in cars. plenty of people do have the sense to know how long they can leave them comfortably and safely, direction of the sun and cloud cover being important facts. often at whole foods i'll ask if someone outside will let me tie him to their table if i have a quick i and out trip, usually employee on break. people love dogs and we've experienced much kindness in the last nearly 5 years....and you sound as if u have too.

  • Don'ts
    12/05/2016 04:44am

    I enjoyed reading your 7 Dont's regarding your dog. I was new to crating, and did a lot of research before I began crate training our sons puppy a year ago. I only wish I'd have been more educated and willing to crate train my little Maltese Hayzee Mai. She was so tiny when we brought her home, and she would just cry this little soft noise that broke my heart. The main reason I had sought to find a puppy was to keep me busy and have someone to talk to and spend time with as my children were almost adults, my husband worked long hours, and I had been a stay at home Mom much of my children's lives. She still sleeps right up next to my head, but she's only 6 pounds, so she doesn't take up much space. I do tend to find her from time to time inside our puppy's crate, and it's the cutest thing. I always enjoy the information you share. Thank You again...it never hurts to see these pieces of information over and over. I wish many pet owners were educated and willing to heed your advice.

  • Some good advice, but...
    01/05/2017 04:05pm

    I disagree with never laying a hand on your dog and the advice about the crates. I have smacked my dogs when they have done some things wrong, but they are still the most gentle dogs to everyone. One of them is a beagle and one it a pitbull/bulldog mix. I don't make a habit of it, but simply saying no and pretending that they are human doesn't work all of the time.

    However, most of the time, if they do something wrong, I will crate them for a little while. Which is the second part I disagree with. My dogs go to their crates on their own quite often to sleep or go to their safe space, in spite of the fact that we have dog beds and blankets for them in our primary living area to lay on. They are not fearful of their crates and they don't mind going to their crates.

    I am not afraid of wooden spoons or belts because I was hit with them by my parents. I still go get the wooden spoon out almost everyday and don't have panic attacks at all the times I was hit with it as a child.

    Discipline for animals is not a bad thing. Animals will love you because you love them, play with them, and treat them like they are a part of the family. Well guess what...I have spanked my children once or twice and I have sent them to their room when they are bad. They don't fear me either, and they go to their room OFTEN to play and are not afraid of it either. My pets have behaved no differently in that regard.

    My dogs are still excited and happy to see me when I come home everyday. I give them plenty of attention and play with them. And my pitbull/bulldog mix defies all "stereotypical" pit behaviors. He barely barks, and is always welcoming to people when he sees someone new. He trusts humans even though I have done things you "should never do". Excessive use of those options might be a bad thing, but I would hardly put them on a "never do" list.

    01/07/2017 10:07pm

    it is a reasonable point to voice general caution about leaving a dog, or dogs, in a car. However, it should be noted that if the windows are all left with 3-4 inches open, the car will not super-heat. Also, some dogs are much more sensitive to heat than others - some dogs can not stand or withstand heat, some are quite tolerant of it. Some dogs are known to be resistant to extremes of temperature on both sides, hot and cold - such as the Rhodesian Ridgeback, because they were designed to hunt in the savannah where it gets both very hot and quite cold as well.

    one of the most common mistakes people make with dogs, physically, especially big dogs because they "look" strong and they are - is to do things that unnaturally press down on their hind legs. For example, letting children "ride" on the back of a dog, or pressing down too hard on the dog's hindquarter's when teaching him or her to sit. For all dogs, even large strong ones, you have to be careful not to inadvertently stress their hindquarters. And a lot of people don't really realize it.

  • Respect
    01/08/2017 02:23am

    This is my first time to this site and I am truly shocked! There is such lack of respect for each other on this site that I have my doubts about getting advice from any other disrespectful user. I highly doubt that someone or two or more that has so little respect concerning yet another animal lover (or not) can be respectful, kind & lovable to their own pets! This was my first and most likely my last visit to this site. I came here for advice, information as well as expressing joys of my pet shared with joys of your pet? All I get out of this comment section is a big snowball fight. I know there are better sites worthy of my time. Thanks but no thanks!!!

  • bak349
    01/08/2017 07:16pm

    No anger here just sadness My friend took his dogs with him every where he went. He left the air conditioner on when it was hot , he never dreamed that anything would happen to his precious babies. The temperature outside was over 80 degrees. He was inside the store for quite some time. He couldn't know that the fuse had blown on his air conditioner, All 3 dogs died. So very sad. He loved them so much. Things happen we have no way to keep them safe all the time. Just doing my best to keep my fur babies safe. No, I don't take them with me everywhere I go. Mine are rescue dogs, most of them have been dropped on deserted roads. They don't have to tell me they don't like riding in a car their trembling says it all. Just info in case you have done this thinking all is well.

  • Hay Chihuahua
    01/08/2017 10:09pm

    After reading this, I am thankful to say that I don't do any of these things on the list. I could do a better job at checking my dog's teeth, but I still make sure they are clean. The other things on the list, I sort of knew not to do as instinct, but I am not the best owner in the world; yet, I always treat my dogs as they have feelings. It only makes sense to treat them as though they have feelings. Also, I would never leave my dog in the car unattended !!! I don't know why anyone would ever hit a dog......................

    01/17/2017 02:23pm

    Many times, the most docile of dogs (ANY BREED) will learn to be aggressive when chained up all the time, but ALSO, MOST dogs can learn NOT to be aggressive when the chain is completely taken away. We raised (and hunted) hounds when I was growing up, and MOST hounds (any breed) learn to be obedient, faithful, playful, and very protective of children... BUT, on the other hand, they CAN be very dangerous when not freely allowed around children. I rather prefer the hunting hound, but for a continuous "house" dog, one SHOULD consider a smaller animal. I don't like SOME small animals because of their aggressive barking, which they can not be trained to STOP. I presently have a miniature wiener, beagle mis which I LOVE. When he was only six weeks old, he became extremely protective of me, not allowing even my wife to act like she was mad at me, and especially not hitting, or touching me roughly. He is a "motor cycle" rider,goes EVERYWHERE with me,and almost EVERY ONE in the whole area either KNOWS him, or ABOUT him...as COWBOY. His parents were 9lbs, and 11lbs. The first 4 yrs of his life, he and I would share a1/2 gallon of ice cream every night before bed time;..He didn't know he wasn't supposed to grow. He averages 28 to 30lbs. and is a beautiful animal. He sleeps with me every night....and he is getting a bit old, and tired.