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Fungal Infection of the Lower Urinary Tract in Dogs




Fungal infections are relatively uncommon in dogs, usually occurring in the presence of other certain risk factors that are known to predispose a dog to fungal infections. Identifying and correcting these risk factors is important for the overall treatment of these infections.


Antifungal drugs are prescribed to eliminate the infection, with the duration of the treatment varying according to the individual animal. A urinary catheter may be used to infuse drugs directly in to the lower urinary tract. Repeat infusions may be required for complete recovery.


Living and Management


In some dogs long-term treatment may be required for the complete resolution of clinical symptoms. During treatment, urine samples will again be collected and sent to the laboratory for culture testing. Usually two urine cultures are performed at a 10-14 day interval to see if the fungal infection has resolved or not. The fungal culture will be repeated two months after the cessation of therapy.


You’ll need to take care of your dog’s diet and also adhere to your veterinarian's recommendations regarding treatment. Monitor the appearance of your dog's urine for changes in the color of the fluid, or to note if the dog is having difficulty urinating. If anything appears out of the ordinary, consult your veterinarian so that adjustments to the treatment can be made.



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