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Fungal Infection (Malassezia pachydermatis) of the Skin in Dogs




There are various therapeutic agents used in treating this condition, but the ultimate goal is to reduce the number of yeast and bacteria. Your veterinarian will suggest medications for application on the skin and will also recommend medicated shampoos, which should help remove scales and resolve fowl odors. Concurrent bacterial infections will be treated with antibiotics and antibacterial shampoos.


Living and Management


You will need to regularly visit your dog’s veterinarian for evaluation of disease and treatment progress. At each visit, your veterinarian will examine your dog and perform a skin cytology test to confirm that the number of causative organism is decreasing. Skin irritation and bad smell usually resolve within one week of treatment; however, recurrence of disease is common when underlying conditions are not resolved.


Follow guidelines strictly and apply the topical medications as prescribed. Do not use any shampoo or medication or alter treatment on your dog without consulting your veterinarian. As recurrence is common, watch your dog for any untoward symptoms and call your veterinarian if you suspect a recurrence.



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