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Inflammation of the Skin, Muscle, and Blood Vessels in Dogs




Most dogs can be treated as outpatients, but dogs with severe inflammation of the muscles, and an enlarged esophagus, may need to be hospitalized for supportive care. If the condition is so severe that treatment will be ineffectual, euthanasia may be indicated and recommended by your veterinarian.


Living and Management


To protect your pet’s skin from further irritation or damage you will need to avoid activities that may traumatize the skin. Keep your pet indoors during the day to avoid exposure to intense sunlight, since ultraviolet-light exposure may worsen skin lesions. You may need to change your pet’s diet if it has an enlarged esophagus, or has difficulty eating and/or swallowing.


Your veterinarian may recommend hypoallergenic shampoos and treatment for secondary bacterial skin infections. Vitamin E, essential fatty-acid supplements, steroids to decrease inflammation, and a medication to improve blood flow may also be prescribed. Infected animals should not be bred out, and it is strongly recommended that intact animals be neutered.


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