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Hemorrhage of the Lung in Dogs




Your pet will probably need to be hospitalized so that respiratory function can be supported, and the cardiovascular system can be stabilized. A hospital stay may be recommended so that the dog may be resuscitated quickly if complications should arise.


Your veterinarian will want to look at other organ systems to be sure there are no other internal injuries. Activity will be restricted for a time, and respiratory functions will be carefully monitored for 24 hours after the trauma.


If shock sets in, it may be necessary to administer fluids intravenously to support the dog's cardiovascular function, and in some cases, blood plasma transfusion might also be called for.


Nutritional support will be given by intravenous fluid, if necessary. Prescribed medications, meanwhile, will ultimately depend on the underlying cause of the symptoms.


Living and Management


Initially, your veterinarian will want to frequently monitor respiratory rate and effort, mucous membrane color, heart rate, pulse quality, and lung sounds. There may also be a need for further blood tests and urinalyses, to monitor your dog’s systemic reaction to the trauma.



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