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'Mad Itch' Pseudorabies Virus Infection in Dogs




Unfortunately, there is currently no effective medical or medicinal treatment for the pseudorabies virus.


Living and Management


Expected course and prognosis:


  • Classic Form of the Infection -- in 60 percent of cases the condition lasts 24 to 36 hours; it is almost invariably fatal.
  • Atypical Form of the Infection -- in 40 percent of cases the condition lasts more than 36 hours; it is almost invariably fatal.


There is a mild potential for human infection. Precautions should be taken when treating infected animals, and when handling infected tissues and fluids. Dog-to-dog transmission does not usually occur.




  • Avoid contact with infected swine, the reservoir host
  • Avoid ingestion of contaminated pork
  • Avoid ingestion of infected rats



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