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2017 Flea & Tick Survival Guide

Lyme Disease in Dogs

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  • Lyme disease kills
    10/08/2014 09:49pm

    Our 5 year old boxer Miley was hit by a car 2 years ago. This was what we thought caused her left knee to become sore whenever we would go hiking or on long walks. We gave her aspirin and message before she would get out of bed the morning after, then she would not be gimpy. Vet said she had knee problems from birth and would need surgery later. Never thought it was anything then. Skip to now 2014, Sept. We did a normal all over wood romp, jump as boxers do. What we thought was scratches from sticker bushes was the next morning 50 tiny ticks. Oh my goodness. Dipped her. Life was good until next week. Dog down, lame, aspirin and message not effective. Had to squirt water in her mouth and rush to vet. Blood test showed Lyme Disease. Not arthritis as was hoped for. Kidneys were shutting down by her BUN/Creatnine. Weekend on IV fluids and medicine. Brought home very happy jumpy boxer with the knowledge that we will be on a renal diet for what we hoped for a short time. Antibiotics and other by mouth meds. Yeah good luck with a boxer and pills. A repeat blood test next week did not show improvement at all. Her kidneys are damaged, glomerulonephritis. We will have our baby, 5year old boxer, Miley just a few months, instead of years. Please to readers, get the animals Lyme disease checked, I am a hospice nurse and did not plan on being one to my family at anytime soon.

  • 10/09/2014 02:40pm

    I too am devistated by a Lyme diagnosis! I live in northern Illinois Mchenry County. We had been saving for 2 knee surgeries for our golden. She has been gimmpy and not as active. I just thought it was from laying around and getting stiff. It was when she was shaking, and my husband says he didnt eat dinner that I knew something was wrong. I never expected to be dealing with this. I check my dogs for ticks almost daily , they never roam and I keep the lawn mowed and sprayed they can only got 25 ft from my back door. I even had her shaved back in June for the heat and to be able to see ticks. We are just started day 2 of the meds. I am using peanut butter to get them down. Boiled chicken, and rice boiled in the water. She does not seem to like the kidney diet canned food. My biggest concern is getting her to eat!!! I have never been a fan of extra vacinations, but I definatlely will regret forever not haveing done it!!!

  • 10/09/2014 04:19pm

    start with the Lyme test. We did not have a choice. Our wacky, crazy boxer just went limp. Vet said he does not see this level of kidney damage often. The meds and food are "palliative" at best. She can't be vaccinated cause of the kidney damage, though we would not vaccinate either due to that can cause same damage. agh! If their is no kidney damage then let the dog eat what you eat. I found so much on home meals for dogs just we can't due to the protein is to high. She will eat the canned food like candy. She also likes it when I add warm water to her crunchies like gravy. I so hope you do not lose that puppy. Our vet said if Miley doesn't eat at all, then like in humans it is time for her to see our Lord. :(

  • 11/30/2014 04:30am

    Please do not blame yourself for this because you did not get the shot for you dog. I got my dog the vaccine and he had frontline on and still got the Lyme disease. Just wanted you to know this before you get the shot that it is also not a for sure thing.

  • 01/07/2015 06:36pm

    Look into Colloidal Silver. It is an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-biotic. Western Doctors will laugh about Colloidal Silver, but look it up and research about how it has helped people and pets.

  • 06/20/2016 10:16pm

    I'm not sure. It comes in different forms... liquid and topical. I've used it topically on people.

    But just today I learned about Spirochetes. It's a parasite that is hard to kill. It's the parasite found in those with Lyme Disease. Dr. William D. Norquist, DDS has youtube videos on this parasite. He found it in plaque in people's mouths. He used several products to kill it, like Betadine and Colloidal Silver. Those did not kill it. Then he tried a Chinese Herb, Smilax glabrae Rhizoma (SG), and it killed it. The translation for this herb is Sarsaparilla. I did find this website that lists herbs that are safe for dogs. Sarsaparilla is listed. I just do not know the dosage. Please research that first before administering to a dog.

  • Mysterious death. Help.
    01/07/2015 09:52pm

    Over New Years our 4 year old goldendoodle Rubio died unexpectedly and the autopsy came back inconclusive. So I am desperately trying to make sense of what happened and get closure. It dawned on me that he could have had lyme disease or Addisons. Or maybe he had a reaction to the Frontline or Comfortis medication that we had started up again two months prior.

    We were out of town so Rubio was boarded at a dog ranch next to our farm. We had taken him there multiple times in the past. Rubio loved the family and the ranch with the other dogs. He loved to run in their fields just like on our farm.

    The owner of the dog ranch said he appeared to have low energy which was very uncommon for our dog. I had noticed over the course of probably the last few months that his energy wasn't that of a puppy anymore but I just thought he was finally mellowing out. He had been eating well, didn't have any bowl problems, vomit, or other signs of distress. Just more chill. Recently he had become even more affectionate than before. And he had started to wake us up in the middle of the night to go outside to pee which he hadn't done since he was a young puppy 3.5 years ago. The last month or so he seemed to have a back leg twitch every so often (like maybe once a week over the period of about a month before going to the dog ranch).

    At he dog ranch he wasn't eating for two days so they called in their vet tech (it was New Year's Day). He was, however, drinking a lot of water. His gums and nose were pink like normal, they palpated his body for any pain or obvious signs of trouble. At 10pm New Year's night Rubio walked outside with the tech to go pee. He never had diarrhea or vomit. So he appeared 'okay' to wait to go to the vet in the morning. When the owner went to get him at 7am on January 2nd he was dead.

    The autopsy results showed no sign of anything anywhere. His stomach appeared a bit inflamed which is why the vet thought maybe he had been vomiting, but we were told time and again that he hadn't vomited or had diarrhea, and had he, she would have taken him to an emergency clinic.

    So what do you think? Lyme or something else?

  • 06/21/2015 09:46pm

    OMG I am so sorry about Rubio. I was looking at this site because my 11 yr old Golden just died exactly the same way and you described the exact same behavior and leg shake. He was fine one day he just suddenly sat down on a hike then was slower on again off again but would recover. We had to leave town for a few days and 48 hrs after we left he died exactly the same way. Unfortunately I do not know what of. I am thinking spleen. He has a full x-ray a few week earlier because the vet thought arthritis but he came back and told us he "has joints of a puppy". He refused to eat a week or so back for only a few hours but then rebounded, he was looking good and begging for peanut butter when I left. Everything down to the fact that I got up at midnight each night with him for a pee and drink. My dad mentioned Lyme today, he had it when he was around 3 and it resolved with meds, I should have had him tested here, we are in WA so they don't look for it but he got it originally in MA. Maybe it was Lyme and it caused kidney failure I don't know and I am still in shock over his death 2 weeks later. I'm so sorry no answers but exact same story.

  • 09/12/2015 06:59am

    I'm so sorry for your loss. My Lexi, 7yr old English bulldog, passed away suddenly on 1/6/14 from renal failure so I share your pain with the unknown. I research everything from making sure she had the best food, best vet and homeopathic vet in the area, best heartworm & tick prevention (homeopathic & scientific), only the necessary vaccines (never over vaccinated), and so on. Yet I still missed something and I can't help wonder where did I go wrong!?! One minute she was fine and within 2 weeks and $10,000.00 later she didn't make it. I can't help but think it had something to do with the Lyme vaccination she received 3 months prior. I didn't want to use Frontline bc of the horrific side effects it has had on English Bulldogs that I know ( http://www.gofundme.com/j6ag88 ). If you click on that link you will see Chief who recently passed from his ongoing battle from his terrible side effects from Frontline. I'm not sure if any of this helps but I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. Also on a side note, even though you felt safe leaving Rubio at his boarding facility, staff members make mistakes and to avoid bad press those mistakes are often hidden by "half-truths". Good luck on your journey of finding answers and may Rubio enjoy the rainbow bridge.

  • 09/13/2015 06:43am

    Dear Lexie Girl,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I was just thinking of Rubio today; wondering, yet again, what I could have done to help him. it could have been renal that did it.

    Thank you again.


  • 06/01/2016 04:13am

    Hello, I'm sorry to hear about your sweet Lexi. Would you mind sharing what you used for heartworm and tick prevention? All the conventional treatments are so dangerous it's scary. Homeopathic and scientific is exactly what I've been looking for!

  • 12/19/2015 11:28am

    And Vitamin C for dogs
    pets really need vitamins
    Many people take vitamins as part of their daily routine to boost their immune system. Consequently many people decide to give vitamins to their pets thinking that this will improve their pet’s overall health
    Details here : http://bestfoodsfordog.com/vitamin-c-for-dogs-yes-or-no/

  • Lyme Vaccine for Dogs
    06/18/2015 11:16am

    Lyme Disease Vaccine for dogs - I chose not to get the vaccine as all 3 of my dogs obtained Lyme 2x after being vaccinated. we have a fenced in small yard and they are only leash walked. The dogs can no longer take walks like they used to (on leash) and one of my dogs needs to be carried up and down stairs due to the damage from the Lyme. I did switch vets, for other reasons, and the new vet explained that the vaccine is similar to the flu vaccine for humans. It does not necessarily prevent you from getting the flu (Lyme) - it helps prevent you from dying from the flu (Lyme). I have been diligent about maintaining their vaccines and I keep them shaved during tick season. Yet here we go again, Lyme in one of my dogs. Good luck to all and keep up with the Lyme Vaccine.

  • Lyme disease
    07/07/2015 08:19pm

    We have a 7 year old lab, who has been on frontline since we got her. In 2014, I said to our vet that it did not seem like frontline was working, because we where picking ticks off her. She assured me it was working. The fall of 2014 she switched our lab to the chewables. Fast forward to June 2015 test came back positive for Lyme disease. We are so upset. What's the point of spending all this money on preventive medicine . You try to do the for are fury family member. And she still gets sick.

  • Lyme disease sucks
    07/19/2016 03:25am

    My english mastiff named tucker has just been diagnosised with lymes disease and we had taken a tick off of him a while ago and yesterday we wasnt eating like he usally does but he was eating when he wanted to not like globbing it all down and then crying for more but we didnt think nothing of it. but this morning he took a fell down the stairs to get to the backyard and it was a long fall and so we rushed to our yet and they asked about the tick but we didn't pay that much attention to the tick so we could answers a whole lot about it but they took his blood and he tested positive for lymes disease and we got him on the pills and 2 adult asprin each day which is going to help but since we started him on these pills today he's been doing a lot better but he's having a hard time sitting and laying down but its only the first day on the pills so it gonna be rough so but i pray that it gets better

  • Lyme disease Test
    08/01/2016 04:25am

    We lost our girl Gracie yesterday and we are heart broken. Over the past couple of years she has had some things crop up and disappear quickly, One of those was seizures out of the blue -She had 4 or 5 and then they disappeared. Constant ear infection (just one year). We chalked it up to breed cockapoo. We also had our dogs on tick and flea preventative. Dont use vaccine as we are in the south and some how the docs believe the ticks dont cross the borders here (ridiculous). Wouldnt give the vaccine even if they did. It causes more problems then it fixes. Last September Gracie finally had a very expensive ear infection to eliminate the ear infections. She also had a goopy eye on same side as ear with infection. Goopy eye even disappeared when they were telling us she had dry eye. She was on a medicine for it even though I kept asking if it was possible the ear infection was causing this.

    She was great until April when one of the vet put liquid in the ear then all sudden up starts the ear infection. At this point she had a partial obliveration (spelling wrong) and there was barely a hole. Ear was packed and she was seen again a couple of weeks later. Ear was again packed and then we were told to bring her in and bout 3 weeks to look at again. The night before the final check up one of my kids noticed a tiny knot on her chest. It was mentioned during the doctor visit and the discussion moved to lymphoma. WHAT? I was in shock. She had a needle biopsy and it we were told she did have it.

    Here is where it gets tricky. We had sent her blood in to a scientist researcher of lyme who was doing DNA testing and it came back positive. Gracie had lyme. Prior to this diagnosis she had been put on the predisone for lymphoma and a couple of days later all her lymph glads swelled up horribly. So the predisone which was suppose to reduce the lymph nodes made them all blow up. She got so much sicker and now I know why. She had lyme disease and he borrelia has known to hide in lymph nodes and we gave her something that suppressed the immune system which was fighting the borrelia (lyme disease). She died yesterday morning and I am so distraught that we had been told twice she did not have lyme disease when actually she did.

  • 01/08/2017 05:19pm

    I am commenting here to reveal through hindsight my observation of symptoms relating to Lyme. I am having my beloved Brittany euthanized today after a dreaded diagnosis of Lyme. She is 11 and 1/2 years old and up until a few weeks ago showed no sign of any issues, when suddenly she collapsed on her hind legs and couldn't get up. Over the past 2-3 years she has had brief incidents of what seemed to be muscle problems with her hind legs, and had always rebounded within a day or two. She had never been unable to walk during any of the preceding instances and I thought perhaps it was just age. Now I realize I should have taken her to the vet for a Lyme test.
    When she was unable to get up at all, recently, I immediately took her to the Vet. tests were done and I was told to take her to a Neurologist, where X-rays and MRI's were completed. It was then when some degenerative disk issues were spotted, no recent damage but perhaps at some point her life suffered an injury related to common jumping, etc. Her kidney test was reported as thickened cortices and decreased corticomedullary definition. She was not tested for lyme. My only point here is, if your dog suffers any leg or muscle issues get her checked for lyme immediately. If caught early enough it can be treated with antibiotics and could add additional time for your companion. Unfortunately my Brittany, in her late years can no longer fight it, and I was told she could have been carrying it for years with no visible signs. I was foolishly assuming her leg issues were age-related but in fact she was more likely displaying early signs of lyme.

  • Lyme symptoms
    03/07/2017 08:12pm

    My 11 year old boxer has suddenly developed weakness in his leg, loss of balance, sensitivity to touch, changes in behavior, cannot jump onto bed, paces when not sleeping, eating well, but drinks more than usual, and has had a few accidents in the house, again very unusual for him......he is not his playful self. The Lyme test was negative a few weeks ago, the vet has told us to take him to a neurologist for an MRI, suspecting a brain tumor. Even if the Lyme test was negative a few weeks ago, should we have it redone. I'm afraid if they sedate him for an MRI, he may not live through it, and if it is a brain tumor we would not treat at his age. Any suggestions?????

  • 03/08/2017 12:27am

    Hi I am also Dottie2005 but it wouldnt let me sign in and thus had to reregister. First so sorry to hear about your dog. Lyme testing in people and in dogs relies on the arm of the immune system (IGg subclasses) to be working properly and producing antibodies. The bacteria that causes lyme disease suppresses this part of the immune system which means testing is not accurate. Same for people as for dogs. The western blot is a awful testing tool. You can read our dogs story o this page Dottie 2005 . Poor Gracie suffered terribly. We thought the testing was better in dogs (not so). I recommend you call Igenex or email Dr. Clark at UNF and ask if he could test. You might ask the doctor to give your dog doxy until testing is complete. Dr. Clark if he is still doing DNA testing (very accurate) will take sometime (precious time). If I had known the testing problems I would have gone that route immediately. Wishing you the best of luck and hugs! [email protected]

  • Lyme symptems
    03/21/2017 06:47pm

    Is Lyme a thing that will come and go. Our dog about 4 times in the past 6months, has symptoms of stiffness, whimper while jumping off sofa, while being lifted, doesn't want to climb stairs....Last a couple of days, this last time a week...then stops.

  • 03/21/2017 10:50pm

    Yes lyme disease is a relapsing illness. The video gives this message. Dont agree with the notion not to treat if not symptomatic. Its a disease that will end up taking the life a human or animal as it suppresses the immune system and thus all dormant infections and viruses are able to proliferate and causes serious symptoms and debilitating symptoms. I dont believe that the infection can be eradicated in a short 3-4 week therapy with antibiotics unless the bite was discovered immediately. Unfortunately even quick diagnosis is not a guarantee that this bacteria has been eradicated. It is a complicated complex bacteria which they have find NO combination of antibiotics to wipe the bacteria completely out. This information is contrary to the story line told by the IDSA who totes the notion hard to catch easy to cure notion. Completely false and criminal because this story line has caused thousands quality of life if not their life. Sorry it sounds so blunt but someone has to tell the TRUTH.

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