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Protein Deposits in Liver (Amyloidosis) in Dogs




There is no cure for amyloidosis, but supportive care is very helpful. Blood transfusions should be administered if your dog has recently lost a lot of blood, and fluid therapy and possible diet changes will need to be undertaken. Each patient should have its diet tailored to suit the organ function that is being affected most. Surgery intervention may be necessary if there is a fractured liver lobe,.


Living and Management


This syndrome is difficult to treat and has a guarded to poor prognosis. Most animals will have episodes of fever and cholestasis, where bile cannot flow from the liver to the duodenum (small intestine). Some dogs will benefit from medication, with resolved clinical signs and diminished hepatic amyloid. Shar-peis may survive more than two years. However, Akitas with cyclic clinical signs have a grave prognosis. Your veterinarian will schedule follow-up appointments with you for your dog as is necessary to monitor its organ function. Your veterinarian will schedule follow-up appointments with you for your dog as is necessary to monitor its organ function.



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