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Constipation (Severe) in Dogs



Most patients affected with megacolon will need to be hospitalized for initial fluid therapy, both to rehydrate the body and to correct electrolyte imbalances. The colon can then be gently evacuated. Your veterinarian will administer anesthesia to your dog, and then manually inject warm water enemas and water-soluble jelly, allowing for the easy extraction of feces with a gloved finger or sponged forceps. If the problem is recurrent or especially severe, and is not responding to medical management, as in the case of irreversible colonic inertia, surgery may be necessary to repair the colon. Most dog can be cured of recurrent megacolon after undergoing subtotal colectomy surgery.


Living and Management


For dogs suffering from megacolon, exercise and regular activity are strongly encouraged for the health and strength of their digestive and abdominal muscles. A low-residue, high fiber diet may also help to prevent recurrences of megacolon. Another alternative is to supplement your dog’s regular maintenance diet with veterinarian approved fiber supplements or canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling). Avoid feeding any bones to your dog to protect against potential injuries to the colon when bones are swallowed, and to prevent clumps of partially digested bone from blocking the intestinal tract.



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