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Fungal Toxicosis Related to Fusarium Fungus in Dogs




This condition can generally be solved simply by removing the contaminated pet food, which should result in a quick end of vomiting and a return to normal appetite and food intake. If this is done, no need for further treatment or medications should be necessary.


Living and Management


If mycotoxicosis-deoxynivalenol has been diagnosed, and the problem addressed via removal of the contaminated food, it will still be important for your veterinarian to check your dog's symptoms. Severe vomiting can lead to dehydration for example, in which case body fluids will need to be replenished before any of the internal organs are damaged. If weight has been lost due to vomiting or lack of appetite, your dog's weight will need to be monitored to ensure that expected normal weight gain occurs in the recovery period.




This is a preventable disease. Mycotoxicosis-deoxynivalenol can be avoided by feeding only high-quality dog foods that are free of DON.



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