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Dog Care Center - Home

Is Your Home Poisonous to Pets?

Filed Under Care, Puppy, Adult Dog, Senior Dog

by Matthew Bershadker This guest post is written byMatthew Bershadker, President & CEO, ASPCA. Most people are generally aware of potentially toxic products in their homes. After all, we can read labels, we can receive alerts,...


How to Keep Your Senior Dog from Destroying Your Home (and Vice Versa)

Filed Under Dog, Senior Dog

Dog Proof Your House: Senior Dogs In their twilight years, doggies naturally become less physically agile and mentally sharp. Dog proofing your home to accommodate these changes will make both you and your senior dog more comfortable. Clear...


Puppy Proofing Checklist

Filed Under Adoption-Getting-a-Puppy, Puppy

It’s important to puppy proof your house before your bundle of joy sniffs out a bunch of trouble. Start by walking your entire house and yard and imagining what a puppy could eat, climb, or pull down, then secure those things. We’ll...


Benefits of In-Home Pet Boarding

Filed Under Care, Puppy, Adult Dog, Senior Dog

The Best Alternative to Traditional Boarding Kennels By Vanessa Voltolina Before setting off on that island getaway or action-packed tour, there’s still one big question that all pet parents must consider before saying...


Growing a Home Garden for Your Pet

Filed Under Wellness, Puppy, Adult Dog, Senior Dog

Whether you have a large yard space or a small windowsill, you can grow a healing garden for your cat or dog. Most of these plants are simple to grow and inexpensive to boot. Even better, many double as home remedies for you and your family.


How to Remove the Smell of Dog, Without Removing the Dog

Filed Under Care, Puppy, Adult Dog, Senior Dog

We are a nation of people who love to cuddle with our pets. It is undeniable. Long gone are the days when out pets were simply working companions whose place was at the hearth - and that was if they were allowed in the house. Now,...


Does Your Dog Smell Like… Dog?

Filed Under Care, Puppy, Adult Dog, Senior Dog

Anyone who has lived with a dog knows that dogs smell. They smell like dogs. This is not a problem for them, of course, but for a human who is only accustomed to the scent of freshly bathed humans, the smell can be overwhelming....


Crate Training for Puppies

Filed Under Potty-Training, Puppy

When making the first introduction, it is best done in steps. The last thing you want to do is frighten your puppy to the point that he is reluctant or unwilling to get into his grate. Ideally, you want your puppy to get into the crate at your...


A Cleaner, Greener Home for You and Your Pet

Filed Under Wellness, Puppy, Adult Dog, Senior Dog

Breathe Easier Knowing Your Home is Toxin Free Out of all the toxic environments that your pet will be exposed to in its lifetime, it is the place where we feel safest that may be the most dangerous to your pet's health — your...


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Q. From whom should I get my puppy? The local shelter, my neighbor, a breeder, or a pet supply store?

A. Many people believe that it is better to get a puppy from a reliable breeder. While...

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Q. How do I select a quality dog breeder?

A. To choose a quality breeder, take the time to conduct a thorough research on the...

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Q. Should I get a mixed breed or purebred puppy?

A. A purebred puppy is a better option for some people because there is a better idea...

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