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Cairn Terrier, Mix

An adotable dog in Wilmington, DE

  • Adult
  • Medium
  • Male

Nimo is a Cairn Terrier mix from the country of Taiwan; he is about 3-4 years old and currently weighs 27 pounds (as of 1/12/2014).

Nimo's rescued story:

Nimo was a family pet that was abandoned by his owner at a government-run animal shelter in South Taiwan without providing any reason. The rate of local adoption at that shelter is only 1% and all of the dogs have only 12 days to live. Nimo was very lucky; he was specially favored by the shelter veterinarian because of his excellent temperament so his life was spared several times.

One day a rescuer and her husband came to the shelter and planned to rescue an abandoned Schnauzer; the vet highly recommended Nimo and asked them if they could also give Nimo a chance because she was unable to keep Nimo alive in the shelter any longer due to the pressure from the shelter's policy.

The rescuer and her husband have a small business for their own. For years, they have been periodically rescuing 1-2 shelter dogs from death row each time with the profit they made from their business. They knew a mix breed like Nimo would not have as many chances as a purebred to be adopted so they decided to bring both Nimo and Schnauzer out of the shelter.

Completed medical information:

Nimo was given a through medical evaluation. He had received Distemper test, 4 Idexx (Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma Phagocytophilum), CBC and Biochemistry blood work, and a DNA test for diseases transmitted by fleas or ticks; and he was negative on all diseases and infections.

Nimo also received a radiographic check on his hip joints and spine that both show they are normal. He had his teeth cleaned on December 17th, 2013.

Nimo is neutered, de-wormed, up to date on all vaccinations including a rabies shot. He is heartworm negative and on preventative treatment and is micro chipped. All of Nimo's medical documents including the X-ray films on his hips and spine will be given to the adopter when he is adopted
Nimo's temperaments and personality:

The vet at the shelter who spared Nimo's life was right. Nimo is a happy and loving dog; he also has great temperaments and sweet disposition towards people. His foster mom in Taiwan recalled that Nimo is a very smart dog. The first day of arriving in the foster parents' house, Nimo quickly found a most comfortable spot in the house and went lie down and took a nap. Nimo is little shy when he is in a new environment but warms up quickly. He is very passionate to his foster mom because she is his main caretaker; every time Nimo would jump and hop when foster mom returns home.

The foster parents own two medium-large dogs and they also foster two other small rescued dogs in their house; Nimo gets along very well with every one of these dogs and he has never shown any aggression towards them. Nimo loves running and playing with other dogs on the grass. His foster mom said that Nimo is a very calm and gentle dog to dogs, cats and people.

Nimo is not shy but friendly to the strangers; he enjoys attention. He likes belly rubs after feeling comfortable with strangers. Nimo likes to be petted and be with children. The foster parents has a little girl who is almost four years old; she and Nimo are each other's playmate. Nimo is always very gentle to this girl and does not seem to be bothered if she makes noise while he is around. Nimo is neither food nor toy aggressive or possessive toward both adults and children. He does not mind letting people touch his food while he is eating or letting children take his food or toy out of his mouth.

Nimo is not frighten by thundering or firecrackers. He is quiet in the crate and does not have separation anxiety either. He does not show any interest in playing with toys but loves to eat and is not a picky eater. Nimo does not chew anything or furniture in the house.

Nimo loves to go out for walks and meet different people. Every day his foster mom takes Nimo and the other dog for two walks, and that is Nimo's happiest time during a day. Nimo will be a great companion for moderate active family with or without children who prefer a dog with mature personality but still have great energy. We wish the family can include Nimo in your daily life to give him opportunities to experience different parts of his life that he never had before. For example, taking Nimo to watch your children's sport activities or one day short trips to the beach or visiting friends or relatives.

Nimo is house broken, good in car rides and good on a leash; he is a very easy dog to have around.

Where is Nimo right now?

Nimo is currently living with his foster parents in Taiwan and will be scheduled to come to the United States once we find a promised parents here for him. He will be staying with our foster family in North Wilmington, Delaware after his arrival. If you are seriously thinking of giving Nimo a loving permanent home, please contact us to ask for an adoption application. We do not accept drop-by visits if you are interested in our dogs because we do not have a shelter and all of our rescued dogs are living with our foster family. Before meeting our dog, the prospective adopter needs to fill out the application and gets approved.

More videos of Nimo are as follow:

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fms463jdU4A (Nimo loves to roll on the grass)
2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgQ1bWEFdMg (Nimo is not food possessive nor aggressive)
3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GvTAdx_UIU (gentle Nimo)

Contact Info


Hopeful Hearts Dog Rescue

Wilmington, DE


Email: [email protected]

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