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German Shorthaired Pointer
Pointer, Mix

An adotable dog in Walnut Creek, CA

  • Young
  • Large
  • Female

Watch her movie here: http://youtu.be/yXhbX5D39bw Trudy is about a year old, spayed, and probably a mix of German Pointer Shorthair. She is a sweet heart and is looking to be important to someone. She loves to play, go for walks and rides and be near people. Trudy was roaming in my neighborhood for several days before I spotted her. I live near the Shelter and people frequently abandon their pets here. I took me another week to get her to trust me and catch her. She was terrified being abandoned like that. Tail tucked between her legs and back slung low. But I finally managed to show her that I meant her no harm and was going to feed and love her. Once I got close enough (after climbing a chain link fence), she quickly came around. Trudy is currently enrolled in doggy boot camp with a trainer named Nicole at Smart Dawg University. Check out their facebook page for more pictures of Trudy. In this program, Trudy stays in the home of the trainer and gets socialized with other dogs and learns obedience, how to walk on a leash, acceptable indoor behavior, how to be a part of a family and potty training. I visit Trudy every weekend and she is doing great in this program. I believe that Trudy was likely a back yard dog and as such was not potty trained. These dogs have a difficult time adjusting to life as part of a family because not only have they always been able to go whenever and wherever they wanted, but they do not learn to hold it. Trudy had two accidents her first day with the trainer in her crate and since then, its been about 4 weeks since she started boot camp, she has had no accidents. However, the trainer provides Trudy with many opportunities to potty, has rewarded her for going outside in appropriate places and crates her when she is in the house if she is unable to monitor her. Trudy has been crate trained. She sleeps in a crate at night and travels in the car in a crate. I believe the trainer is still feeding her in the crate just to continue to reinforce that good things happen in the crate. Nicole has no trouble getting Trudy to go in the crate and has trained her to wait, when asked to do so, before exiting. Trudy was a bit like a bull in a china shop at first. She likely did not have much training or even interaction with people and probably was not used to being in a home. Nicole has worked tirelessly to teach Trudy to be calm in the house and not to bulldoze people. Trudy's doing a great job on that end. I know that Trudy enjoys playing with other dogs, but I think she would be ok as an only dog, as well. Contact: Sara, 925-917-9121, snrieck@yahoo.com April 19, 2014, 6:38 pm

Contact Info


Community Concern for Cats

Walnut Creek, CA


Email: communityconcernforcats@gmail.com

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