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Great Pyrenees, Mix

An adotable dog in Mountain Home, AR

  • Adult
  • Extra Large
  • Female

1/21/16: Cola is a delight. Her antics never stop. She is getting pretty comfortable on leash. She likes being combed out. Even lets me cut her nails and trim around her muzzle. Two and a half years in the making, but she is so ready for a peaceful, patient home with people who will let her progress at her own pace.

10/21/15: Cola continues to be quite the entertainer. This morning she actually stacked the dog dishes for me! I went to gather up the 8 and she had already stacked 3 of them. She loves carrying the full ones around to find just the right spot where she wants to eat. Although she still will not voluntarily come for attention, she is relaxing when I approach her and really enjoys the petting and brushing.

6/2/15: Cola walked on leash today!!! Progress has been slow with this girl who came here feral 22 months ago. She never had human contact before. A slow process and thrilled at every new accomplishment.

She continues to be totally silly. Every day she moves her dog food bowl. It does not matter where I put it, she will pick it up very carefully and walk it somewhere else before she will eat. And she continues to use the empty, hole ridden wading pool as her outside bed. I'm surprised she has not tried to get her inside bed out through the door and outside. She did take my pillows off my bed once though, and got them through the doggie door.

2/10/15: Cola has developed quite the personality. She seems to have overcome most of her pain and is into all kinds of mischief. If my bedroom door is left open, she will carry out anything she can reach. Socks, slippers, Levis, bed sheet.... Yesterday it was the blanket off the bed. She knows she is not suppose to. She looks back at me as she runs out the door dragging what ever. She never got to be a puppy, so I am fine with her being able to live out what she missed. She is also quite good at carrying a full bowl of kibble through the doggie door and down the long ramp to the back acreage. She rarely spills any. Her favorite resting place outside is in a dry plastic kiddie wading pool. She curls around and rests in the sun. At night, she likes to be up on the toddler bed in the house. It has become her spot and the others understand it is hers.

She still has uncertainty with people, but she will no longer run from me. Not quite ready to come to me, but lets me come to her. She is beginning to walk on leash. we are taking it slow as I don't want to force anything with her deformed legs.

She has become such a love. Such an adorable personality has bloomed from this neglected, crippled soul..

5/23/14: 8 months here and possibly forever. This crippled girl really needs someone who can gain her trust, give her comfort and give her the special love she has never known .

I switched her to a natural pain relief product that is working great. She looks forward to my coming in her yard with her food bowl, knowing what is in it will make her feel better. Still shy, she has become much easier to approach. Not having been 'cleaned up' since shortly after her arrival, I set with her for 2 hours the other day while she let me trim away a lot of tangled coat and relieve her of some the the weight of carrying around 10 to 12 inch long ringlets plus an undercoat. She is finally understanding I am helping her feel better and she is letting me know she appreciates it.

Yes, she may stay here forever, but having a family to call her own would be so great. A lot of patience will be necessary. A lot of tenderness. My vision for her is a nice securely fenced (4' is fine) back yard with a deck to lay on in a rural area. No traffic noises. . People who are soft spoken and gentle. No children under 7 because they could scare her. A family that is not real active. Cola is not up for long walks or car rides. She is not going to want to lay on the grass in the summer watching children play baseball and hear the cheering. . She needs a laid back life style where she will eventually feel comfortable coming inside and laying at her peoples feet. Add in a very social and somewhat submissive dog friendly dog to give her canine companionship and help build her trust. (yes dogs can help other dogs) would also be nice.. Maybe even a kitty or 2.

Her natural pain control pills would be provided for life by Ozark Dogs.. Vet has not found surgery to be an option because these are birth defects.

12/25/13: Cola has been started on Adaquin for pain. X-rays showed a birth defect in both back knees. She gets around fine and has lived with this for 4 years... all her life... but now we hope to relieve the pain she has been suffering.

11/30/13: Cola will be seeing the vet soon. she seems to be having pain in her back legs.

11/12/13: Cola got a blanket of mats trimmed off and feels 7 pounds lighter! She is still a little too nervous to be giving her a bath. She is going to look fantastic once totally cleaned up.

11/3/13: Cola is part of the 12 rescues from the same farm. Despite the 'blanket' of mats, we were able to determine she is a she. She has been with Pepsi the 4 years of her life. She is as matted as Cotton was but he who now looks great. We will be working on cleaning her up soon. No shaving so it takes a lot of time.

She needs socialization. No aggression, just frightened. She will not be ready for adoption until after the first of the year... unless an applicant has both dog behaviorist and breed experience. She is NOT a working dog but she can be an outside farm dog for the right family.

Ozark Dogs Rescue only adopts to companion homes where the dog will have inside privileges. A 4' fence is required for Cola. Adoption donation for Cola is $150, however, our primary goal is to get the very best home for each dog.

Please email inquiries to: [email protected] DO NOT use the "contact this organization" button as I may not be able to reply to you.

Contact Info


Ozark Dogs Rescue Organization

Mountain Home, AR

Phone: 870 508-4814

Email: [email protected]

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