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Shih Tzu

An adotable dog in Philadelphia, PA

  • Adult
  • Small
  • Female

Name: Pandora

Sex: Female

Breed: Shih Tzu

Age: 8 years old (approx. DOB: 01/01/05)

Level of blindness: Has cataracts, but can still see

Cause of eye issues: Cataracts and Dry eye

Health issues: Dry eye and Dry skin

Weight: 18 lbs

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Yes

Good with kids: Unknown at the moment

Currently being fostered in: Virginia

*BDRA will transport the dog a reasonable distance, to an approved adopter, at no extra cost, even if out of state.


October 26, 2013: Pandora was found in the middle of a road. She had a yeast infection that covered over 90% of her body, bilateral ear infections that were so bad she could not hear, and a serious infection in both eyes. Her body was so swollen due to the yeast infection that she looked terribly overweight. However, within a few weeks of medication, good food, and lots of love, she was totally transformed into a beautiful dog on the road to good health!

Pandy does have dry eye which requires daily drops; the dry eye is under good control. She has a cataract in the left eye but, at this time, she sees well and there are no concerns with the cataract. Initially, when she was found as a stray, she was thought to be blind but it was the very severe eye infection that caused her to be unable to see at the time. She has a very slow heart rate but tests have been run and her heart is fine, just slow. She has had two dental procedures and her teeth are now in good shape. Her ears are much better, thanks to medication and a good cleaning, and she can hear. She does have a difference with her front legs. They are similar in appearance to a bulldog’s front legs. The vet said that he thinks she was born this way since both legs look and feel the same, and she does not have full range of motion with them, although can move along quite quickly in the house and outside, and can also jump onto our furniture! She will have some trouble going up and down flights of stairs inside of a house and so may have to be carried (she loves to be carried!) but does fine on the couple of steps (which are wider than steps inside a home) that go from our deck to the yard. Pandy has itchy, dry skin, likely caused by allergies. She is undergoing treatment at this time (both medication and diet). Because she had such a bad skin infection when she was found as a stray, and because she likely did not receive good care for many months or even years, it is expected that it will take some time for her skin issues to clear up.

Pandy is a happy dog who is full of energy and curiosity. She loves to follow us around the house. If she sees you in another room and she cannot get to you, she may bark. She is happiest being in the same room with us, sleeping in a dog bed or playing with a toy. She LOVES squeaky toys and chew toys. She also loves belly rubs. She is learning to sit for treats. She gets along fine with our cat and also with the other dogs in the house. She tends to want to be dominant but our other dogs are low-key so it works out well. If one of our blind dogs comes too close to her when she is in a dog bed, she may growl at times but she is getting much better with this. We think she does this because the blind dog has invaded her space, and Pandy doesn’t understand that the dog is blind. That dog doesn’t know she has invaded Pandy’s space, so Pandy is growling to give the blind dog a warning to move away. At other times, though, she gets along with all the dogs in our house well – even when they are milling about, waiting to be fed, and the blind dogs bump into her. Pandy will wait for a treat while the other dogs are getting treats, and does not go to another dog’s food bowl until they have finished and moved away.

She is housetrained and crate trained (she really likes her crate!). She seems a little concerned at times about going outside, and will stop on her way out, like she is afraid, and she wants to hurry back in the house. We wonder if she was forced to stay outside in her past, and so now is afraid she won’t be allowed to come back inside. However, once she is out, she will walk right along and sometimes even run, and really seems to enjoy herself, but is always glad and eager to go back inside. She also enjoys car rides.

Pandy also likes people very much but when she first meets someone, she is cautious, and does much better if she is allowed to go up to the new person rather than having the new person come up to her. Within a day of her being here in her foster home, we could touch her anywhere and pick her up and she was fine with us - but she was hesitant and nervous when she first arrived. Who knows what happened to her in her past and how she was treated to cause her to be cautious when she meets someone new. We believe over time that she will get better and better with this.

When she went to the vet the first time, she was trembling and wanted to go out of the door. She did pretty well during the thorough and long exam, although needed a muzzle to get her ears and eyes checked. By her third vet visit, she was much more relaxed and was great through the whole exam without a muzzle. We were so proud of her!

She has been to the groomer’s twice so far and has done very well, considering that she had many mats that had to be removed or combed out, and that is a painful process.

Pandy has not been around children yet and, if a family wanted to adopt her and they had young children, there would always need to be supervision, just like there should be supervision anytime young children are with a dog.

Pandy is going to make the right person or family a wonderful pet and companion. She is loving, curious, and playful, and such a special dog. We are crazy about her, and really enjoy her spirit and personality. She loves company and attention, but is also happy snoozing in a dog bed or chewing on a toy. She is looking for someone who understands that it will take a bit of time for her to adjust to a new home and new people, and who is willing to reassure her that she is safe and loved. In exchange for that, she has an unlimited amount of love to give.

If you are interested in adopting Pandora, please fill out our
adoption application.

The Board of Directors has voted to prohibit the use of Invisible/Electronic fences on Blind Dog Rescue Alliance dogs. This policy will be effective immediately.

If you would like to donate to Pandora's care, please send to:

PO Box 63401
Philadelphia, PA 19114

Contact Info


Blind Dog Rescue Alliance - PA

Philadelphia, PA

Phone: 877-BLIND-01

Email: [email protected]

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