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Baby Ligeia (Child, Dog, and Cat Friendly Sweetheart)

American Staffordshire Terrier
Whippet, Mix

An adotable dog in Jersey City, NJ

  • Young
  • Small
  • Female

Woof! Hi friends! My name is Baby Ligeia, and I am a one year old AmStaff / Whippet mix. I'm just a tiny girl with brindle fur, bat ears, and the most loving eyes around. I was recently surrendered to the shelter when my family could no longer take care of me. Don't worry, though! I am adjusting well to the shelter and have made so many new human friends already!

Are you curious about my name? I am, too, so I asked one of my human friends. Hehehe. She said that Ligeia was one of the Sirens in ancient Greek mythology. Ligeia, which means "clear voiced," was half-bird, half-lady. Although I may have bat ears, I'm just a regular doggie, I promise. ;-)

Most of my human friends call me "Baby" or "Baby L." I answer to everything! I lived with both dogs and cats (FOUR CATS!) in my former home, so I am animal friendly to all furry critters. I thrive in the company of other doggies -- I'm playful and affectionate toward them, although I sometimes need a slow introduction -- and would really benefit from being in a multi-dog home.

My former family reported that I have some separation anxiety, so being with other doggies makes me feel more confident and less lonely. My family didn't crate train me or try me in a thundershirt -- both of which greatly ease separation anxiety -- so please don't be worried about how I'll adjust to your home. I just need a little love and support, that's all.

I did really well on all my behavior tests at the shelter. I am an open, social, and warm little girl. You know those waggy doggies who are happy about everything? That's me!

I can hop up a bit when I'm excited, but I am easily corrected. I am also super smart! I can do all sorts of tricks, including sit, lay down, and shake paws. I'll be able to properly greet you when we meet!

I am great with people of all ages, from children up to adults, although as I mentioned, I can jump and be energetic sometimes. Since my jumping habit is easily correctable, it shouldn't be a problem. Plus, I'm pretty tiny, and when I am at ease, I am quite gentle. I bet I would be a great family dog!

I am fun-loving and playful, but I walk nicely and obey commands well. I don't guard any of my possessions, and I readily tolerate all handling of my body. In fact, I relish being petted by anyone. I would be a wonderful snuggler, too!

One of my new human friends had this to say about me:

"I love Baby so much! I was at the shelter the day her family surrendered her, and although Baby was nervous, she was so kissy and waggy toward everyone she met. The shelter can be an overwhelming place for new dogs, yet Baby wasn't put off at all. She blossoms in the company of people and is, truly, one of the sweetest little dogs I've met. She's also dog friendly! I hope someone will see Baby for the gem that she is!"

Oh, thank you! And thanks to you for reading all about me. Please come visit me soon. I'll be waiting for you! Wiggles, Baby xoxo

Contact Info


Liberty Humane Society

Jersey City, NJ

Phone: 201-547-4147

Email: [email protected]

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