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Newfoundland Dog
Great Pyrenees, Mix

An adotable dog in Enfield, CT

  • Adult
  • Large
  • Male

Jedidiah is a 3 year old, 70 lb Newfie mix. We are guessing with Great Pyrenees but we can't be sure. He came to us from a hoarding case and is resilient, he is so sweet and wonderful

This boy is very sweet and loveable. He enjoys a good snuggle and belly rub. Jedidiah is great with other dogs and kids. He would do well in a home who loves the breed but is looking for less drool and size. We have not had him around cats but we really don't foresee an issue. Please email [email protected] to adopt this guy.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please apply online, at http://www.bigfluffydogs.com/online-app.php.

Our main website, www.bigfluffydogs.com has more information about us and the rescue process.

All known information about an individual dog is provided in it's listing. We do our best to provide accurate information, but adopters must understand that each home is different and the dog may behave differently in a new home. Dogs are creatures of their environment and you help make the dog what it will be.

Homes considering adopting a puppy must be prepared for:
1.) Flexible schedules for potty training. Puppies can only "hold it" for one hour per month of age (ex. a 4 month old puppy can only go 4 hours without a potty break).
2.) Crate training until the puppy is at least one year old, to prevent chewing on inappropriate things when you can't supervise.
3.) Socialization: The more positive and varying experiences as a puppy the better, both in and out of your home.
4.) Puppy behavior and life stages are equivalent to a human toddler. It takes at least a full year to have a calmer, well adjusted dog. Patience is required and when your dog's behavior is a positive experience for you and those around you, your patience will be rewarded tenfold, for years to come.
Please do not consider adopting a puppy if you have not thoroughly thought through the pros and cons of having one. So many people end up returning them after 3-5 months because they didn't realize the amount of work involved in raising a puppy.
Patience, appropriate toys, socialization, and obedience training are all musts. All are time consuming, and can be expensive.

All Dogs Require:Supervision with children and obedience training.
Adopters that want to have good dogs must be prepared to put the time and effort into training a dog. Any dog requires work and effort, but a well trained, well socialized dog is more than worth the effort put in to get them there.

Contact Info


Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

Marblehead, MA


Email: [email protected]

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