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West Highland White Terrier Westie

An adotable dog in Wilmington, DE

  • Adult
  • Small
  • Female

Cindy is a purebred West Highland White Terrier from the country of Taiwan. She is about 4-5 years old and currently weighs 15.4 pounds (as of 9/7/2013).

Cindy's rescued story

Cindy was a family pet. A year ago, she was surrendered by her owner at a high kill government-run animal shelter in Taiwan without giving any reasons. The day before being put down, Cindy and other several dogs on death row were rescued by a large dog rescue organization. This organization specializes saving "death row dogs" and has been saving thousands of dogs; however, their mission of saving dogs' lives is not voluntarily finding homes for dogs but sheltering them in cages days and nights.

Cindy escaped from death row and no longer needed to worry about being starved or euthanized but she would never get a chance to walk out the cage alive. Her new home was the cage that was only big enough to allow her to turn her body around.

After months of being caged, Cindy became ill and looked lifeless but nobody was aware of her changes. She started to spend more time curling herself up in the corner of the cage. Three months ago in June, Cindy's fate was changed when a dog rescuer visited this organization. While the rescuer was standing next to Cindy's cage and wondering if Cindy was still alive, Cindy surprisingly lifted up her head and looked at the rescuer. The rescuer thought Cindy was a sick old dog and decided to "rescue" Cindy to let her live peacefully the rest of her life.

Completed medical information

After visiting a vet and receiving some blood tests, the rescuer was told by the vet that Cindy is not an old dog but a young adult and she was terribly suffering from an early stage of heartworm infestation that made her tiring easily and exercise intolerance. The vet also found that Cindy previously had a hematoma in her right ear but it was not treated properly; therefore, after the hematoma was healed, her right ear is crinkled and flapped down.

Cindy has received a serious of medical exams including Distemper test, 4 Idexx (Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma Phagocytophilum), CBC blood work, Biochemistry blood work and a DNA test to ensure that she does not carry any diseases that are transmitted by fleas or ticks. In August, Cindy passed a DNA heartworm test to prove that she is completely cured from heartworm disease.

In a routine X-rays check on Cindy's hip joints and spine, it showed they are in good condition; Cindy does not have hip dysplasia. She also had her teeth cleaned in June.

Cindy is spayed, de-wormed, up to date on all vaccinations including a rabies shot. She is now heartworm negative and on preventative treatment and is also micro chipped. All of her medical documents including X-rays films on her hips will be given to the adopter when she is adopted.

Cindy's temperaments and personality

Cindy has been living with her rescuer and several other rescued dogs together since being rescued. Her rescuer now also her foster mom said after Cindy pulled through very painful treatments for heartworm, she has turned to a totally different dog. She is happy, sweet, playful and always hungry; she LOVES food and can eat as much food as she gets. The rescuer described that she brought Cindy and other dogs to a doggy restaurant where Cindy non-stopped walking between other customers' tables, greeting everyone and also begging for food; she is not picky and was happy with any food she was given.

Cindy is very friendly to strangers and likes to socialize with different people. Her favorite places in Taiwan are night markets where she can see a lot of people and many interesting games for children. Her rescuer jokingly said that if Cindy was a human, she must be a "party girl."

Cindy is also a very curious dog that has great energy while playing. On a hot day, the rescuer brought Cindy, her two other dogs and three neighbor's children to swim at a doggy swimming pool. She believed it was Cindy's first time swim, but when Cindy saw a shinny object in the bottom of swimming pool, she has no fear of jumping into the pool searching for the object. She was born to swim and could swim for a long period of time. On the way in the car of returning home, other two dogs were very tired and fell asleep but only Cindy was still awake, relaxingly enjoying views and watching children playing in the car.

Cindy gets along well with children, dogs of all sizes and cats; she has been living with cats and ignores them when they are around. Cindy is neither food nor toy aggressive or possessive toward people and children. She does not mind her food or toys being taken out of her mouth.

Cindy is housetrained, good in car rides and walks very well on the leash. She does not mind being left alone at home; she is good for one-dog family but she needs to be provided with chewable toys and enough exercise everyday so that she will not feel boring and starts to chew furniture. Cindy is an outgoing dog that likes people and outdoors activities; she does not like to be kept at home and only being an indoor dog. She will be a great dog companion for a moderate active family who enjoys including a dog in their daily life, taking a dog for short distance trips or vacation. Cindy will also good for the family with or without children and children who have experience in treating small breed dogs properly.

Where is Cindy right now?

Cindy is currently living in Taiwan and is scheduled to come to the United States by October 6th. She will be staying with our foster family in North Wilmington, Delaware after her arrival. If you are seriously thinking of giving Cindy a loving permanent home, please contact us to ask for an adoption application. Because we do not have a shelter and all of our rescued dogs are living with the foster family, we do not accept drop-by visits if you are interested in seeing our dogs. Before meeting our dog, the prospective adopter needs to fill out the application and gets approved.

More videos of Cindy are as follow:




http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2uiRjnGl5Q (Cindy loves swimming 01)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6F-rPHfbB0 (Cindy loves swimming 02)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TcSFGLDVQ8 (Cindy and children 01)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5S7yOPI8Wo (Cindy and children 02)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMz4oxK97X0 (Cindy and children 03)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0OuF9IrQKY (Cindy is not food possessive 01)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11rJlWEcOuc (Cindy is not food possessive 02)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGI5O1lwQu0 (Cindy is good on the leash)

Contact Info


Hopeful Hearts Dog Rescue

Wilmington, DE


Email: [email protected]

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