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Maci ~ adopted

Golden Retriever
Vizsla, Mix

An adotable dog in Nazareth, PA

  • Young
  • Medium
  • Female

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Adoption Application: http://hdr.comuv.com/HDRAdoptApp2.htm
10/10 update: Maci's such a sweet goofball! She's settled into foster care now and loves to play with Kaya and also her foster mom. She enjoys playing with toys so would like to have a basket of them in her adoptive home. She loves attention and physical contact with her humans and will lean into you when you're petting her. Doing well on housebreaking as long as you get her out on a regular schedule. She's a pretty quiet dog overall and medium energy, so would probably do well in a condo or townhome environment. Pictures don't do her justice. She's very pretty in person. Thin and lanky like a Visla, but without their intense activity level. She'll be a bit nervous upon meeting you initially, but once she is confident you're going to be nice, she'll love attention from you. This sweet pooch will make a nice companion.
10/2: New photos uploaded, but Maci pretty much hates the camera so we're having a tough time catching her off guard to get good photos. As soon as she sees it coming, she slinks away. She's a very sweet and gentle yet goofy dog. Will make a nice family pet. A little lacking in self confidence, but obedience classes should take care of that. Not really much of a barker and doesn't have a hound type bark. Sounds more like a labrador retriever bark, but she's too slender for that breed. Possibly Vizsla in the mix along with Redbone Coonhound? She has a sleek/slender body like the Vizsla breed. Doing well on housebreaking. Sleeps through the night without accidents. Can be crated while you're away to prevent accidents in your absence until she's fully housebroken. Great with other dogs, loves to play but respects their space when they want her to back off (even small dogs). Seems a bit scared of our cat though. He's a dog-friendly cat but when she gets close to him she barks and then moves away. The photo with the green background is a shelter photo, taken before we got her into foster. Will try to get some outdoor shots of her in her foster home. Third photo is with Kaya the husky who also needs a forever home. These two get along great if anyone's looking to adopt two dogs.
Maci has settled into foster care and is doing very well! She's a pretty, playful girl who enjoys the company of people and other dogs. We think she finds Kaya a bit too rough in her play though. She likes chew toys and sleeps quietly through the night uncrated. She was a bit hesitant with her foster family during the first week, but seems to be over that now and enjoys going up to them for attention. She'll chase a ball but won't retrieve it (hey she's a hound mix not a retriever! LOL). She is crate trained but not fully housebroken yet. But she is quickly learning to potty on command. Just doesn't know how to tell you yet when she needs to go outside. She has barked at our cat but not attempted to harm him. Maci will make someone a great family pet! Please submit an application if you'd like to meet her.

* Adoption Area * Adoption Application * We are not a shelter. Our dogs are fostered in a home environment. All meetings are by appointment. If you are interested in meeting or possibly adopting this dog, please check that you are located within our adoption area and then submit a completed application to begin the process. Incomplete or out-of-area applications will not be processed.

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Recommended dog trainer in the Lehigh Valley area: Jill Wright with K-9's In Training (website http://www.k-9sintraining.net/). We've used Jill's services for our own dogs and foster dogs as needed. We LOVE her training methods...and so do the dogs! Please tell Jill you saw her info on the Happy Dog Rescue site.

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