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Great Pyrenees, Mix

An adotable dog in Temple, GA

  • Baby
  • Large
  • Male

Hi! My name is Reggie.

I was born here when these nice people rescued my mommy and she delivered me and my siblings.

I have really fluffy black fur with tan markings and I'm squishy and cuddly just like a Teddy Bear. I have these really cute blue eyes that everyone loves.

They keep saying I'm going to be a big boy. But I'm also really gentle and playful. I'm no trouble. I don't even know how to bark yet.

I spent most of my day playing with my friends and napping. I love breakfast, dinner and toys. I'm just your typical little boy that wants to do little boy stuff.

I do have long hair though and I was told I might need to go to the salon sometime. I think I would like to be brushed a bunch, too.

I want to grow up to be a big, handsome boy and have a loving and playful family that will take good care of me. Are you that family?


Each of our adoptable dogs is trained, socialized and ready to love your family. They have lived at our home-based boarding, training and rescue facility where we have worked to fully assess them so that we can help you make a perfect match with your new companion. For over 15 years, we have worked with owners and dogs with training and rehabilitation. We bring these skills to our rescue program to help you and/or your family find the perfect new dog that fits your lifestyle, activity level, home environment and personality. We pride ourselves on working closely with you to not only find the perfect dog, but to provide service and care for you and your new companion after adoption.

The majority of our dogs receive formal training and we do several obedience lessons prior to adoption so that you and your new dog can learn to work together and, equally or more importantly, bond prior to going home. You can read more about our adoption process below this description of this incredible, adoptable dog!


URGENT DOGS $200 (dogs that we do not have space for and we are trying to find homes for quickly, typically posted on Facebook or sent via email -- usually do not appear on our Petfinder and Adoptapet, etc. sites)

(certain puppies 4 months and younger)

(certain dogs that we have fully assessed and worked with on basic manners, behavior and crate training but that have not been fully trained)

(read more below -- dogs that will complete our full service training program normally priced $1375; includes 50% off boarding for life, private lessons for life, 24/7 support, remote training collar)

SENIOR OR SPECIAL NEEDS ADOPTABLE DOGS $200 or less, or free, based on dog and home (dogs 8+ yrs or dogs with special needs)

***To find out which programs this dog is eligible for, please email [email protected] as it varies with each dog, how long they've been with us and their general behavior and temperament.

ALL ADOPTIONS INCLUDE: Full vaccinations, spay or neuter, parasite (fleat/tick/all worms) free, current on parasite prevention, microchipped. 24/7 access to us for anything you need related to your adopted dog.

FULL SERVICE TRAINING PROGRAM ADOPTIONS ALSO INCLUDE: 50% off boarding for life at our facility, unlimited private lessons for life, a remote collar, and 24/7 access to us.

SOME dogs and puppies are available for out of state adoptions. Please email [email protected] for more more information.


1. Complete our adoption application. It usually takes our volunteers 3-5 business days to process your adoption application.

2. Contact us to set up a visit (by appointment please so that we can be available for you) to our facility to visit with the dogs that meet your preferences based on your application. You can visit more than once if you need more time to help choose a new companion.

3. Once you select your companion, we may do a home visit.

4. We complete an adoption contract. Dogs that are not receiving formal training can go home at this time.

5. For dogs who have been trained, we typically have three visits/lessons, with the last being the day you take your new pup home. This timeframe and the lessons can vary by dog and adoptive individual and family.


THIS IS **NOT** your typical "pet store" or group class training. The result is a dog that you can enjoy in any setting and know that it's safe and a pleasure for everyone it visits with. You will be able to run, bike, hike, camp, garden and just plain relax with a dog that isn't going to run off or cause trouble.

With the exception of seniors and special needs dogs, all of our adoptables receive our "28 Day Off Leash" training program, which is available to the general public.

If you are adopting a puppy, they will go home with you and then come back around 6-8 months to complete their training.

Our training program includes behavior training, socialization and obedience training. When dogs complete our program, they will walk with you both on leash and off, we have addressed any manners/behavior issues that would cause problems in their new homes and they will come when called reliably off leash. Some dogs do have lingering issues that we fully disclose -- the most common is dogs that can jump 4' fences (which is probably why they ended up in the shelter in the first place!).

When you come out for lessons, our typical lessons are: 1) leash walking, 2) gate and door manners, 3) coming when called to all family members and sitting upon arrival, 4) going for a walk off-leash with family and staying safely in the general area and returning immediately when called.

Your new dog is ready to go home when we've completed the lessons and both you and we are confident and comfortable with your new pup's relationship and response to you and your family.

Our adoptions with full service training include a dog that is:

Spayed or neutered Current on all vaccinations Clear of parasites (heartworm, flea, tick, worms, etc.) Current on all parasite prevention (heartworm and flea/tick prevention) Microchipped On a high-quality food (Merrick Whole Earth Farms) Fully assessed for temperament and behavior Crate trained Fully trained through our "28 Day Off Leash" training program (reg $1375) -- for dogs eligible for training These adoptions also include:

Private lessons prior to adoption and UNLIMITED private lessons as needed once adoption is complete (for dogs that have completed training) 1/2 price boarding at our home-based facility for LIFE ($12-13/day) Unlimited access to us for advice and assistance for ANYTHING you need in relationship to your adopted dog The nature of our rescue program requires that dogs are with us typically 2-3 months from the time we take them into our program. During this time, they are living in and around our home with a variety of other dogs, cats, cows, people and general activity. We are assessing them 24/7 so that we know them very well and can confidently help you make the perfect match for a new companion. And we are training them daily (once they are happy and healthy) to prepare them for adoption.

Our adoption fee for dogs completing the training program is $937.50 and can be made in any reasonable installments. We do ask for a traditional amount (approx $350) up front and the rest can be made in payments that work for you. Any payment arrangements and terms would be included with the adoption contract.

We understand that some people are shocked by this adoption fee. Please understand that this is NOT about making money. We care for 40 or more dogs in our program on a daily basis. All of our dogs are here typically 2-3 or more times longer than most rescues in other programs. We feed them high quality food, administer parasite prevention and provide food, toys, bedding, crates and a staff that helps care for them while we assess their behavior and temperament and conduct training. ALL of the proceeds from our adoptions go directly back to our rescue program. NONE of the adoption fee goes to us for training or boarding.

Our adoption fee was set by taking a traditional adoption fee of $250 and then adding our commercial training program at half price (687.50). We originally offered the training as an option. Almost every adopter did the training. The few that didn't were calling with behavior and training issues. We felt that there is a value to our training, both to the adopter, but even more importantly to the dog. We want our dogs to be LOVED and to become INSEPARABLE members of the family. We don't want them to cause stress or frustration. So in early 2011, we decided that all of our rescues would be trained.

We hope that most people can see the value in the training and we encourage you to come out to visit and see the training in action if you are a potential adopter that's skeptical or on the fence. This is not traditional sit/stay training. This is training that will give you a well-balanced dog that is a pleasure 24/7. They are not little robots and they are not 100% without fault. But when you have a dog that you can travel with, hang out with, go to the mailbox with and that your friends and family can enjoy, we know that we've done our job by matching you with a dog that's a true companion and not just a pet...

For more information, please email [email protected].

Contact Info


Life is Labs Rescue

Temple, GA

Phone: 770-562-5228

Email: [email protected]

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