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KAYA 6 mo old.

German Shepherd Dog
Norwegian Elkhound, Mix

An adotable dog in West Milford, NJ

  • Baby
  • Medium
  • Female

7 month old Kaya came to us on July 7th weighing in at 40 pounds. She was lacking some social skills, but has made a very quick turn-around. When she first met the foster's dogs she showed that she was unsure. After being corrected she went to wagging and wanting to play. She also is learning not to bark when meeting new people. The foster has a very busy household with many visitors and Kaya is making great progress quickly because she is getting a lot of exposure to visitors every day. She is just a baby who needed more socialization. She has also learned to limit her barking when told to "hush". She is very bright and willing to learn and makes eye contact with you when you call her name or give a command. She sits nicely for treats and for affection. She also knows "lay down" and is working on "stay". Kaya is pretty good on a leash – she was pulling some at first, but is responding well to correction and walking much better. We will continue to work on that. Kaya was recently spayed so she is wearing the "dreaded cone" but is a very good sport about it. She allows the foster to treat her incision with topical healing aids easily. She even tries to play with toys and chew a bone with that cone on. She will also allow the foster to hold the bone for her while she carefully chews it – no bone or food aggression here – in fact she will sit and wait for her dinner until you allow her to eat. She is housebroken and seems to want to go in the same spot every time. She is learning to ignore the foster's birds and ferrets, which at first provided endless fascination for her. This is a very loving dog who responds well to firm but loving leadership. Very sweet.
Update: Today, July 9th, Kaya went for a car ride. She was in the passenger seat and sat nice! When she got up, she was told to sit and she did. We arrived at a friend's home where she barked one quick bark and was ready to greet a new friend. When treats came out, she was willing to work. She sat on command, slapped five, down etc. She sure loves her treats! She can bark at a stranger one minute and receive a treat from that stranger in seconds. She is then their best friend. Very food motivated!

UPDATE: This is one smart 6 month old puppy! She has quickly learned the routine of the foster home and is blending in pretty well. Kaya can entertain herself with toys for quite some time. She discovered the dog toy box and dug through it, taking all of the toys out eventually and played with them; tossing the ball for herself and chewing on a bone. As soon as I had a moment for her, she abandoned the toys to come to me. She is very good about coming when called. She is very sweet! When I work at my desk she is either nearby chewing a toy or asleep along side my desk. She is a "people dog" and really enjoys being with you – even if she isn't the center of attention. She is a bit hesitant to get into the car, but once in she will sit and look around while I drive. When she forgets herself and stands up, she will listen when I remind her to sit again.

Kaya is getting well socialized. She is doing well greeting new people. She used to bark first, tail wag, then greet. Now, when corrected, she does so much better. This morning she was surrounded by young 4 men who do not live in the home. As they all came in and she made one growling (ready to bark sound), she was corrected and then sat quietly. The dog lover in the group stepped forward to pet her and she sniffed his hand a moment and was fine with him petting her –she stood up and wagged her tail. She just needs a little confidence. She is not a mean dog. She is just unsure and reacts by barking, etc. We are breaking her of that and she is doing great! Kaya is a very sweet love bug. If she has a leader, she reacts accordingly under each and every situation we have had her in. Remember, she is a puppy. She is a SMART dog. She will learn all you have to offer her. She will learn quickly too. She just needs someone who is willing to be the boss and provide plenty of love.

Kaya requires proper introductions with other dogs before she is comfortable and willing to play. She is happy to play with 4 new doggie friends, her size and larger. She is also learning about their different personalities and adapting her behavior accordingly. For example – the older female who does not like nonsense, Kaya will go into the "play" stance and then keep backing up until the labs growling stops. Another dog that does not want to be bothered, is respected by Kaya and left alone. It is funny to watch. Again, she is a very SMART dog.

UPDATE: Here is a video of Kaya by a couple of ferrets. If she wanted to hurt them, she could have taken a foot off as the tiny feet come through the bars. When told, she left the room. She is responding really well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcnfyC6UuqY

UPDATE: July 16: Today Kaya was exposed to a challenge. Two of my dogs were chewing bones and I asked her to sit and not take the bone from them. She sat and stared – then would glance at me to see if I was still watching (which I was) and then would look back at the dogs – after about 5 minutes – she changed her position and lay down with her back to the dogs as they chewed happily. (Don't worry – she was rewarded with a bone of her own and a lot of petting and praise after the test) the purpose of this was to see if she could exercise self control and she did very well. Kaya is beginning to accept frequent visitors as part of the family and after an initial non aggressive bark "alert someone is here" she wags her tail and goes to them for a greeting. She will also bark when the foster's other dogs bark – and will be quiet when they are told to be quiet. When she is outside in the fenced in area – she will respond to the "hush" command from an upstairs window. Looking back up at the window to see if the coast is clear to bark again. She needs to be told what to do, but she does listen. Kaya continues to come easily when called unless she realizes that you are calling her for something she doesn't want to do (like go outside when her canine friends are staying inside). If you call again she runs in a big circle and then comes anyway because she realizes that if she does not come I will go get her. Very smart girl – needs a calm strong leader.

UPDATE: July 24th Update: at the risk of repeating – this is one smart dog. She has figured out the home routine and anticipates the events of the day with great enthusiasm. For instance: In the morning Kaya knows that all dogs go out but she comes in first to eat breakfast so she does her business and walks past the others to be at the door. At other times of the day when they all come in - she just comes inside in the mass (doesn't need to be first) in the evening I let all the dogs out for the final "bathroom break" and then put them to bed – Kaya runs back into the house, gets a quick drink and runs into her crate and waits for me to get there to pat her head, give her a biscuit, and close the door. I don't have to say a word. She is still a puppy and sometimes forgets that certain kinds of play are best left outside. When she gets to boisterous inside I call her name and walk toward the door where she is sent until she can calm down. If she doesn't want to go out she will make a run all the way around my downstairs (open floor plan) and wind up by the door where she will hesitantly but obediently go outside. She is a good eater – not fussy at all. She has also earned more and more trust with me – I allow her with my dogs without me being present – although she came to us unable to function well with other dogs – she has learned her place in the pack and has developed pretty good canine social skills within this group of dogs – no doubt there would be an adjustment period with other dogs that would require a strong leader to supervise. However, she had it down in a short amount of time with us. If you are interested in seeing additional photos, please friend Sheryl's Den on Facebook. www.facebook.com/sheryls.den If you are interested in adopting, please complete and submit an application. Be sure to list the dog's names that you are interested in on the first question within the application. Please be sure your application is complete. The 1st question asks which dogs you are interested in. To see additional dogs, see our adoptable pet list at www.sherylsden.org

This animal is currently fostered in a private home. Our rescue is 100% foster home based. We do not have a shelter or kennel. They are cared for by a loving family until adopted. Each pup has had their first vet exam, a shot, and de-worming, etc We make sure they have no fleas prior to going into our foster homes. They are fostered out of the shelter at least two weeks or more prior to adopting to monitor health. We take their care seriously!

Please note that the adoption appointments will be scheduled after your application is approved. Once adopted, feel free to change the dog's name. You do not have to keep the name listed in this post.


IF YOU ADOPT a pup and live in the State of New Jersey we do have low cost spaying and neutering at very affordable prices. Kindly inquire upon an approved application. We also have an affordable program for out of state adopters.

We also offer low cost micro-chipping! For a low fee of only 20.00 we will have your dog microchipped. You will be able to register the microchip for a low cost fee of only 10.99 at the time of the adoption appointment. The 10.99 fee is a ONE time registration fee. The microchip is for the lifetime of the dog. You have the ability to update the contact information at NO cost. You will also have a one year membership to Home Again. This is a big savings for you.

***** If you're interested in fostering we could always use the help to save more animals. A crate, food, and medical care are provided. The animals are picked up in West Milford, NJ and brought back here for adoption. The time commitment is two to two and a half weeks. Please email letting us know what town you live in and we will forward information to you. *****

Sheryl's Den has teamed up with Petfirst Health care in an effort to offer pet insurance for your adopted family member. If you wish, you can enroll once you adopt or within 20 days after your adoption. Your coverage will begin at midnight following your activation. The first month is only 5.00. If you choose to continue the pet insurance the cost would be 14.95 a month thereafter. Pet insurance protects you from the expense of vet care. No need to worry about unexpected expenses. Details: Use any veterinarian, pay your vet, send claim form to PetFirst, meet the 50.00 deductible, receive your reimbursement check in as little as two weeks. If you would like further information, you can contact PetFirst at 1-877-291-PETS.

Contact Info


Sheryls Den

West Milford, NJ

Phone: please send e-mail

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