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Saint Bernard St. Bernard
Mastiff, Mix

An adotable dog in Millerstown, PA

  • Adult
  • Large
  • Male

HOWDY FOLKS! Nice meetin ya. I know they like to be puttin names on us dogs, but the plain truth is I am a MUTT! Proud of it! Since we got that cleared up I will be tellin' ya about myself.

I am a big guy, yes. About 80lbs worth of sweet, cuddly, friendly ole ME! I am big, but I am a lover not a fighter. I get along great with my shepherd foster brothers, the cats and the horses that live here. The little people are cool too BUT because of my size I just want to be sayin I wouldn't want a be knockin the little tykes over or smackin em with my tail, and that could happen, even as gentle as I am. I am about 1 to 2 years. I like to eat just as much as the other dogs do but I am polite about it. We have a "belly up whenever" policy going on here and there is never any fussin or fightin. We are gentlemen about that sort of thing. I take treats nice and gentle like. Don't want ta be bitten the hands that be feedin ya! Just won't be right. I am a big love bug of a guy and very dependable, if I do say so myself. I am house broken, come when called, stick around when ya walk me off leash. I enjoy long walks, but I am not a high energy type of fella. I don't need to be running all over. WALKS work for me. Anyway I am lookin for a companion to hang with. Ya know. A place to hang my hat, if I wore one that is. I want a place to live the rest of my life where I can be loved and give love. I got me a big ole heart and plenty of love to be sharin. If that all works fer ya, I hope ya be given us a call real soon.

Contact Info


Perry County PA Animal Rescue

Millerstown, PA

Phone: 717-589-3005

Email: [email protected]

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