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Maryellen & Sadie

West Highland White Terrier Westie
Pomeranian, Mix

An adotable dog in West Chester, PA

  • Young
  • Small
  • Female

Quick lesson (for the 2 people left on my FB friends list who still do not quite get it)- Puppymills are horrible places where dogs are mass-produced. Conditions are equivalent to POW camps like Andersonville in the Civil War. The parents (producers) live in stacked cages, on wire, and are NEVER freed. The filth is unimaginable- and the suffering so intense- that seeing it ONCE- on film or in real ife- changes the way you will view pet store animals FOREVER.

Now that we all know where these dolls came from- let's talk a little about each and then what BOTH need. Both of these girls are young, spayed, and as you can see- gorgeous. But -because they came from puppymills- they need a little extra TLC, the company of another dog (one who is gentle, nice, happy), and a PHYSICALLY FENCED yard. That fence MUST be secure, escape-proof and in good shape. These gals are going to be a little skittish at first- and may bolt- and will NOT come back. So the fence is non-negotiable.

Mary Ellen- or M.E. is an 18 mos. westie mix. Yes, she is too cute for words- and is remarkably resilient- so the transition should be fairly smooth. Westies are known for the perky personalities and adorable prancing way of walking. They are smart too- and easily trained. But they are terriers- so we think that given ME's background her ideal home will be in a relatively quiet home with dog-savvy people. ME will, in turn, give you the best 13-15 years of her life. Win- win.

Sadie is a pomeranian mix- and like ME is simply too cute for words but has not had her spa day yet. That is okay- you will have days with bad hair, sloppy sweats, and Sadie will still love you! Poms are fun and feisty- and have personality plus. They are loyal and loving- and if you want a stunning redhead in your holiday picture. this fall- here she is. Sadie will do best with a friendly canine companion, lots of human companionship, and fun, fun, fun! Small requirements for winning the doggie lottery prize if you are lucky enough to adopt her! LOL

Both girls need homes with secure PHYSICAL FENCES that are escape-proof. Puppy mill dogs are sometimes a little skittish and instead of running to you- they do the opposite - so the FENCE is a REQUIREMENT.

We know that folks reading this GET IT- that puppy mills are awful and that we are in a battle to put them all out of business. That means that girls like ME and Sadie will be in lots of rescues- and they will all need the extra measure of love, attention, and kindness that you have plenty of.

Thanks for caring about a couple of cutie pies who SO need YOU!

Contact Info


All Things Pawssible Animal Rescue

West Chester, PA


Email: atpar3@yahoo.com

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