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Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds




Want to adopt a cat, but suffer from allergies? Maybe you’ve tried coping by taking antihistamines, and have a HEPA air filter in your home. You may have even heard the term "hypoallergenic pet" but not know it applies to cats.


Some feline breeds exist that are considered "hypoallergenic," or produce fewer allergens than others. Cats do produce pet dander, a common allergen, but the culprit for the estimated 10 percent of the population who are allergic to cats may be a protein, Fel d 1, that is present in cat saliva.


Technically, there are no 100 percent hypoallergenic domestic cats. The following is a guideline which petMD recommends for people who want to adopt a feline, yet feel options are limited due to allergies:



Image: cotaroba / via Flickr


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  • Add Siberian Cats to the
    09/30/2013 01:23am

    Siberian cats originated in Russia and are still hard to find in the US. They are becoming more popular now due to their low allergen qualities. They are beautiful, intelligent and have great temperaments. As a breeder, we encourage people to visit and play with our kittens/cats to see how they react. I have terrible allergies but no symptoms with our siberians. www.newenglandsiberian.com

  • 11/29/2014 09:08pm

    uhh... it's the first on the list.

  • 12/19/2014 02:43pm

    Siberian Cats weren't on there originally but added after we commented

  • Siberian
    09/30/2013 03:50am

    Why don't you have the Siberian on the list.

  • Siberian Cats too!
    02/26/2014 01:34am

    Siberian Cats should top that list. I have bred and raised them for over 10 years now and have placed easily 100 kittens in that time and most into allergy homes or homes with allergy suffering relatives. We've only had two ever returned due to allergies and both were cases with severe asthma and general allergies as well.

    My husband also has moderate cat allergies and is fine with our small cattery taking over our home. They have been shown in various lab tests to be low on Fel D1 but the real proof is the very many successful and happy Pendraig Siberian Cat owner homes enjoying an allergy free existence with their Siberian cat. Of course "hypo" means low or under, not without or none so they aren't allergy free and we place carefully with testing and advice on how to prevent reactions with HEPA filters, regular vacuuming with the right vacuum and raw diets which reduces the allergen level significantly for all breeds.

  • 02/26/2014 01:47am

    Hypoallergenic Cats & Siberian Cats Article - what they are, how it works and how to determine if the cats work for you and manage your home to prevent reactions:


  • 11/07/2014 11:41am

    Hello how are you doing today? I wanted to ask what your pricing is for a Siberian cat? Most of us (Me my GF and her oldest daughter (13) in the house are allergic to cats but we do have a dog there too. We need a buddy for our dog and dont want to get another dog at the moment. She is an American Bulldog bully type and she is only 4 years old. She is very loving and a good nurtured dog. She acts very motherly most of the time and we feel that she needs a kitten to raise since she will not have any puppies. I wanted to give you a little background on Molly too and let you know that we are a pet loving family :-) We even only feed Molly Blue Buffalo food and would make sure that our kitten would get the best food.

  • 11/07/2014 02:58pm

    Hi, you should contact the breeder directly. This article is not meant for breeders to advertise or interested buyers to get information on breeders.
    Thank you.

  • 11/29/2014 09:09pm

    uhh... it's the first on the list.

  • 12/19/2014 02:19pm

    It is the first on the list. I don't understand why none of these commenters have read the article.

  • 12/19/2014 02:45pm

    Siberian cat breed was added later because of our comments. I am glad too though a note about the edit would have been nice =)

  • 12/19/2014 03:21pm

    Aha! I was wondering about that but didn't see a note. Thank you for clearing that up, it makes a lot more sense now!

  • Balinese hypoallergenic
    06/30/2014 01:56pm

    I did much research in finding a cat that was hypoallergenic, and I finally found one. I tried going to several animal rescues, breeders of Bengal, orientals and even Siamese cats until I visited a Balinese cat breeder in NJ.

    To my surprise, my Balinese cat does not cause an allergenic reaction to me in any way. In my research I found out that it has nothing to do with hair length or the type of fur. It is just plain and simple, the amount of protein allergens cause allergic reactions in people.

    Only cats that produce genetically less amounts of these allergens are supposedly considered hypoallergenic which makes total sense as I am allergic to rag-dolls and bengals, though they are lovely but do not produce less of the horrific allergens.

    For this reason I've also made sure to get a Balinese kitten from both Balinese parents, rather than a Siamese and Balinese breeding because Siamese cats are not hypoallergenic and can produce long haired kittens that do not have the same hypoallergenic quality of the Balinese cat.

    I'm very happy of acquiring my Balinese kitten, and would recommend this breed to anyone, allergic or not. Very intelligent cats, sweet, beautiful and somewhat dog like.

  • 08/25/2014 05:29pm

    Hi !
    My name is Louise Jackson and I live in Lufkin, Texas and my husband is allergic to cats I've always had cats except for the last 6 yrs. I have been researching breeds of hypoallerginic cats . The Balinese breed seems to be the best choice.Do you know if there is a reputable breeder in our area of East Texas.

  • Love the Balinese Cat!
    10/20/2014 03:14pm

    I just love the Balinese cat breed, it is such a purrfect cat! Before we settled in making our decision on a Balinese cat, we did tons of research and even considered the Rag-Doll, Siberian, and Russian blues. None of them worked out with my son who is allergic to cats.

    Once we decided on the Balinese, we started searching around for kittens and made sure the breeder was a real breeder, and that they bred registered cats. I have found people advertising Siamese or Balinese cats online only to find out the parents are not real Balinese cats or they are not purebred, but mixes(Rag-doll, himilayan, & mutt mixes)...how sad.

    We purchased a Balinese kitten from a reputable breeder this past summer, and the experience was just awesome. Though we had to be placed in a waiting list for a kitten, it was soo worth the wait.

    We visit prior to getting committed to a kitten, though we had no doubts whatsoever. When we arrived at the breeders home, these cats just came to say hello, all full of purrs, and moews...incredible!

    My son was not allergic to any of the Balinese cats in the breeders home, and I would have thought that my son would show some signs with more than 1 cat present but he didn't. We were so happy, we had been waiting to add a pet to our home for such a long time.

    With all the results, I have to say the Balinese cat is the best Hypoallergic cat breed. Not only that, but they are such sweet hearts, and intelligent indeed.

  • 12/19/2014 02:21pm

    Have you met a Devon Rex?

  • My personal vote
    12/19/2014 02:15pm

    I adore the Devon Rex and have one that doesn't seem to shed at all, another bonus! My Bengal is absolutely gorgeous and the sweetest boy. His minimal coat glitters like gold in sunlight. I got lucky getting such a darling of a beast! The tiny size of Devons make them that much more endearing. I have two, a curly orange boy and a chocolate and white little lady.

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