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Valentine's Day Treats for Your Cat

Be Mine, Valentine

So you’ve got a feline valentine. Far superior to the human variety in many ways. The one setback to your cat valentine, however, is the age-old question of what to get them. The traditional options, chocolate and candy, are dangerous for cats (and dogs), and are therefore out of the question. But what then? Here are five healthy Valentine’s Day treat ideas for your cat…

#5 Baked Tuna Hearts

Use canned tuna, form it into little hearts and bake in the oven until warm for heart-shaped treat cats will love. You can even mix in a little catnip for extra oomph. Just remember that, as with anything, these treats should be ingested in limited quantities. Large amounts of fat, sugar, or something your cat is not used to, can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, or indigestion.

#4 Mashed Frozen Banana

Mashed frozen banana has been touted as a healthy ice cream alternative for vegans, and is a perfectly safe treat for cats. It is best to slice the banana first, then freeze it. From there, either use a food processor to whip it together, or wait until it has thawed slightly and use a spoon to mash it.

#3 Heart-Shaped Melon Slices

Fresh cantaloupe or watermelon (without the seeds) can be a wonderful, healthful treat for cats. The colors of both these melons are very Valentine’s Day appropriate, and slicing it into heart-shapes makes them even more so.

#2 Carob-Dipped Strawberries

Carob is a safe chocolate alternative for dogs and cats. Melt down some carob chips and dip strawberries into it for a delicious chocolate-covered strawberry alternative your cat will love.

#1 Grilled Pink Salmon

Grill up your cat some yummy pink salmon this Valentine’s Day. It’s pink in color, so it is holiday appropriate, and it’s fishy, so your cat will gobble it up!


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  • Vitamins/Minerals in catf
    02/10/2015 02:39pm

    You say consistently what is too much of vitamins and minerals in a cat's diet.
    However you Never say what are the amounts that should be in their diet.
    As I feed my cats only homemade and add these ingredients I would certainly like to know what the correct amounts are.