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Top Three Dog-Like Cat Breeds

Image: Utekhina Anna / via Shutterstock
Image: Helen E. Grose / via Shutterstock
Image: Evlakhov Valeriy / via Shutterstock
Image: Grauvision / via Shutterstock

When Dogs Just Aren't Allowed

Cats acting like dogs? It happens, and it most certainly does not mean the end is near. Oh, and by acting like dogs we do not mean barking (that would just be plain silly), but some breeds do have dog-like qualities. Here are three of our most favorite dog-like cat breeds.


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#3 The Manx

Famous for being tailless, the Manx, in fact, is not always tailless! It is, however, known to be very affectionate and friendly. Many people call the Manx a "dog-cat” because it wants to be around people. It will even come when you whistle or call his or her name, and will actually respond to the command “no,” unlike other cats that simply sit there and stare.

#2 The Abyssinian

Another water-loving cat, this extremely loyal feline will play fetch and carry its favorite toys around in its mouth, just like a dog. And like dogs, the Abyssinian will follow their humans around, help out (whether you want it to or not), and respond to leash training, too. However, as with dogs, they need a lot of attention and will become depressed if left alone often.

#1 The Burmese

The Burmese is not only a beautiful cat, but one that has decidedly doggy-like qualities. It is great with kids and will play with them happily. The Burmese is also known to sit and wait for food in the same manner that dogs do. Just make sure this kitty has a sitter if you are going away for a few days. The Burmese is extremely dependent on its owners.

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  • Cat behavior
    02/16/2013 11:35pm

    The reason so many cats won't come when their name is called is simple: you didn't teach them that way. That a cat can't or won't understand simple commands like 'no' is absolutely absurd. Every cat we have ever owned has been taught and socialized to do those very things, and not one of them has ever been a specific breed referred to as 'dog-like' in this article. Even grown cats who have adopted us (we live at the end of a county road where animals are abandoned far too often- and usually experience a short, brutal end to a short miserable life) have learned to do the things mentioned in this article. A cat is much more free-willed than a typical dog, that is true, but that does not mean they are incapable of the dog-like socialization attributes, as implied in this article.

  • Cat behavior
    02/21/2013 04:39pm

    Most of the cats I have had (over 20 through the years) 'act like dogs'! They follow me when I walk the real dogs, they come when they are called, even if they are outside! They know the word 'no' and respond. Most of them recognize the word 'collar' and will stand still to get it put on. I think if you train a cat like a dog, it will respond like a dog!

  • Savannah!
    02/21/2013 06:22pm

    Most dog-like cat breed is the hybrid Savannah, a cross between a domestic cat and the African Serval. They are enormous (up to 35 lbs.) and are known for their love of water (unlike most cats).

  • 02/28/2013 02:30am

    I can tell by these comments you are cat people. I have had quite a few cats growing up. I have been around friends cats constantly. In all my years i have encountered one cat that was dog like. Just because a cat understands "no" and follows you around doesnt make it dog like. My dogs are my friends 24/7 no matter what. Even when they have smothered me to the point of insanity, they still are right by my side. Cats are just a more independent animal. Sure they give love and enjoy being showered with affection... but only when it suits them. I think that is what this article is touching base on. Cat breeds that have a less independent psyche and are more prone to being a fulltime companion rather than when it is convenient for them.

  • Cats are better than dogs
    03/19/2013 04:15pm

    My tuxedo cat, Abigail, is better than a dog could ever be! She doesn't have to go outside every day to go the bathroom, and she knows how to keep herself clean. Abigail is patiently sitting by her food dish in the morning before i even get up! I've taught her to be quiet while I first make my coffee, no meowing until I'm done! She knows what I mean when I say "tuna time" and will come running if she's out and about. She knows the words "let's go" and will jump off the bed, and "do you want to go outside?" to which she'll go stand by the door. I've even taught her the word "speak" and she will meow every time. So how's that for a smart animal (or was it the owner who used her smarts, lol)?

  • cat people
    03/22/2013 08:33pm

    larry white: i can tell by your comments that you are NOT a cat person. you are a high-maintenance human who requires constant attention from your pet, so DOG is definitely the right choice for you. ;) my cats also do all the the things the author says are dog-like, and their breed is 'domestic longhair' although i saw some norwegian forest cats at a cat show who looked just like them, so i think they're part norforcat. i was once walking with my husband and our mama cat, and i was suddently inspired to tell the cat, who was walking at my left side, to "stay" -- she did. so i said "sit" -- she did. then "lie down" -- she did. finally, i said "roll over" -- and she did !! my husband said "if i hadn't seen that, i wouldn't believe it happened." i tried this again more than once, but she never did it again. it only happened once. it was like she was telling me "i know what you're saying and i can do what a dog does, but i just don't want to!" i am sure they understand much of what i say on a daily basis; i only wish i could understand more of what they say. (it's 'cat'onese to me, lol)

  • Manx only true "dog like"
    03/25/2013 02:40am

    [b]I've owned all three of these breeds. Abbies are NO doggish cat, they are extremely catty! Burmese are cuddly, chubby balls of love, still much very cat-like. The only real doggy-cat is the Manx! Not only do they have a "bark" which is more like a mild huffing/cough like sound- emitted the same way a dog would" to alert to danger or express great displeasure. Manx also play fetch, bury their toys, dig up dead animals (sigh) so they can roll around in the foul smell. My Manx managed to exhume a dead goldfish from it's final resting place, rolled around the fetid carcass, then ATE the dessicated disgusting carcass. She buries her toys under loose rugs & in the dirt outside. She does come when called, she RUNS when she's called! When "daddy" comes home from work, as soon as she hears his key in the door she bolts from her nap and runs as fast as she can to the front door to greet him. She collects her toys from around the house then deposits them at our feet and cries until we toss it about a bit for her to fetch, over and over again. You'll be shocked when you hear them "buff": a strange bark that is nothing like a meow. It's a real, actual bark. Mine has done it at the door when she heard another cat outside. She does it when she plays rough as well. Manx are nothing like other cats, they are truly quite apart from any cat breed I've ever seen. [/b]

  • Licking creamsicle
    03/28/2013 02:15pm

    My cat licks like dogs do. I haven't read anyone's responses, and did not see that feature listed in the three breeds' behaviors. I have a tiger/creamsicle cat, who has grown up with three small-/medium-sized silky terriers. Maybe he's learned this behavior from them, since they do like licking/kissing and are trained to mostly do this NOT on the face, but on the hands/arms. Also, they both (dogs & cat) give kisses on the face by touching noses ONLY (like Eskimos!) =) All I attribute his dog-like nuances to are simply because he's best buds with the pups, and has been trying to fit in since he was brought home from the shelter. He does play like a cat normally does, but also rough-houses like a dog does (they all roll together, wrestle/scrap, chase, etc., around the house - I have to get a video when they all play catch together, it's the funniest thing to see).

  • Cats
    03/29/2013 03:22pm

    My cat Is a calico and 17 yrs old now, she knows the word no, she knows the kisses, she know lay down, she walks outside with me without a harness and doesn't even try to stray.

  • Cats
    03/29/2013 03:30pm

    I also forgot when I call my cat she runs to me. And she knows the words kisses and sit and stay, this is. From my calico from other post uncover

  • Dog like cats
    04/01/2013 12:19pm

    We have a big male Siberian cat. Many people do not realize that the Siberian is a TICA recognized breed. It is more like a dog than a cat!

  • Doglike cats?
    04/01/2013 12:22pm

    It's all in how you raise them. Any cat that I have ever had, will play fetch understands "no" and comes when I whistle. Too many people thinks cats are dumb--not true!

    04/26/2013 02:48pm


  • all my cats ...
    04/26/2013 09:39pm

    Know their names, come when called, go with me from room to room, know the word NO, and smother me with love. I agree with every comment here, except Larry White. Not to pick on LW, but his comment was way off the mark. It's ALL about how you treat an animal - cat OR dog - that determines how they respond to you. You treat them like they don't matter, and that's ALL you'll see. Sad but true.

    My three Maine Coons take walks with me around the block, sans leashes, and stay with me all the way, to the delight of my neighbors. Most of them didn't know how cats can behave. Like LW they never took the time to really get to know cats. After all, they're NOT dogs. And that's a shame - cats are wonderful creatures deserving of respect.

    From MY experience chatsnoir hit the nail right on the head. I am an animals lover, a Cat Person, and love cats the most BECAUSE you don't have control over them. I do not want to control them, or have anyone control me. With cats you must EARN their affection. I wish instead of just assuming cats are unworthy of consideration, more people would open their eyes and minds and take a good look just how great they are.

  • Cats that act like dogs
    06/01/2013 09:22am

    I have had many cats over the years. Some come when called some do not. Santino my little male Himmy always comes when called no matter where in the house. He is very affectionate follows me around and enjoys company for the most part. Sophia with many of the same blood lines as Santino is also very affectionate when she wants to be actually demanding as she ages in I want affection now and you will give it to me. She almost never comes when called. Company she could take or leave mostly leave. It's kind of silly when you think of it. How many dogs act like cats. Well no be they a dog or cat they act like themselves they are all individuals.

  • Truly dog-like
    12/14/2013 01:50pm

    Coming when called and trainability aren't "dog" traits. Most cats can learn commands and to come when called, if you do it right.

    My childhood cat was a true feline: independent, aloof, didn't like being picked up. But he was well trained. To teach him to come when called, we gave him a treat when he came. After awhile, we could call his name out the front door, and he would come bounding across the neighborhood to come inside. As for the word "no", it's all about tone of voice, posture, and a light tap on the nose - eventually all you had to do was give him a glare and a stern finger, and he'd walk away.

    No, what I would call a "doglike" cat would be a cat who was eager to please, trusting, who was a bit rough-and-tumble, and easygoing. Which cats are those?

  • Aggie our dog cat
    11/03/2015 06:43pm

    Three years ago we rescued a female pixie-bob we named Aggie. She was so small we thought she was a kitten. In these last 3 years, Aggie has not grown one bit. But she displays remarkable dog-like qualities especially towards me. While she is affectionate with my wife, Aggie is definitely a daddy's girl. She follows me around the house, she lays at my feet wherever I am. But her number one dog-like quality is that she comes running to me anytime I whistle for her. I have never had a cat that would respond to my whistling, but Aggie has from the day we brought her home.