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Top 5 Movies to Watch with Your Cat


Meow Monday


If you’re looking for something to do with your cat on a rainy day, or a sunny day for that matter, why not plan for some real together time? Settle in on the couch with your favorite snacks (cat nip for Mr. Cat, popcorn for you), a soft blankie, and a fun movie on the telly. Of course, cats are very discerning creatures and won’t settle for any old film. No, it must be classy and hip, and feature lots of chubby mice, bright fish, and above all, other cool cats.


We have gathered our top five fave movies that feature cats in a lead or plot turning role. Read on.


#5 – Les Triplettes de Belleville

While this is not a cat-centric film, it is catalicious. This French export is a wild ride of amazing animation, crazy twists and turns, and very cool jazz. Cats are very cool creatures. They know this. We know this. If they could, they would all be living in France, preferably as beatniks hanging out in little underground jazz clubs and tapping their nails to that groovy sound. But since they can’t, this is the next best thing.


#4 - Disney’s Cinderella

We all know the story. It’s the rags to riches type, complete with evil step mother, and step sisters, beautiful heroine, handsome prince and some lost and found with a special shoe. The best kind. If your cat has ever dreamed of leading a life of evil, then this is the one for her. And it’s a perfect cautionary tale for any cat that is exhibiting signs of naughtiness. Lucifer the cat is the best kind of bad cartoon cat and he lives up to his name. There are three words for him: old world villain.


#3 – Batman Returns

What cat wouldn’t appreciate a film in which cats give one of their nine lives to bring a woman back from the dead? A woman who then transforms herself into a catwoman and makes herself into pretty much the most awesome super-villainess know to man. The second-skin kitty costume is pretty terrific too. Not content to be the cute little kitten, she, Catwoman takes the reigns as a shiny, black, powerful, and full grown sexy cat. Also, there's the fact that Michelle Pfeiffer is wearing it, so if you happen to like women in tight black leather, well then, it might not much matter whether your cat is digging the action. Yes, we know the lovely Halle Berry (herself a cat lover) played catwoman in the movie that bore her character's name, Catwoman, but we preferred Michelle's go at it.


#2- Milo and Otis

This heart warming story of an orange tabby cat named Milo and his best friend, a fawn pug dog named Otis is a rainy day winner. Curious Milo likes to check out new things, and Otis, being a good friend, follows along, eventually catching up to his friend and embarking on a grand adventure with Milo. They find love, raise a family, and true blue besties that they are, help each other out along the way. This is one great, big, warm, fluff of a movie, especially for cats that like dogs. And for cats that are not so fond of dogs? This may convince your cool feline that dogs have feelings too.


#1- Disney's The Aristocats

This is every feline’s favorite film. It has everything from cool street cats, to hip cats, to fancy cats, to fluffy little kittens. It also has the world’s best song about cats, Everybody Wants to Be a Cat. We guarantee it will be your cat’s favorite song, if it isn't already. Ask any cat and she’ll tell you that every word in the song is true.


So there you have it. Get out the bowls – one to hold sardines and one to hold popcorn – and get comfy. It's movie time!


Meow! It’s Monday.



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