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Premium Edge Cat Food Recalled

Cat Food Recalled Due to lack of Essential Vitamin



October 8, 2009


Pet owners who feed their cats select Premium Edge food products are being advised to stop feeding their cats this food and to see a veterinarian immediately.


Diamond Pet Foods, the makers of Premium Edge, released a statement this week acknowledging some of their foods were missing a key dietary supplement, its lack of which could lead to severe neurological complications. The supplement thiamine is meant to provide an essential B1 vitamin to the cat's domestic diet. Cats that do not receive the vitamin are at risk for developing complications, including loss of muscle coordination, dulled mental capabilities, loss of eye coordination, seizures, hypothermia, breathing difficulties. Early symptoms that may be present are loss of appetite and vomiting.


Dr. Susan Hubbard, a emergency critical care veterinary specialist in New York, reported earlier this week on her blog that lab results showed the thiamine levels in the cat food being fed to affected cats were measured at 1.5 parts per million, much lower than the essential level of 5 parts per million.


As of this date, there have been no deaths as a result of the deficiency, but some cats will need to be admitted into clinic for 36 to 72 hours for thiamine supplementation and fluid support. Prognosis for recovery is good.


The specific foods that went out into the market were given as Premium Edge Finicky Adult Cat and Premium Edge Hairball Cat. The distribution areas currently appear to be geographically limited to the Rochester, NY area. The scope of the problem is also limited to specific lots and the retail outlets these lots were shipped to. The date codes of the effected foods are:


  • RAF0501A22X – 18 lb.
  • RAF0501A2X – 6 lb.
  • RAH0501A22X – 18 lb.
  • RAH0501A2X – 6 lb.


If you, or anyone you know uses this brand of cat food, you will need to check for one of these date codes on the package and return the food to the retailer you purchased it from. You can also call Premium Edge at 1-800-977-8797.


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