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Wet Food Diet: Is it Better For Your Cat?



Now, when it comes to actually feeding your cat the food, we recommend mixing a little bit of water with it. This not only helps get water into the cat's system, it also helps the food go a bit further. But don't store any leftover food in the can. Instead, place the leftover food in a plastic or glass container and store it in the fridge. (Note: Be careful with leftover food. If it's been in the fridge for awhile and smells “off” or funky, don't feed it to your cat.)


Of course, the best option is to make your own cat food. There are some bookstores that have entire sections devoted to cookbooks for pets. If your local bookstore isn't well versed in animal food literature, you can often find large inventories through online book retailers.


Another good idea is giving your cat some fresh food treats every now and then. Organ meat or some turkey or chicken chopped up. Kitty might be a little picky and prefer its meat lightly braised on each side, but remember, cats can eat raw chicken without adverse affects. Some cats even beg for it.


Don’t have time to cook your own cat food? Don't worry, you can buy frozen cat food at some larger pet stores (especially the holistic ones). It is almost as good as the homemade stuff. Remember, whatever you decide to do, always have fresh, clean water available for your cat.


So here’s to improving the health of your cat. Trust us, your cat will love you for making the change.


Image: alexyorke / via Flickr



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