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Poison & Toxicity: Cat


Human Foods that are Dangerous for Cats

Cats are part of the family, so it’s only natural to want to share our food with them. Although your cat may not be interested in a lot of the things you eat, she may still...


Lily Poisoning in Cats

There are many different species of plants called “lily”: Easter lily, day lily, Asiatic lily, tiger lily, peace lily, calla lily, and lily of the valley, among others....


Rat Poison Ingestion in Cats

Although designed to kill rats and mice, cats often find rodenticides (rat and mouse poison) tempting as well. Most (but not all) rodenticides are composed of anticoagulants, a type...


Antifreeze Poisoning in Cats

Antifreeze poisoning is usually associated with pets licking antifreeze drips or spills off the ground. For a cat, as little as a teaspoon can prove fatal. The toxic element in antifreeze,...