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Blood in the Urine in Cats




Treatment of the hematuria will be dependent on the primary or associated diseases that are the underlying cause for the condition. Urinary tract infection may be associated with another disease involving the urinary tract, such as cancer, or urinary tract stones (urolithiasis). Or, hematuria may be caused by a condition that involves the body in general, such as with an excessive production of steroids by the adrenal glands, or diabetes. A systemic generalized condition will need to be treated before the hematuria can be resolved.


Surgery may be indicated for cases with urinary tract stones, neoplasia, and traumatic injuries to the urinary tract. Blood transfusions may be necessary if your cat has a severely low red blood cell count. Fluids will be used to treat dehydration, and antibiotics can be used to treat urinary tract infection and generalized diseases due to bacteria in the blood (bacteremia). Urolithiasis and kidney failure may require diet modification top prevent relapse.


If your cat is suffering from a clotting disorder, the blood thinner Heparin may be used to bring it under control.


Living and Management


Because hematuria may indicate a serious underlying disease process, ongoing treatment for your cat will be dependent on the primary or associated diseases that are related to it.


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  • Blood in urine
    07/28/2014 02:03pm

    Ive just noticed blood in my cats urine, he seems to be having little wee's (all over the house) as if he has cystitis & has to go there & then. He is on dried food & has fresh water supply but am I right in thinking sometimes they can get a bladder infection with lack of water sometimes caused by dry food?. It was been very hot here for 2 weeks now, so he may be a little dehydrated. He regularly eats furry creatures that he brings home, generally lazy & fat (not by over feeding by me) Obvs I will take him to the vet

  • Question of blood urine
    09/28/2014 08:12pm

    In cats, can bloody urine be a symptom of diabetes?

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