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Too Much Acid in the Body in Cats




The treatment of metabolic acidosis is usually twofold. It involves the correction of the disturbed acid-base balance as well as addressing any underlying diseases, such as diabetes and/or kidney failure. Your veterinarian will give suitable fluid therapy in order to correct the acid balance. If the acidosis is mild, your cat will be able to go home after a short treatment. However, in cases of severe or complicated acidosis, your cat may need to be hospitalized for few days until it has stabilized. Diagnosis of the underlying problem/disease causing the acidosis is crucial for preventing future episodes of metabolic acidosis.


Living and Management


After returning from the hospital, keep a close eye on your cat for few days. If your cat starts behaving in a depressed manner, or is breathing rapidly even while at rest, check with your veterinarian. This is especially important for cats dealing with some chronic health problems like diabetes, in which the next episode of metabolic acidosis may occur at any time.



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