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Snail, Slug Bait Poisoning in Cats




A cat suffering from metaldehyde poisoning is the type of emergency which will need immediate hospitalization and treatment. Unfortunately, there is no antidote available. The only course of treatment is to eliminate the metaldehyde from the cat's body. Your veterinarian will pump the cat's stomach and, if it is not convulsing, give activated charcoal to absorb the poison in the stomach and intestines. The cat will be restrained to prevent injury. Fluids are also often necessary to rehydrate the cat.


Living and Management


It is important to not feed a cat that is convulsing or vomiting. Overall prognosis ultimately depends on the amount of metaldehyde ingested, time to treatment, and quality of care provided. If left untreated, however, a cat may die within few hours of ingestion. Watch your cat for vomiting and other symptoms, and call your veterinarian immediately.



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