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Separation of the Inner Lining of the Eye in Cats




Treatment for a detached retina will be determined based on the severity and cause of the medical condition. There are some surgical techniques that are available to reattach the retina, and there are also techniques that can assist in the regeneration of retinal tissue.


If surgery is deemed unnecessary, your veterinarian will treat the underlying medical cause for the retinal detachment by prescribing your cat medication.


Living and Management


Your veterinarian will recommend that you restrict the cat's activity post-surgery. There are several possible complications that can occur, including blindness, cloudy lens formation (cataract), glaucoma, and chronic eye pain. In order to quickly identify these complications, your veterinarian will monitor your cat's blood cell counts and recommend frequent follow-up exams.


It is also possible that the retina cannot be reattached, or that the cat's blindness is irreversible. In these cases, your veterinarian may equip you with lifestyle management training skills to improve the overall quality of life for your pet.




There are currently no known preventive measures for a detached retina.



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