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High Blood Pressure in the Lungs in Cats




If your cat is showing signs of severe breathing problems it will be hospitalized and placed in an oxygen cage until its breathing has stabilized. Medicines will be prescribed by your veterinarian in accordance with the underlying disease diagnosis. If the finding is severe heartworm infestation, surgery may be performed to resolve the condition.


Living and Management


Many times the prognosis for secondary pulmonary hypertension is guarded at best. If the disease cannot be resolved, treatment can serve to make your cat more comfortable, but it is not curative. If heart failure is diagnosed, your veterinarian will probably prescribe a restricted sodium diet for your cat. Otherwise, to encourage the best conditions for your cat, try to avoid environments that may place undue physical pressure on the cat, such as excessively cold or dry air, excessive heat, second-hand smoke, and high altitudes.



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