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Natural Cat Litter: What's the Difference and Should You Switch?

If you are like most consumers, then you want choices when it comes to your cat litter -- perhaps even "greener" choices like natural cat litter. So which ones are the most popular and why? READ MORE

Top Ten Ways to Stop Your Cat from Peeing Outside the Litter Box

When your cat starts shunning their litter box in favor of other places throughout your home, it is definitely not something you want to become a habit. Here are ten tips that help your cause. VIEW SLIDESHOW

How Do Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes Work?

Self-cleaning, or automatic, cat litter boxes are a great choice for cat owners who have limited time to clean litter boxes. However, each of them have their differences. READ MORE

Keeping Odor Away With a Clean Litter Box

One of the most alarming scents known to humans is the scent of a home that has been sprayed or otherwise saturated with cat urine. Here's how to maintain a clean litter box and not deal with such an issue. READ MORE

What is the Best Cat Litter? Non-Clumping vs. Clumping Litter

With so many options available, what is the best cat litter for your pet? Learn the pros and cons of clumping & non-clumping cat litter to find out on petMD. READ MORE

What is in Cat Litter?

There are many different types of cat litters available, but essentially most of them fall into three distinct categories: clay-based, silica-based, and biodegradable. Learn which may be best for your cat. READ MORE

Cat Litter Precautions For Pregnant Women

Cat feces found in the cat litter box can hold the threat of toxoplasmosis to a pregnant woman. The following are precautions pregnant women should take when handling cat litter. READ MORE


  • It is best to have multiple litter boxes (one litter box per cat, plus one) if your household has multiple cats.
  • When it comes to litter boxes, larger is better.
  • There are many reasons why a cat may stop using a litter box, including health conditions, stress or poor litter maintenance.
  • According to the Cats International, one in every 10 cats will have a litter box lapse in his or her lifetime.
  • The invention of cat litter was brought about by accident by Edward Lowe in 1947.